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Unnamed Opponent Slams McKinnie, Other Vikings

The Sporting News is busy counting down to training camp by breaking down each roster and trying to provide a unique preview of sorts.

For example, middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley has their vote for breakout player of the year for the purple and gold.  Also, they predict that without Favre there is virtually no chance of the Vikings playing in February.

The most interesting portion of the story, however, is under the “Opponent’s View” section.  In this section, an unnamed opponent gives his take on the Vikings and it isn’t pretty:

You know what, their offensive line is not that good. They’re way overrated. It’s unbelievable. If they didn’t have Brett Favre, the number of times he gets them out of trouble is amazing. Left tackle Bryant McKinnie, it’s a joke that he made the Pro Bowl. A joke. …

“They have excellent speed at receiver. They have good balance at tight end—Visanthe Shiancoe can make big plays down the field, and Jimmy Kleinsasser isn’t what he used to be but still gives you a good day’s work. Jeff Dugan is solid. … Adrian Peterson is a little bit feast or famine. I think it will hurt them that they lost Chester Taylor because that was an excellent 1-2 punch. …

“Defensively, they’re solid. They do a good job stopping the run, and they get after the quarterback. Ray Edwards is a good player; Jared Allen is an excellent pass rusher. But Kevin Williams, he’s the best guy they have up front. At linebacker, I don’t know what’s going to happen with E.J. Henderson and his injury. Chad Greenway is a playmaker. …

“In the secondary, Antoine Winfield is a tough, physical tackler and by far their best guy back there. They don’t have a weak defense, but the lowest part of their defense is their secondary. That’s not to say they’re bad. I just don’t think they’re at the same level as the front.”

I can’t say that I disagree with the unnamed source’s analysis completely, but I sure would be interested to learn who this guy is and if he’d be half as bold if a camera were on him.

Check out the entire segment by clicking here.

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8 Responses to “Unnamed Opponent Slams McKinnie, Other Vikings”

  1. starrC10 says:

    I am going to guess this was from the perspective of a Green and Gold Linebacker.

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Peppers comes to mind. He did destroy Bmac last year and is now in the division. I agree our o-line is overrated and Favre made them look better than they were last year. but this year they should be better, knock on wood.

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    This source sounds like the same one that said AP insisted on keeping Tahi.

    Sporting News has really gone in the tank. Great, an unnamed opponent.

  4. Brett says:

    Hey guys, been a while. I’ve been reading, not posting though. I think my soul is still semi-destroyed from last season. Healing though…

    Anyway, had to post about this. I agree with this “unnamed opponent’s” analysis for the most part – especially McKinnie. He’s a joke.. we all know he’s a joke… the league knows he’s a joke. I can totally see this weakness of ours (meaning, him) being exploited. Gotta fix it.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Brett –

      Welcome back among the living. Some advise from Doctor Freds, remember, it’s only entertainment. You’re suppose to enjoy this, not have a destroyed sole over a football game for which you have no control.

      Now get off Freds leather couch, the counciling session is over. Go fire back a couple Colt 45s, and prepare for a brand new season. Swing by Walgreens, Dr. Freds called in a little perscription of Mirtazapine for you.

      Fred hopes you live on the ground floor.

  5. CSlinde says:

    McKinney IS a joke! I can’t stand his worthless POS a**!
    The O-line isn’t what it used to be and gets a bunch of credit based on the past, rather than the ‘now’.
    However, good QBs ARE supposed to bail their teams out. Right? That’s what separates average QBs from great ones. Right? I don’t get that statement. This must be a defensive player/coach.

  6. Kevin says:

    Our offensive line has been overated for the last two years now. most of Peterson’s long runs these last two years have come after he breaks a tackle and/or reverses field, not because of a hole. However I remain optomistic that this year will be better. Continuity is very important and last year both Hutchison and Herrera were hurt and just didn’t complain. This year they should both be much better. McKinnie says he was hurt, we’ll see. If anything his manhood has been questioned and hopefully he will respond with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. We will definatly miss Hicks. Maybe Chester Pitts will come to Minnesota. I think our line will be better that last year but I understand the critical comments.

  7. HeHateMe says:

    I cannot say I disagree with this unnamed person’s comments. I bought the magazine and they have something about every team in there.

    This person is not in the minority when it comes to criticizing McKinnie. Greg Cosell & Adam Caplan have regularly stated on chats at how they thought he was not getting any better, never lived up to his enormous potential, and basically is not getting the job done on a consistent basis. There is also who does not have him ranked very high. There are other reviews too of the offensive line that are not too flattering. I do not believe this is an isolated criticism or unwarranted.

    I think it is fair and I do believe it was a joke especially when you consider he was yanked from a game due to non performance. When was the last time that happened to a pro bowl left tackle?

    The way I see it is this …

    I think it is the age of our linemen and the backups that is of utmost concern.

    By most accounts it could take a year or two for a lineman to be ready for NFL play (not counting top draft picks but even they need at least a year usually).

    I wanted to get one high draft pick lineman but there is and was no guarantee that said lineman would have panned out. It would have been a risk.

    The fact of the matter is we ain’t getting any younger and there is no decent depth behind our starters.

    It is past time to get a LTOTF to replace McKinnie. And we need a LG to take over for Hutch real soon too.

    I am now pinning my hopes on free agency next year to get a young LT or LG.

    I know many point to the “injuries” that the line had last year and how they are all going to be healthy and all that and I really hope and pray that it is true.

    But I believe that they are what they are. Hutch MAY hopefully return to his once dominant form although he was not that bad last year. I cannot put any faith in McKinnie because I never know what we will get. I have serious doubts about him IMPROVING on his current level. I only hope he can maintain it and that they do not have to give him much help this year. Herrera being healthy will help him but he was always right about average anyway.

    I just don’t see guys getting better when they get in their 30’s. I hope that they will but it is not normal.

    We are pinning are hopes on guys being healthy and staying healthy and for some guys to get better than what they have always been.

    All that being said though, they are still not horrible. I just wish we could have gotten better and younger so we had some insurance. Nothing wrong with that.

    I do like DeGeare’s numbers from the combine and the fact that he played guard and left tackle. I hope he can fill that backup role eventually and maybe even start one day.

    The front office is aware of all this and is looking at adding Chester Pitts because even they can see that the depth is not there and if there is even one injury we will go down a notch.

    The FO is taking a huge gamble that all of the starters will stay healthy this year at this point in time.

    I do believe the rankings about the line are pretty fair and by most accounts are line is overrated. This is not just one scout or publication that is saying this. There are many that are saying this. I doubt there is a conspiracy.

    I hope that the line comes out with something to prove this year.

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