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Camp Breakdown: Day Three

[Editor’s Note:  While I am not going to include every source link, please note that all the sources consist of the sites (and Twitter accounts of their writers) that are featured in our blogroll on the right hand side of this page.]

Today the Vikings put a lot of their focus on red zone work.

The Passers

Tarvaris Jackson had a few nice passes on the day, including a well thrown ball to Greg lewis in the corner of the endzone for a touchdown.  Joe Webb has a day he would doubtless like to put behind him.

The Pass Catchers

Percy Harvin did not practice today as he apparently had a death in his family.  Here is a scary thought:  With Rice and Harvin out of practice Berrian, Greg Lewis, and Taye Biddle are the top three receivers.

Mickey Shuler was praised for his surprising pass catching abilities throughout minicamp, but he dropped a catchable Tarvaris Jackson pass in the corner of the endzone today.  He followed up by catching a short pass from Rosenfels, but there were no defenders on the field for that drill.

Logan Payne made a nice leaping touchdown grab against Marcus Sherels.

The Blockers

John Sullivan, who was injured yesterday evening, did not practice today.  Jon Cooper again got to work with the first offense in place of Sullivan.

The Linebackers

Heath Farwell missed an opportunity to pile the criticism on Rosenfels when he let an easy pick go right through his arms.

E.J. Henderson participated with the first defense, and even took part in a big collision only to bounce right up to his feet.

The Secondary

Cornerback Benny Sapp, who missed part of Saturday with cramps, did not practice today.

On a third and long drill, rookie corner Chris Cook (playing with the second defense) intercepted Sage Rosenfels.  In 7-on-7 drills, Cook also made a nice play to break up a pass intended for Bernard Berrian.  Then, in 7-on-7 drills, Joe Webb launched a pass for Marquis Hamilton only to have Cook pick it off.  Cook got his third pick of the day off of a deep ball for Rosenfels intended for Taye Biddle.  Chris Cook is definitely impressing people with his ability to attack the ball in the air.  Childress was seen giving Cook a high five for his effots.

Cook wasn’t the only guy to pick off Joe Webb.  After Ray Small tipped a ball into the air, Husain Abdullah was there to snag it for the turnover.  Abdullah has three interceptions in three practices.

Lito Sheppard and Asher Allen all got some work with the first offense today.  Jamarca Sanford got all the work at strong safet with the first defense today, while Tyrell Johnson got all of that work last night.  Sheppard had an interception go past him after he made a nice break on the ball intended for Jaymar Johnson.

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28 Responses to “Camp Breakdown: Day Three”

  1. Ole says:

    if Adam won’t post anything about Dugan, I will

    check out the last paragraph of “NFL Career”

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      You made your point Ole. Ok Adam time to show some love to Ole’s boy.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Sorry, Ole, I haven’t heard anything on Dugan yet…

        … but I promise that if I were there, I’d probably be doing nothing else than following him around providing constant Dugan updates.

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Looks like the Defense is having a good camp but the qb play is not very good. Surprise, surprise on that one. Favre get your ass up there now.

  3. jergoflugen says:

    i hope the coaching staff makes the right call at safety… i really feel like jamarca sanford is the best on the team. if he’s not in the starting lineup, i expect williams and johnson to collectively step it up. especially williams.

  4. purplereign#57 says:

    Whoa Nelly! Hold it right there. With all of this INT crap going on in camp (particularly from Rosenflop),get rid of that rascal RIGHT NOW! Four picks in one practice? PLEEEAZE! I’ll take my chances with Webb & T-Jack, and I’m just plum tired of waiting on Favre. He’s a great QB, but for my money, he should have his ass there NOW. He’s not earned any right (in my book)to skip training camp, or pre-season, or anything else. He’s a highly paid athlete, so Hey Brett, how’s about doing some athletics? and I’ll just keep prayin’ that Harvin and Rice are ready, and the chemistry between them and T-Jack keeps gettin’ better. Man, this camp session ain’t lookin’ well at all (or am I just too paranoid?)

  5. CalVkg says:

    ahhhhh, finally. fooooootbaaaaaall…..

    i feel like i found an oasis after having been lost in the desert without water

  6. Ole says:

    true CalVkg, now if only someone could find Dugan

  7. B. Grant says:

    Another day, another day closer to the opener. We are now just 38 Willie Teal (hey, that is literally the best option!) days away from kickoff in the Superdome. Get ready gang, its gonna be a “Tromp in the Swamp”!!

  8. Zag says:

    Good to hear that Cook is doing well. I’ve been following the tweets from 1500espn over there on the blogroll—>

    It’s no surprise that Sage Blowsenfels (see what I did there?) is sucking it up, and I’m guessing a pre-season trade is in his future.

    Adam, big thanks to you and Vikingsgab for doing the camp updates. Not too many of the Sportsgab team sites are doing that. Just shows the purple pride. SKOL!

  9. bigjohnny84 says:

    Anyone wishing to raise their blood pressure, the NFC Championship is being replayed on NFL network. Cant believe I’m watching that again.

  10. Fran the Man says:

    Big John, I’ll pass on the NFC game. Blood pressure wouldn’t be able to handle it twice. . .

    And if Chidress’s thoughts were to put Rosenfels on the traing camp “Microscope” to try and show off his skills for a possible trade. . .well lets just say that he failed miserably.
    Man, that guy is pure magic with QB’s, eh?

    Nice report Adam, keep up the good work!

      • Fran the Man says:

        You’re welcome Adam. And I don’t send those flowers friviously; You’re doing a bang-up job here lately and it’s much appreciated.

        I’ve been sort of a lurker here lately as time is at a premium. I’ve listed the lodge for sale and have been spending a lot of time sprucing it up.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Fran, it sucked just as much as it did 6 months ago. Still cant believe how awful the officiating was. At least I didnt break anything this time. lol!

      • Fran the Man says:

        Yeah, I’ve learned (After almost 50 years a Viking fan!) not to get to upset.
        The last “major” upset was the Drew Pearson pass and I lost a 24″ COLOR tv on that one! (Beer bottle right up the middle and I emphasize COLOR because they were REAL expensive back in those days)

      • B. Grant says:

        You weren’t the one who hit that referee, were you Fran?

  11. Fran the Man says:

    Ha! Good one. I’d like to think at my absolute drunkest, I wouldn’t be so stupid as that.
    Naw, I was in my own living room (At the end of the game, my own ‘Living hell’) watching my brand new color tv, the last game that little tv ever saw.

  12. c.carterhof says:

    A brand new color TV? I thought I was bad.

    Thanks for filling in Coach, all your picks were spot on! Except…I believe W.Teal was #37. #38? Hmmm, be right back.

    • Fran the Man says:

      I had just gotten married, we bought a new tv and a couple of weeks later it was Dallas @ Minnesota in a Divisional playoff game.
      My new bride was pretty steamed but happy to say, after 30-some years, we’re still married.
      Here’s a link to the play that invented the term “Hail Mary pass” It also has the part where the ref gets hit with a whiskey bottle.
      (And no Coach, it wasn’t me!)

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Damn Fran that was just as painful as last years NFC Championship game. Thanks for the link tho.

      • c.carterhof says:

        Yeah Fran, that sucked. Your namesake thought so too, did you see him givin to that ref? Could read his lips, easy there preachers boy.

        Yep, lump that one in with 87′, 98′, and 09′. I remember all of them. Cried in 75′, in 87′ was laying on the carpet punchin the floor. The other two just had to walk away and get busy doin something.
        And lets not forget 03′, that was a heartbreaker. My son got his first taste of this hell then.

        Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

  13. c.carterhof says:

    #38 Players Years

    Jerry Reardon 1973 Bob Tucker 1977-80

    Toussaint Tyler 1984 Allanda Smith 1985

    Fletcher Louallen 1987 Todd Scott 1991-94

    Anthony Bass 1998 Rhett Nelson 2003-04

    Naufahu Tahi 2006-07

    Lookin at that…I always liked Bob Tucker, I know Fran did. What do you think?

  14. bigjohnny84 says:

    Welcome back CC and a special thanks to coach for the great job he did. I kinda liked Todd Scott, he was a big hitter if I remember right but Tucker is probably the best choice. And I have both their cards coach.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Hey Johnny, good to be back…well not really. It was good times, need to do that more often.
      Its your call Coach, I was gonna pick Teal at 37 anyways. I did like Scott as well Johnny, and just looked it up, he even made the pro bowl in 92′, didnt know that.

  15. bigjohnny84 says:

    Agree CC lets leave it up to coach. Sorry coach but your insight is the best and most respected around here.

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