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Favre Or The Receivers?

I have already seen a ton of criticism of Brett Favre around the web, following his four turnovers in Sunday’s loss against the Miami Dolphins.

I have also seen a number of people defending Favre, claiming that he had no open receivers to throw to. 

Below is a poll asking you to tell which performance you thought was the bigger problem:  Favre or his pass catchers.

However, you are not going to get away from this without first getting my opinion on the matter.

First, let me say that Percy Harvin should have got the pass that would have been a touchdown but instead ended up as an interception in the second quarter.  Some credit has to be given to Vontae Davis for making a heck of a play.  However, Favre did throw the ball to a spot where Harvin was forced to stop in his tracks instead of hitting him in stride.  I’m not making excuses for Harvin, but that throw could have benefitted from better timing and placement.  On third and twelve, the opportunity was also there to make the safe throw to a wide open Adrian Peterson in the middle of the field.

On third and ten, backed against their own endzone, Favre held onto the ball longer than a veteran quarterback should and Cameron Wake was able to pop the ball out of his hands for a Miami defensive touchdown.  In this case, I see Percy Harvin streaking open right off the bat but Favre didn’t see him because he wasn’t the primary receiver.  After that, Favre is forced to hold the ball for too long because the play called had routes that were timely in their development.  Shiancoe was the escape valve on the play, but he was held in to pass block (ineffectively) for too long.

Favre’ second pick came in the third quarter, on a 2nd and 8, in the redzone.  Favre zeroed in on Bernard Berrian who had single coverage.  Despite the fact that Visanthe Shiancoe was open on the underneath route, Favre never thought twice about giving Berrian a shot at single coverage.  It turned out to be a poor decision, and an even worse throw.  Berrian never had a chance at that pass, and unless Berrian was supposed to cut inside of the coverage, this one is completely on Favre.

The third and final interception came on a play where Favre was trying to force the ball down the field for a quick strike, despite the fact that Berrian was double covered.  The Vikings had over six minutes remaining, down by only four, and it was first down with 10 to go.  They also had decent field position.  The play action developed and Favre rolled to his right, where Shiancoe released from his pass block and was wide open with room to run.  Instead of throwing the safe short route, Favre chose to chuck it down the field and underthrew Berrian by a good five yards, if not more.  This one was 100% on Favre, as there was no reason to throw into double coverage and the throw wasn’t very good anyways.

So, my verdict?  Brett had decent protection from his offensive line and mediocre play from his receivers.  He also had to struggle to deal with some very questionable playcalling.  The bottom line, however, is that Favre failed to recognize Visanthe Shiancoe and Adrian Peterson as his top outlets late in the game, despite their consistent production over the last two weeks.  His timing was off and he made some very dubious decisions. 

Every time Favre dropped back to throw in the second half, I had a certain amount of nervousness that I haven’t felt since Tarvaris Jackson was put in charge of the offense. 

There is blame to be placed on the coaching staff and the receivers, but I think Favre is the person on the offense that needs to improve the most in order for this offense to get rolling.  Well, second to Fahu Tahi that is.

Okay, so what’s your take?

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25 Responses to “Favre Or The Receivers?”

  1. John says:

    0-2—How big of hole?

  2. Ole says:

    4th & goal, game on the line = $Dugan$ Time

    …..when will they ever learn?

  3. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, since you brought up Tahi, you must have noticed on the 4th and goal that Tahi headed to the side instead of leading in the hole to get a piece of Dansby? AD would have scored if Tahi would have at least got in Dansby’s way. I dont think the play was designed to go outside.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I agree with your assessment of that play, but I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t designed to go outside and Peterson cut it short.

      However, that wasn’t the only play that I noticed Tahi having questionable play. More than anything, I’m just jealous of the fullback performances I’ve seen around the league so far this year… McClain, Tolbert, and Polite… especially Tolbert.

  4. Ole says:

    time to let $Dugan$ make the play calls, he might as well make personnel decisions too so Zygi can dump the “Triangle of Authority”. All team decision would be made by Zygi and Dugan, hence, this relationship would be known as the “Human Hinge” with Dugan as the pivot man

  5. fozz44 says:

    Good call on the play Johnny. We watched it over and over….Tahi…Loadholt…..and Sullivan, none of them got a block in on the play. Disturbing. Why you don’t run it up the gut from the 1 yard line is beyond me….but I’m not as crafty as Chilly either.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Fozz, does this sound familiar? “I-right belly and just run the damn thing”. EXECUTION is the key. Missed assignments= failure.

      • fozz44 says:

        Yes Johnny, it does. When they went for it in the 1st quarter….they should have just run I-right-fricken belly. (actually they should have kicked the FG)

        Then they handed off to Tahi on the next 4th and 1? (who was stopped short, after Peterson had made it the previous play and Chilly wasn’t wise enough to challenge)

        And then…at the goal line….4th down and 1….and you run a veer?

        Run the ball down their fricken throat for heavens sake.

        Just too cute on the play calling on the critical plays….it gets old in a hurry.

        The good news….Peterson is running like a man possessed this year. Hopefully they can scheme a little better against the Lions…he should run for 200+ against them.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        It’s gotta be Favres fault tho. God that’s getting old.

  6. Adam Warwas says:

    Just saw Peterson say the play was designed to the outside but that he had to cut it in because the Fins had it covered and he saw a crease in the middle. Not a big neough crease, I guess.

  7. Ole says:

    0-2 teams

    Fragile Fred’s FFL team

  8. Vikadan11 says:

    Favre isn’t the same happy go lucky QB he was last year ~ I cant help but wonder if he isn’t a little pi$$ed about the Rice injury ~ Well not being told how bad it was ~ When Favre came to camp Rice was still on for the Saints game ~ That all changed over the next week ~ And we all know Chilly didn’t do a dang thing to replace him ~ Greg Camarillo looks nothing like the WR who played for the Fins last year ~ Nothing ~ He doesn’t even look like the WR I saw in the preseason after he was traded to the Vikings ~ Is it he is just slow and cant learn the KAO or is it more of the KAO holding players back ~ JMHO but it’s the KAO doing the damage to the team ~

    As for the play calling and game planing ~ The first tow games looks like the same offense I saw in 2008 ~ Looks like we have the return of Chilly Ball ~ It’s a sad day when something that bad makes it’s way back onto the field at a pro level ~

    How many times did the Vikings run the ball on their last drive ~ ? 8~9 or 10 times ~ Chilly Ball I tell you ~ Who believes the Fins didn’t know what was coming on that 4th down play ~ ? We all know it was going to be AP ~ Chily coached right into their hands ~

    As for Berrian ~ He has become a wast of space and cap ~ I really thought he would have a break out season because he was healthy ~ And when it comes to fighting for the ball he is no better than Jeff George ~ He just stands there a looks at someone else making the play ~ Thats were Rice is really missed ~ That shoulder bump BB talked about was laughable ~

    Hopefully Favre knocks enough rust off this week to were he can take the play calling back from Bevell and Chilly ~ JMHO but it’s the old hope the team has of going 2~2 at the bye ~

    As for the OL ~ If they dont get Loadholt and McKinnie moving their big a$$ faster Favre want see the end of the season on the active roster ~ Sullivan needs to have his weak a$$ replaced also ~

    As for Favre holding the ball longer then he should ~ A lot of that had to do with his receivers not getting open ~ I was against the trade for Jackson at first ~ After today I hope he signing a long term contract in the next 24 hours ~

    Sorry for going on ~ This offense looks like a repeat of the start of the 2008 season ~ Ugly ~

  9. lost viking says:

    Playcalls and 4th down gambles were questionable.

  10. Another Blonde Viking says:

    This is what I observed from my first row endzone seat yesterday:

    Sometimes McKinnie barely made it to the huddle in time to line up. It took him forever to walk out to the field. He looks worse than pathetic. He can hardly move! When we were trapped down at the endzone trying to run the ball, Jimmie K was leading for AP–and Jimmie had to push McKinnie to use him to block MK’s guy. McKinnie ended up on top of Jimmie more than once because Jimmie just had to run over him and MK fell over.

    The WR’s seemed completely clueless most of the time. And, did not seem to be trying to get open. Shank was open a few times in the middle and Brett missed him. In fact, the whole sidelines seemed disorganized most of the time.

    There is no fire–or fun–in Brett. He seemed behind most of the time.

    The D rallied…but the first half should not have happened.

    No clock management….did we really go into the locker room with all 3 timeouts at half?

    I can’t name plays, but I think it would make sense to stretch out the offense and run from that formation–we always bunch up and think we’re going to get through the line and we just get stacked up. We didn’t go long or do anything at the beginning of the game (like they did) to stretch out their D. It doesn’t feel like we threw any swing passes…we didn’t challenge their D at all.

    I’ve been going to games for 30 years. I can’t describe the mood in the Dome. People weren’t stunned or shocked…it more a combination of anger and hopelessness.

    Should have stayed home….doing laundry at least would have been productive use of my time.

    p.s. No Happy Dances yesterday! 🙁

  11. Fran the Man says:

    I chose Favre in the poll as the main culprit of yesterdays loss but the play calling was just atrocious at times.
    Tahi on 4th and 1??

    AD trying the right side on 4th and 1 when Hutch had been pan caking defenders all game?
    Terrible play calling and coaching again.

    I’m getting a real sinking feeling that we’re seeing the start to a real bad ending of a career with Favre.
    His play yesterday looked just like a 41 year old’s play; Under throws, hesitant, slow and poor decisions. That pass in the end zone for an interception, hit the defender right in the chest. It was intended for Berrian who had the defender in front of him. Never should have been thrown.
    The guy hasn’t looked or sounded right since his first interview during preseason. I really hate to say it but I think he’s hit the ‘ol wall.

    As far as Jared Allen’s play yesterday, I’ll cut him some slack. He was playing against one of the best DE’s in the league and still made a couple of plays.
    Overall, I loved the play of our defense.

    We’re 0-2 and it’s not the end of the world but I can see it from here (And Russia too).

  12. Zag says:

    I liked our defensive play for the most part. Good to see Madieu Williams stepping up a bit. He was flying around and hitting some people.

    Receivers: Blah.

    Favre: Yuck.

    But the main thing to take away from this is that you don’t give the ball to Tahi when you have Adrian Peterson in the backfield. DO YOU HEAR ME, CHILDO??!? YOU DON’T LET AN UNDRAFTED FULLBACK WITH BAD HANDS, NO SPEED, AND UNFULLBACKISH POWER RUN THE BALL ON 4th AND 1 WHEN YOU HAVE PURPLE JESUS CHOMPING AT THE BIT! -Fin-

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