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Upcomming Contracts – the new CBA

So, to be honest, I have NO idea what the new CBA will hold for the NFL… All I know is, they CANNOT let the players (or owners) strike like the NHL… I was a HUGE NHL fan, until the strike… BUT, because of the lack of the CBA and what type of salary cap, rules, etc… will be part of it, we have a few key players about to be FA, and have yet to offer them a new contract (yet with this leadership team and owner, I truly believe we will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we can to get the guys our F/O feels helps us win)…

Anyway, here is my analysis (actually, every player’s FA year is listed – via (players that need to be resigned are bolded… players I feel we NEED to resign are bolded in purple):

Quarterback Age Free Agency Year
Brett Favre 39 2011
Sage Rosenfels 31 2012
Tarvaris Jackson 26 2011
Running Back Age Free Agency Year
Adrian Peterson 24 2013
Naufahu Tahi 27 2011
Jeff Dugan 28 2012
Wide Receiver Age Free Agency Year
Bernard Berrian 28 2014
Sidney Rice 23 2011
Percy Harvin 21 2014
Greg Lewis 29 N/A
Tight End Age Free Agency Year
Visanthe Shiancoe 29 2012
Jim Kleinsasser 32 2012
Offensive Tackle Age Free Agency Year
Bryant McKinnie 29 2014
Phil Loadholt 23 2013
Drew Radovich 24 2011
Ryan Cook 26 2010
Guard Age Free Agency Year
Steve Hutchinson 31 2013
Anthony Herrera 29 2013
Center Age Free Agency Year
John Sullivan 24 2012
Jon Cooper 22 N/A
Defensive End Age Free Agency Year
Jared Allen 27 2014
Ray Edwards 24 2011
Brian Robison 26 2011
Jayme Mitchell 25 2011
Defensive Tackle Age Free Agency Year
Kevin Williams 29 2015
Pat Williams 36 2011
Fred Evans 25 2011
Letroy Guion 22 2012
Outside Linebacker Age Free Agency Year
Chad Greenway 26 2011
Ben Leber 30 2011
Erin Henderson 23 2011 (RFA)
Heath Farwell 27 2012
Middle Linebacker Age Free Agency Year
E.J. Henderson 29 2012
Jasper Brinkley 24 2013
Cornerback Age Free Agency Year
Antoine Winfield 32 2014
Cedric Griffin 26 2014
Lito Sheppard 28 2011
Benny Sapp 28 2012
Asher Allen 21 2013
Safety Age Free Agency Year
Madieu Williams 27 2014
Tyrell Johnson 24 2012
Husain Abdullah 24 2011
Eric Frampton 25 2010 (RFA)
Jamarca Sanford 24 2013
Special Teamer Age Free Agency Year
Ryan Longwell 35 2011
Chris Kluwe 27 2014


So here it is: Mike’s FA wish list…

Erin Henderson

Ben Leber

Chad Greenway

Fred Evans

Brian Robison

Ryan Cook

Sidney Rice

Tarvaris Jackson

And HERE are my explanations as to why (because even I am surprised at some of my choices, and lack there of….)

E. Henderson – well first of all I begged for him to be our draft choice 3 years ago… next, I think the kid is a player in the making (just like his brother, who took a few years to be the greatness he has become)….  I think Erin is our next WLB in the making, he’s fast, he’s smart, he is a solid tackler…. and he will always respond to my emails!!!

Leber – solid yet not spectacular…. a very good player, even though he is not flashy, I hope he finishes his career with us, if nothing else will be great for helping coach up younger guys, but is a very good player in his own right

Greenway – improved every year, is a local product, still not great in coverage, but probably our BEST LB at the moment (with E.J. still nursing injury)

Evans – a lot like Leber… Solid (not a highlight real guy, but makes the plays he has too) but not spectacular… a great #2 NT… very good at run D, but not a great pass rusher… will come cheap (probably) but will only be a 1st and 2nd down guy…

Robison – a very good pass rusher, and versatile! Plays both DE spots and also can rush from UT… if nothing else, he is a fan favorite (check out Purple thoughts, on, he does a Q & A every week,  and his dad is on there too…), plus he is a hell of a pass rusher… I would keep him 10 times out of 10 over Ray Ray…

Cook – honestly, this surprised me too, the guy isn’t great at any one position, but can be the #1 sub for all 5 OL positions… that is something worth keeping in itself… A C we tried to make a T… not fair to him, he has the size, speed, and strength needed to be a hell of a G if called upon, plus can save us at least 1 roster spot by being able to sub for all 5 OL positions… we NEED to resign him (haha, as I said, this decision is STILL surprising me as much as it probably is you! So please don’t hate too much)

Rice – well he was a favorite of mine since we chose him. I’ve always believed in him, even thru his injuries… this guy is our next C.C. He isn’t a speedster, but he catches EVERYTHING (and the stats show he only missed 1.4% (via. of the passes thrown at him last year… that’s pretty darn impressive. Rice and Harvin will make for a formidable matchup VS. anyone for the next 7+ years, so we MUST keep them together.

T.J. – now this surprises me as much, if not MORE, than the Cook choice… I backed TJ and always will, even though I doubted him… But the kid has skills (watching film of OTA’s though I truly think Webb is our next QB) to be a great QB – if he could only get the mental part down. If nothing else, he is an excellent #2… he’s already been here this long, he probably won’t get a starting spot elsewhere, so he might as well stay here… hopefully he is our ROMO or Rodgers or RIVERS and puts it together after some time sitting… if not, like I said, he has talent, so he is nothing less than a great #2….

Now… I’m leaving out a few, so here is why:

Favre: he is 41 this year, I’ve read some articles of players thinking he can play a few more years… well I hope we win the SB this year (and truly believe it’s ours to lose) so hopefully he can go out on top (and not only will we be SB Champions, but we will always be able to rub the fact that Favre was better in PURPLE  than he ever was in the PUKERS colors…)

Jayme Mitchell – I love this kid, he has the size, speed, etc. to be great, but we just have too much talent at DE (finally) that I doubt he even makes THIS year’s roster

Ray Edwards – I have pulled for him, but he reminds me too much of those old guys that still wear there Letterman’s jackets… he is so much talk, but not much walk… now, before you freak out, yes I know he had 8.5 sacks last year and I believe 4 in the playoffs… but looking at some stats, he was single blocked, or UNBLOCKED more than any other DE in the league… so, even though they are upper level stats, the fact that he was unblocked 24.5% of the time, single blocked 89%, plus had as many rollouts (38%) to his side, he should’ve done much better…  Also, I like confidence, but he thinks he is much better than he is… I would much rather keep a team player (B-Rob) and potential (Griffen) than Ray ray….

Lito – I really think he is just a Chilly comfort signing… I think AA (the playmaker – he was involved in the game on 45% of our TO last year, although only playing I believe in 21% of the Defensive plays) shows we have a PLAYMAKER on our hands… along with Cook, and a healing Cedric… we have some very talented young CB’s on our hands… He will play this year, at least until Ced is healed, then I truly believe he is gone

Radovich – well, he is PS material, and that is about it…

Nafu Tahi – I, along with many other Vikings fans, have wondered why we haven’t let the wanting Bungles grab this guy, since they have tried twice… the guy has a head the size of a watermelon, can catch a great 1 yd out… but isn’t a very good blocker, can’t gain ANYTING after the catch… I just simply can’t understand how he is still on our team, or even in the NFL… hell, I’d take 1.1 mil to play 10 snaps a game and do what he does… ANYWAY, I really hope D’Imperio beats him out this year, or we just let a guy like Dugan or Shuler be our H-back, and don’t carry a FB… what a waste….

HAHA, well that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it… (I can always be wrong, after Shank’s first HORRID year here I was hoping he’d go, but he is a top 5 TE now…) so please, let me have it!!!


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13 Responses to “Upcomming Contracts – the new CBA”

  1. Ole says:

    DUGAN!!!!!! Mike, what in the H e double hockey sticks were you thinking?!? Just like every other NFL team, the Vikings need a worthless hunk of manmeat on their roster. Who else on your list has unintentionally knocked the snot out of an NFL referee? No one!

    Sign Dugan to a lifetime contract. If he messes up, shorten the *ahem* contract

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Mike, that is a real stretch in hoping Tjax could be the next Romo, Rodgers or Rivers. It will never happen my friend.

    • Mike H says:

      haha i know i’m stretching it there – just hoping for the best… like i said, with the raw skills webb has, i have a gut feeling chilli is going to try and make him our next QB… TJ has the skills though, just needs to learn how to think!

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    Nice breakdown Mike. Plenty to talk about. Like you, I like TJAX. Seems like a good guy, good physical skills. He is a classic mini camp, training camp hall of famer. Always looks good until he has to use that “potential”. It’s not a small charge to hope Tjizzle learns how to use his brain. The streets are littered with big arms and great scramblers. After this long Tjax is a backup, no more. We need a back up, so perhaps he’s worth keeping around for the right price. Let’s hoping Jumpin Joe Webb, or Archer or who ever can handle the smarts part of the game.

    Erin Henderson, hope he makes it. Fred doubts it very much. A boarder line pro in my book. Let’s see how he develops without the roids. We’ve seen better players fall off after they got off the juice.

    Again, nice break down.

  4. Fran the Man says:

    I agree with our pal Freds, nice breakdown Mike.
    A couple things;
    We have to keep Kleinsasser! Geez, the ‘Sauce has spent his entire career with the Vikings and it would be a crime to see him finish his career any where but Minnesota.
    And you’re exactly right about Jackson; The guy is a good, if not a great 2nd. string QB.
    But you either are born with brains or not. Jackson missed the boat on that one and will probably never be able to fully comprehend our system. Plus, we have without a doubt the best head coach in the league in regard to picking 2nd string QB’s! I mean who will ever forget Mike McMahon, Brooks Bollinger, Sage and Kelly Holcomb.
    I’d say let ‘ol TJack go elsewhere and leave it to Childo to find his replacement (Probably from the Eagles)

    • Fragile Freds says:

      “But you either are born with brains or not…”


      You’ve done it again, boiled a very complex issue down into a few words that we all can understand.

      Signed your pal, The Scarecrow.

      I could wile away the hours
      Conferrin’ with the flowers
      Consultin’ with the rain
      And my head I’d be scratchin’
      While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
      If I only had a brain

      I’d unravel any riddle
      For any individ’le
      In trouble or in pain

      With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’
      You could be another Lincoln
      If you only had a brain

      Oh, I would tell you why
      The ocean’s near the shore
      I could think of things I never thunk before
      And then I’d sit and think some more

      I would not be just a nuffin’
      My head all full of stuffin’
      My heart all full of pain
      I would dance and be merry
      Life would be a ding-a-derry
      If I only had a brain

      • Fran the Man says:

        Yep, if Jackson only had a brain and our coach, some c-c-c-courage, we’d be unbeatable.
        (And I guess a heart for Favre would help too)

      • starrC10 says:


        very clever analogy. Color me impressed.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Now if I could only get that damn song out of my head. . .
        “I could wile away the hours. . .”

        (Thanks freds!)

  5. wait… are these the players you DON’T want us to keep, or the players you WANT us to keep?

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    By the way Mike, couldnt agree more on Tahi. What a waste of a roster spot.

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