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There Are Reasons For Hope, Vikings Fans

I have to admit, I have been pretty sour towards the Vikings opening game because they looked, well, awful.

That doesn’t mean they won’t get better, however, and that starts with getting some more players healthy and finding time for more chemistry-building practices in which EVERY player participates, even the 40 year old quarterbacks.

Here are some things to provide some hope on this Monday:

Harvin Feels Confident He’ll Be On The Field Consistently

Percy Harvin had some rough days since joining the Vikings, particularly in dealing with illness and migraines. 

Harvin feels confident, however, that a recent breakthrough will keep him on the field consistently from here on out.

After his training camp collapse, Harvin’s heart actually stopped beating, and doctors decided to explore the possibility of sleep apnea.  He now wears a device that supplies him with oxygen while he sleeps, and this has apparently had a positive effect on his ongoing migraine problems.

“I don’t know if it’s the solution,” he said. “I know I’m definitely sleeping a whole lot better. I know one of the main causes of migraines is a lack of sleep so with the tests they were showing that I wasn’t going into a deep sleep. I was always waking up and things like that … It’s 100 percent difference. I’m not waking up groggy. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go so hopefully that’s it.”

“It’s great, the best thing ever,” he said of no longer having to take medicines. “Hopefully, this sleep thing will be the No. 1 key and like I said I’m feeling great.”

Harvin had one rush for two yards and one catch for 12 yards in the opener against the Saints.  He also averaged only 20 yards on two kickoff returns.  This type of slow start may be attributed to him (and his quarterback) missing a great deal of training camp and the preseason.

Rookies Are Practicing

Against the Saints, the Vikings didn’t field a single member of their 2010 draft class.

On Monday, however, it was obvious that both Toby Gerhart and Chris Cook are making progress with their respective injuries.

Gerhart was practicing after suffering a knee injury and Cook was practicing after having surgery on a torn meniscus. 

Childress said he is not sure if Cook will be ready to go against the Dolphins on Sunday. 

He said that Cook, “went through some individual periods. He doesn’t look completely comfortable. As always, it’ll be seen how he comes back in and treats and how he shows back up.”

Kennedy’s “Big Ass” Is “Cool”

During our live chat of last week’s game, I saw a number of comments from readers suggesting that Pat Williams was not being spelled enough which resulted in a tired out run defense that the Saints were able to exploit late in the game.

Part of the reason for that is defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy was unable to play due to a knee injury.  Now, however, he sounds anxious to get back out there and help this defense out and described himself as “cool” after Monday’s practice.

“I’m always trying to push,” Kennedy said. “I’ve had enough of missing games. If they see fit to have my big ass out there running around, then we’re going to be out there running around, making plays.”

McKinnie Is Fine

Bryant McKinnie provided viewers with a scare on Thursday when he was seen being carted off the field.  McKinnie had a nasty dislocated finger, but was able to practice on Monday after Tweeting this weekend that his finger was all better.

His absence in the fourth quarter on Thursday, however, illustrated just how shallow the Vikings are along the offensive line.

Home Opener In Style

The Vikings “throwback” uniforms are often praised for how much better they look than their regular uniforms.

We’ll be graced by the presence of throwbacks on Sunday, however, as the Vikings will be putting on the deep purples against the Fins.

Bill Cowher Is Our New Head Coach

Okay, I made that one up.


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18 Responses to “There Are Reasons For Hope, Vikings Fans”

  1. vikingfan1490 says:

    if only for cowher being our coach cuz childo is garbage he is worse than mike tice

  2. starrc10 says:

    Childress is Andy Reid again. He’s just skinnier and less like a Walrus in other ways.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up Adam. Sometimes its hard to get objective and yet positive tilted news. There’s lots of Homers and Doomsdayers out there.

  3. Stortorden says:

    Heres the deal. Since we allegedly went all out for Favre as a last ditch effort win the Super Bowl. Why not finish the game, go all out, go for the ring. I say we trade Berrian, (I know, no trade value), and the 5th rounder we got for Rosenfels to New England for Moss then trade our 5th rounder for next year to Dallas for Barber and cut Albert Young. That way we have a legitimate NFL QB, a legitimate NFL deep threat WR and a legitmate NFL pounding No. 2 RB.

  4. Lost Viking says:

    Thursday we should find out where Vincent Jackson stands with The League on either his three game or six game suspension.

    If Vike have agreed with V. Jackson on a $ 7 million one year contract there is still the issue of trade compensation for the Charger.

    The Raider-Moss situation comes to mind where Raider traded a 2nd rounder on a short term contract. Other receivers have gone for 1st rounders – Deion Branch (Seahawk), Roy? Williams (Cowboy).

    V. Jackson, much like Moss and Owens, is tainted by a record of League suspensions and indiscretions. Like Chambers last year his value can’t be more than 2nd round. However, Vike didn’t seem put out in sending a 1st rounder for RFA Jared Allen.

    Earlier rumor had Charger seeking a 2nd and 3rd for V. Jackson. Would Vikes late 2nd round plus say a 6th suffice? Can’t see the Charger asking or taking less on the basis of the short term contract being proposed. But this is all SUBJECT TO the Thursday decision.

  5. bridgit says:

    Cowher would be great.

  6. Zag says:

    In what universe is Marion Barber only worth a 5th round pick? No way dude.

    Moss and Belichik are supposedly sitting down and talking about Moss’s situation today. I don’t see Moss being available for trade this season.

    Good to see that Kennedy is feeling good. That guy could start anywhere in the league at DT, and we’ve got him as a backup. I like.

  7. B. Grant says:

    Last Thursday, the Saints looked like they had all their key people practicing for several weeks (which they did), while the Vikings looked like their key people had practiced together for several days (which they had). We, and especially our coaches, should not fool ourselves into thinking there had been anywhere near adequate preparation to win that game. We looked like this last year, too, but we were playing the Browns and we kept running the ball.

    That was not a 14-9 margin. The Saints kicker and the obvious notion that the Vikes had abandoned the run so the Saints just needed to run the ball themselves and defend the pass with 8 kept the game closer than it actually was. I don’t know if we should be calling for Chili’s head, but he did not have a team ready for the opener, that is for sure.

    • Tomb... says:

      Coach, I bet when Chili’s underwear gets bunched around, it takes him a couple hours to adjust.

      He puts to rest the notion that bald people are smart.

      • B. Grant says:

        No, people with crew cuts are smart, Tomb, just so we have that correct and understood.

        Thursday’s performance was a downer to say the least, but at least our Twins are flying high, and I know you are pleased with that as well.

  8. Tomb... says:

    Well, give Childress some credit, he’s managed to avoid Chris Hansen’s show to this point. Shows SOME level of cunning.

    After seeing the Chargers lose to the Chiefs, anybody else get the feeling V. Jackson may just get what he wants with the Bolts? Rivers is probably throwing a tantrum with the FO as we sit here.

  9. Larry says:

    y was Javon Walker cut? he had a really good pre-season…..never dropping the ball…please please will Childress bring him back?

    • Tomb... says:

      A big presence in the red zone too. I had assumed, after he was cut that the FO had something big going on.

      Now I have the nagging suspicion that we are sort of screwed.

      Shortage of decent OL, WR’s, DB’s…and everybody else looks rusty and/or old.

      I don’t have that warm fuzzy feeling I had last year. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that nobody else in the NFC is exactly dominating.

  10. […] the Vikings continue to get healthier. Enjoyed this post? Subscribe to Vikings Gab via RSS Feed or E-mail and receive daily news […]

  11. SupaScout says:

    Having Cower Being our head coach only makes sense. It will never happen.

  12. Chuck Foreman says:

    Cowher would start T Jackson. He loves his running QB’s who can’t throw.

  13. Zag says:

    Picking up Jackson wouldn’t help much if he is suspened for another 5 games.

    I’d rather spend money on an O-lineman *cough, CENTER, cough* to help with our run game. In addition to center, it would be nice to see a reliable swing lineman on the roster, like Artis Hicks.

    I just can’t believe we’re carrying 5 safeties. That’s taking up unnecessary room on the roster.

  14. ron says:

    i think we all need to try to get a following for Bill Cowher. He is exactly the coach/person this team needs. chillie is a mess the team walks all over him and even with all the talent in the world he couldn’t muster a super bowl!! It is time for a change!

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