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Vikings Sabotage Themselves In Home Opener

Earlier this week, I trash talked with my good friend Dawson (A Dolphins Fan) about the upcoming matchup.  Much to his dismay, he awoke this morning to find his Dolphins jerseys replaced with Vikings jersey’s in his closet, not to mention a Vikings flag attached to his car.

It turns out that Mrs. Warwas and I are not the number one saboteurs today, however.  That award would go to Brad Childress, Brett Favre, and a number of other Vikings players as they blew opportunity after opportunity in their 14 to 10 loss at the hands of the Miami Dolphins.

The first drive went fairly well, with the Vikings driving to well within field goal range.  On 4th and 2, Brad Childress inexplicably decided to leave Ryan Longwell, who should be considered a weapon, on the sideline and go for it.  The playcall was as dubious as the decision to go for it, and Brett Favre’s pass never made it past the line of scrimmage.  The lost opportunity at three points was bound to come back to haunt them.

From there on out, the Vikings defense gave up a few big plays, such as a 46 yard pass to Brandon Marshall and a 51 yard run from Ronnie Brown, but held the opponents to only 14 points (actually seven) for the second week in a row.  Giving up only 114 passing yards and 120 rushing yards is not too bad, especially when you figure in a pair of fumble recoveries and a pair of sacks.

The majority of the Vikings problems came on offense. 

The Vikings remedied their previous inability to get the ball to Adrian Peterson.  He carried the rock 28 times for 145 yards (average of 5.18 yards) and a touchdown.  He also was the Vikings second best receiver with five catches and 41 yards.

Peterson’s solid performance was not enough to overcome the wasted opportunity for three points on the opening drive, and four Brett Favre turnovers.

Favre fanatics will be quick to point out that Percy Harvin’s inability to hold onto a touchdown catch accounted for one of Favre’s three picks and that is true.  Favre fanatics will also be quick to point out that Favre’s final pick was a deep pass that Sidney Rice probably could have came down with, and that may be true. 

At some point, however, even Favre fanatics have to recognize that Favre looked awful.  From throwing errant passes and holding onto the ball too long in the endzone (resulting in a fumble turned touchdown for the Dolphins defense).  At a minimum, fans are finding out that it really was a big deal that Brett Favre did not attend most of training camp and saw very limited action in the preseason.  The worst case scenario, of course, is that Favre is suddenly just too old and is final on the final thread of his career.  I am truly hoping it is the first scenario, and that Favre will pull it together against the Lions next week and during the week four bye.

There is also going to be a growing sense, after this game, that the offense needs a number one receiver and that a move for Vincent Jackson is imminent.

Adding a guy of Jackson’s talent could no doubt produce a spark to a lacking offense, but the number one priority should not be adding another wide out.

The top priority should be getting Favre on the same page with the defense he has, making smarter playcalls, erasing the seven penalties that hurt this team, and getting healthy.

Once again, the secondary held up pretty well and should only get better as Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin get closer to contributing.  Madieu Williams played surprisingly well and seemed to bring a certain amount of intensity that we haven’t seen out of him before.  The linebackers were playing all over the field.  This defense is dominant, no doubt about it, but the offense needs to get going before this is a season that is deemed as “lost” far too early.

We have the Lions next week followed by a bye week.  The time to turn this bus around is now.

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14 Responses to “Vikings Sabotage Themselves In Home Opener”

  1. Ole says:

    people to blame – favre and Childress

  2. Ole says:

    watching the Jets vs Pats game right now. Tomlinson would have been a good signing for the Vikings. Too bad they couldn’t get the deal done. He is doing well with the Jets

  3. Zag says:

    I agree 100% with this post. I loved AP’s performance. He’s running like a man possessed, covering the ball, and hurting tacklers.

    Bryant McKinnie was hit/miss again…

    Visanthe’s amazingly soft hands are one of my favorite things about the vikings.

    Toby Gerhart looked to be a capable ball carrier, and I want to see more of him.

    Madieu Williams definitely looks like he stepped up today. He way flying around, putting licks on people, and disrupting the run game.

    But Favre… Favre! Did he climb in a time machine and travel back to his Jets days? Lord, he looked awful. The O-line didn’t even play THAT bad. Two of his interceptions were just piss poor decisions, and he needs to make corrections quickly or we will sink fast.

  4. Ole says:

    to heck with Vincent Jackson, get Moss back in a Vikings uniform. Beautiful one handed catch for a TD vs Revis

  5. CalVkg says:

    yep, adam, you’re right. like last week, d did their job, o didn’t, and neither did the coaching staff. ad looks very good and no fumbles. we easily could’ve won both games. favre has come back to the mean, statistically, from last year’s great numbers, but he doesn’t look like he’s too old yet

    the bolts need a rb now, so waiting may have helped us there with the vj deal. toby or young?

    while it’s early, we needed to be at 1-1 with a tough oct. schedule and gb playing well. beating the lions isn’t a given, so we’d better improve quickly. at least the rest of the nfc, so far, is giving us a chance. we can be much better by the end of the season and still make the playoffs, but we used up a mulligan today. pity

  6. Fran the Man says:

    0-2 is not the end of the world but 0-3 is getting mighty close to it.

    Favre and to a lesser extent, Childress, lost this game today.

    I’ve said since Favre’s first day back;
    He looks REAL old and very unmotivated.
    I truly think we’ve seen Favre get too old to play right before our eyes in the last two games.

    So we have a coach who can’t coach at this level and quite possibly the end of Favre.

    If we lose to the Lions and go 0-3, I would be most pleased if Wilf would fire Childress and put Fraiser in his place, then sit Favre and stick in Jackson.
    that way we find out well in adavance to next year if we need a QB and a head coach.

    Sad to say, I think we’ll need both as I don’t think either Fraiser or Jackson is the answer and I’d rather see us find that out sooner than later.

  7. big dave says:

    Typical Farve, being a GB fan we are familiar with his turnovers. After good year he comes back and has a okay year.

  8. bigjohnny84 says:

    Favre does look old and rusty but man his receivers need to help him out a little. Cheech’s bobble in the endzone would’ve been big, Shank had one go through the breadbasket, Lewis should’ve had that one on the sideline and I think Bernie had another drop. Besides being old, Favre is showing signs of frustration too.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Favre could have used some help no doubt, also going for it on 4th down early instead of the field goal…

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Charlie, your analogy of “skin like a warthog” is really coming into play now. Best advice I’ve ever had, thanks Bud.

  9. Norseman66 says:

    I’ll go back to what I posted last week. This team is no better than a 9-7 team. It’s obvious Favre doesn’t have the passion this year because the team begged him to come back, unlike last year where HE wanted to play. This will turn out to be the biggest waste of money to one player in Vikings history.

  10. GoBUCS! says:

    HaHa! Just thought I’d go around to some sites for some 0-2 teams that were supposed to win the Super Bowl this year and have a little laugh. Your team is 0-2 and the Buccaneers are 2-0. Oh man is that rich. ROFL!!! Ok, off to be a troll on some cowboys fansite!! Tell Favre to take his metamucil and geritol before the next game.

  11. Jawsers says:

    Either way, even if we got the three points we still lose. Sometimes you got to go for it. I think AD should have been given the ball, maybe a draw, chances are good he gets the two yards. You can tell he’s out to prove that the number one RB. If we get at least above average blocking next week I think AD will have an even better day than today.

    Oh well, maybe this is a blessing in disguise, Vikings tank, Childress and Bevell fired, Favres retires (for good) and we draft either Luck or Mallet.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Jawsers, we can play “what if” til the cows come home but I have to say I disagree. The field goal would have meant we can play for only a field goal at the end of the game… which he had a pretty darn good chance at… instead of having to go for it on forth again.

      Always take the early points. Always. Coaching 101.

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