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Trade Talk

The Vikings traded reserve quarterback Sage Rosenfels and running back / receiver / return man Darius Reynaud to the Giants today.  In return, they will reportedly get a 5th round pick in the 2011 draft and a conditional pick in 2012.  The conditions of that second pick are not yet known.

The trade has immediately drawn criticism from the media and fans alike, and is viewed as a brash gamble with the game’s most important position… quarterback.

It is true that Rosenfels far outplayed Tarvaris Jackson in the preseason this year.  It is also true that Reynaud was the team’s top punt returner last season.  It is also true that both these players were very close to the roster bubble, and getting anything in return for players that you are going to cut is a rare and valuable occurrence.

Whether Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson is the better option to keep on the roster is a question that will probably never be answered, and one that we hopefully won’t have to worry about (hoping Favre stays healthy all year, that is).  I also think that Reynaud was worthy of a roster spot, but his sudden move to running back and his position on the depth chart made it obvious that the coaches felt different than I did.

In the end, the Vikings essentially made two roster cuts in a year in which they are overflowing with players worthy of a spot on an NFL roster in return for more draft firepower over the next two years.  Neither of these players were going to be traded for an offensive lineman or cornerback worthy of excitement.

This is why I think this trade is neither a positive nor a negative.

I consider it, quite simply, a wash.

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16 Responses to “Trade Talk”

  1. Vikadan11 says:

    This trade only proves one thing ~ Chilly doesn’t know anymore about football than TJ ~ Who said today he doesn’t care anymore if fans boo him ~ Chilly must feel the same way ~ Hey they got each other till the end ~ Hopefully the end will come soon for both ~ Chilly is pulling the same thing at safety with Johnson and on the OL with Sullivan and Loadholt ~ All 4 were handed their jobs without having to win them ~ It’s something Chilly seems to love doing ~

    Let’s hope Favre doesn’t do down ~ If he does then the Vikings season will fall to AP and the defense and team will be back to playing two CB and a safety while stacking the box to stop the run ~

    Every were I have been the fans are saying the same thing ~ WTF were the Vikings thinking ~ ? Better yet WTF was Chilly thinking ~ ?

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Cmon Adam a wash?

  3. Ole says:

    Yea Johnny, a wash! And don’t forget them armpits

    So essentially, the Vikings trade two marginal players for picks which (using the Speilman’s strategy) could be bundled together to trade up in the draft and select another T-Jack clone

  4. Purple Charlie says:

    I just can’t see what Childress sees in Jackson… Common sense tells you who played better this pre-season …

    Are we keeping him because Nobody else wants him ???

    • Wayup North says:

      That’s pretty much what I am thinking – Sage had value whereas I don’t think anyone else in the league sees Tarvaris as an NFL QB (1 or 2). What did they give up for Sage – wasn’t it a 4th round pick? If so, then getting a 5 isn’t so bad and to be honest, I never saw anything from Reynaud returning punts that got me overly excited.

  5. c.carterhof says:

    The axe falls today.

    In 5 days whoever is left will be in Nawlins gettin’ ready for battle.
    In just 5 Chris Kluwe days!

  6. Lost Viking says:

    The Cullen Loeffler watch (a.k.a lose Loeffler) continues.

    Ole’s close personal friend – Kevin Seifert – has a good take on the SageTrade. Sage was Spielman’s guy.

    Chilly still wants to prove ’em wrong by tutoring T-Jax. He had to love the Leinhart debacle. Just now T-Jax looks to be 2nd best QB of his (’06? class) after Cutler.

  7. Lost Viking says:

    SageTrade II:
    The guy was making $ 2,65 m. as 3rd string. Minute Favre was coming back w/ increase in contract you just knew where some of the funds were coming from.

    Spielman probably didn’t receive a 5th for Rosenfels (only). I’ll be surprised if we ever get to there. Vike may have agreed to bundle Darius to get that level of compensation. SageTrade should have happened months ago.

  8. CalVkg says:

    when we got sage i knew nothing about him and hoped he just needed a chance to start and would be our answer at the qb position. well, he wasn’t the answer. he stumbled backwards when he took snaps, made weak throws when guys were open, and did not inspire confidence, which is huge for a qb. tj isn’t the answer either, but i’m glad we got something for these guys cuz we would’ve just cut ’em anyway

    for now i look at webb for our future qb, so gl to him and let’s win it THIS year

    curse, hex, and all that other nonsense new holeans voodoo dolls with pins in ’em crap for the saints. break brees’ back

  9. B. Grant says:

    I agree that we got two draft picks rather than just making two cuts. Better than nothing. Who knows why TJack was chosen over Sage. Not really a lot to choose from, although from the little I know, would have gone the other way somehow. Maybe the only reason we like Webb is that he hasn’t played enough to prove he can’t play. (that does make sense if you read is slowly a couple times.)

    Not really a lot for a fan to get too opinionated about here as I see it. In the end, it is Chili who has to live with his decisions, so lets see what happens. And I guess the Reynaud to RB move was a last ditch experiment that wound up in the ditch.

  10. B. Grant says:

    … and Sage is saying, “with the way they protect the QB, thank you Chili.”

    I HOPE on Max’s grave that I am wrong, but this OL is going to really become the achilles heel of this season. They make if very difficult for me to be optimistic. Feels like “we ignored the thistles in the hay, and now the cows won’t eat it.” (Thank you granddad.)

  11. Zag says:

    I don’t think anyone would have taen TJack even if we paid them.

    Losing Reynaud won’t hurt that bad. He is a decent returner but nothing spectacular, and he probably wouldn’t contribute much other than punts and maybe kicks.

    I think it would have been ideal to trade some folks to Pittsburg and get Hartwig to help out on the O-line.

    Vikings that I would look to trade immediately for help at O-line/cornerback:

    TJack (he sucks)

    Fred Evans (LeTroy Guion has become better, and he is younger and cheaper)

    Ray Edwards (If we could trade him for a decent swing lineman or backup tackle. I honestly think that Robison could match Edwards’ production)

    Even if we traded both Evans and Edwards, our D-line would still have the most talent in the entire NFL:

    1s- Robison, Williams, Williams, Allen

    2s- Michell, Guion, Kennedy, Robison/Griffen

  12. Fragile Freds says:


    Agree on Reynaud. He was fine, but come on not an earth shattering move. Oh no! My man was such a good receiver they told him in the off season to move to running back or they’d cut him. He was such a valuable commodity that we signed grandpa Jerry Walker and traded for a receiver from Miami before thinking of moving him back to receiver. Facts are he was a 4 or 5th string running back who had no experience at running back. Dude is a good pre season guy, but come regular season he is easy to replace.

    As a general rule, if you are changing positions once you are a pro…things aren’t going your way.

    The Vikings management has been proved to be very good on draft day, it doesn’t discourage Fred at all to see more picks coming our way.

    Asher Allen can return punts, in fact, has already scored as many touchdowns on punt returns as Reynaud did as a Vike.

    For those of you who think that if Banjo and TJizzle get hurt, Joe Webb will start the next game, your kooky, unless it’s in the same game they both get hurt. If Banjo goes down, TJizzle will be next and the Vikes will get some scrap heap veteran ( like Jeff Garcia) to back up Tjizzle. There isn’t a shot in hell the Vikes will trust Joe W. with a team like this. Good potential, but not even CLOSE to being ready.

    This doesn’t mean Joseph W may not have a good career, but this dude hasn’t even faced 1st stringers in pre season. Too raw, they’d never trust him, not yet.

    • Wayup North says:

      All true Freds – I don’t see Webb playing this year unless they are under 500 and don’t have a shot at making the playoffs. Jackson aint exactly been an iron man either (more like aluminum man) . . . and it’s a brutal schedule this year.

      But I’m not nervous – Favre won’t get hurt . . . right?

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