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Taking a deep breath

So I have been gone for a while, death in the family, got very ill, and then had to catch up on life. So as I’m sitting here now, it truly is time to take a deep breath. I laughed yesterday when ESPN dedicated the entire day, every show, and every radio show, EVERYTHING, to a certain armadillo hunter with a sore ankle. When I heard that the text supposedly said “this is it” and the press couldn’t find a player that actually had the text, well then I laughed even harder. I had friends from all over texting me how our season was done, spent a lot of time trying to calm others down on message boards and blogs. Wanted to write a post here yesterday, but every time I started new info on our #4 kept coming in.

When I heard Mariucci say he talked to Favre, along with what Longwell had to say, I knew today and the night coverage would be all about how Favre is a drama queen and how he just can’t be believed. This was all the media could do to begin to slowly wipe the massive amount of egg on their face. ESPN still won’t give it up. Watch this video, Favre looks like he’d like to punch Ed Werder right in the throat. Well, I’ll get in line to help him!

Now, has provided some great coverage of camp so far, but so have many twitter posts by our good friends Chip and Judd, along with our dear friend, Adam! A few things I’d like to point out from what I’ve heard.


First, although his numbers don’t really show it (mostly because of DROPS) but TJ is supposedly done a 180 from who he was last camp, it has been said by Mort, this morning on The Herd, that he thinks TJ could be a “lights out” QB, because he understands how to study film now and has a new demeanor after studying behind #4 for a year. On the other hand, Sage has been HORRID. Throwing picks like crazy and from people I’ve spoken to that have been to camp, has the body language of someone who doesn’t want to be there.


AP has been a bit “tweaked” having tightness the last few days, so hasn’t really done much. Toby sounds like a rookie, he’s been running a bit high, taking the blunt of several Bieniemy outbursts along with a few big shots. Moats has been awful. AY is splitting a lot of the top back-up reps with Toby, but must be OK because that’s about all I’ve heard, is he is in. Reynaud has been interesting. I’ve read and heard about several “WOW” plays from him. The kid was built to be a slash-back, quick, low to the ground, and tough. I believe he becomes basically another Harvin-like weapon for us this year.


Degeare has been a huge surprise.  A lot of fans bashed picking this kid, but he has even got some first team reps, and has looked very good in the process. Cook I think needs false starts to survive, taking 2+ in nearly every practice. Mckinnie looks to be in the best shape of his career, he’ll need it facing Peppers twice a year. Loadholt is a massive human being.

Our DL is great, supposedly Pat lost 18 lbs, well Chilli said “He’s big enough to eat hay and Sh!t in the street” which I think is my favorite quote in his tenure with the team, but Pat does look in good shape – well as good as he a cannon ball can. Our DL will be amazing as it should be.


E.J. has made an incredible recovery, and although being brought along slowly, is playing well. In fact all of our LB’s are so not much needs to be said here.


Rice is still a long ways from being ready to play, according to Chilli’s presser today. Not good, the guy was healthy once in 3 years last year and was a beast, and now is hurt before being touched. B2 is healthy and looking good. Harvin is cut out of stone, but with a recent death in the family is out of practice again. He is a great player, can’t imagine how good he’d be if he’d practice from time to time. This Marko Mitchell fellow is a big man at 6’4 and 220 lbs and runs a 4.4 40. He has been using his size to make some very nice catches at camp, so has Ray Small. Jaymar Johnson is sounding good, but I just don’t know if he is beating out Greg Lewis. The rest of the WR’s seem to not be able to catch a cold. I think the #5 WR is between Mitchell, Johnson, and Small.


Not much here, Mills is looking good like every camp, but should get hurt soon so his potential can’t be used. Shuler sounds like he could be another Dugan type, heck of a blocker and pretty good hands. But how many Sass/Dugan types does a team need?


I hope Griff heals soon; he was playing some amazing football last year. Good to hear AW is healthy. Now our Nickel and LCB until Griff heals is making out to be a very interesting competition. When watching the draft, I will admit I was rather unimpressed with the Cook pick, boy was I mistaken. After only 5 days of camp he has already got in with the #1’s. He has had I think 5+ picks and only been beat for catches a handful of times, very impressive. Asher and Lito have also both had time with the #1’s and have all made very good impressions. Could this be the year we actually have a good secondary!?!


Sanford and Johnson are rotating with the 1’s each practice, from the sound of it; the competition is doing them both well. They are both making some great plays. Hopefully, whoever wins, continues to up there game throughout the season. This was the one main position we needed competition, and it sounds like it’s doing the job.

Anyway, I think I’ve made up for not writing for a while, touching on all topics brought up as of late. Hopefully Erin and a few others get some time with their computers soon, because he promised to give their personal insight of camp for us.

But remember, just take a deep breath, Brett will see Dr. Andrews next week. He will say it’s healing a bit slow, maybe needing a few more weeks, allowing Brett to “heal” just in time for Preseason game 3, he can ride in on his “white tractor” and take us to the promised land this season.

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13 Responses to “Taking a deep breath”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Sorry Mike but the info you got on Tjack is not very accurate, just like his passes. Yes he has a pass once in a while that’s nice but the next three are 10 yards out of bounds at least from what I saw. He looks exactly the same as always. But your info on Sage is spot on. He threw four picks with three going the other way while I was there.

  2. c.carterhof says:

    Good to see ya back Mike. Sorry to hear about your family.
    At least you are feeling better.
    I have to agree with Johnny, it would be great if he could be a “lights out” QB. But, I just cant buy into that.
    Sage needs to go.
    We need Rice healthy, Berrian is. Harvin will be good, if not great. Antoine is also healthy and playing well, I hear. Also hear Sanford is hittin hard.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      CC, Antoine is definately healthy from what I saw. He was the first of the pick 6s that Sage threw and he made it look easy.

    • vikingfan1490 says:

      sanford is by far the 1 bright spot on our safeties ,he should start at strong safety and they should let tyrell and madiue fight for the free safety spot and if they did i think madiue might be out of a job

  3. c.carterhof says:

    Hey Johnny, did you know it is only 36 days away? Yep, in 36 Allen Rice days we will be takin it to those Nawlins boys! Down in the bayou.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Hey CC great job on the numbers. I for one really enjoy it. And ya the ‘who dat’ crowd is in for a big suprise. Cant wait!

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds has to agree with someone that was there about TJax.

    A year of watching for a rookie can help, for a guy like TJ, enough watching. He can’t learn more by watching. Watch all the damn film you want, that won’t help the fact that he can’t hit a receiver 10 yards away in stride.

    He’s an adequate back up, but not a QB that will bring a Superbowl home.

    The term “lights out” can be used only if we are talking about a quarterback who plays like he’s playing in the dark.

    Fred thinks they can win 11 games with Tjax. But the bar is set at a Superbowl win, not a division title.

    Mike, hope you feel better, sorry to hear about the tough time you’ve been having.

  5. bigjohnny84 says:

    Hey Freds I’m happy we can agree on something but 11 wins with Tjack might be a little overoptimistic.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Didn’t the Vikings win 10 with TJax and Gus a couple years back? The team has gotten better since then, even if TJax hasn’t. Why couldn’t they win 11? TJax doesn’t play defense.

      With Sage at QB they could win 10

      With Purple Charles at QB they could win 9

  6. Purple Charlie says:

    Sorry to hear about the family and being ill, Hope you feel better.

    I have to stand in line with the guys on T.Jax…

  7. CSlinde says:

    Sorry to hear Adam. I assume its on the other side of the fam since I haven’t heard anything. Send my regards.
    Have you heard of the Favre ‘sexting’ controversy? KFAN reports Favre pursued a hottie who worked with the Jets. The pursuit allegedly includes voicemails and text photos of our heroe’s ‘stuff’! Sounds like a Woodsish scandal could be brewing.
    This season had a giant F written all over it.

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