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Vikes Make Practice Squad Moves

On Tuesday, the Vikings released cornerback Marcus Sherels from their practice squad to make room for tight end John Nalbone.

Sherels was an undrafted rookie this year and was somewhat impressive in the preseason, and I thought he had an outside shot at making the 53 man roster.  Nalbone was a fifth round pick of the Dolphins in 2009.

The move comes a week after the Vikings released rookie tight end Mickey Shuler Jr. to make room for receiver Hank Baskett.  Coincidentally (or maybe not) it was the Dolphins that signed Shuler to their roster following his release, which was rumored to be a major disappointment as the Vikings had hoped to get him through waivers and sign him to the practice squad.

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54 Responses to “Vikes Make Practice Squad Moves”

  1. Ole says:

    Nailbone? he must have an interesting family tree

  2. starrc10 says:

    I for one was very excited about Mickey. Thumbs down.

  3. Zag says:

    I didn’t really want to see Mickey go, but if it’s to make room for a big receiver then I’m ok with it. As long as Hank starts producing…

    This John Nalbone guy… he went two rounds higher in the draft than Shuler Jr. Not that it means anything, but maybe he’s an upgrade talent-wise. But we sure do carry a lot of tight ends.

  4. starrc10 says:

    Apparently the Comments are now closed at the Original Access Vikings. I wonder who got the last comment in over there.

  5. Fran the Man says:

    Starr, I wonder how many total comments the old, evil AV finally totaled? I remember it in the thousands.

    We ought to refer to it from now as “Adams Place”

  6. B. Grant says:

    I was so proud of our rougue blog that last year, and then I was no longer able to post. I guess those baxters just gradually squeezed us out. RIP AV!

    • starrc10 says:

      I assume Homeskillet and ccarterhof had a shoot out for the last post.

      Zulgad said he reads the blog over here, maybe he could let us have a transcript.

      • Fran the Man says:

        I’ll bet ‘ol Judd does check out this site.
        Hell, he helped create it with his evil ways. . .

        Most of his regular posters over on the old evil AV dumped his A** and came over here after he decided to change the whole format against all advice not to.
        I sure haven’t looked back on it. Adam is doing a terrific job here.

      • c.carterhof says:

        It was a double post by skillet.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Boy that went on for the longest time, didn’t it?

  7. krugjr says:

    Adam…..I’ve missed a lot over the months, but still check in on you guys (and gals) quite a bit……question: has it been talked about at all that with an immobile QB like Brett, maybe some wildcat plays with TJ and Percy would mess with the defenses a little?? at the risk of starting another Childress debate, it sure would be nice to see “innovation” on offense… we all see from the “top” head coaches in the league…….sorry freds, couldn’t help it!

    greetings to all my Purple friends!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • starrc10 says:

      What if, during the Jets game, we witnessed Jumpin’ Joe at QB with AP and Percy in the Backfield. You would hear the collective jaws of Minnesotans dropping all the way in Alaska, I think.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Hi ya Krugs!!!
      I’m with Starrs, I like Jumpin Joe, That kid moved like the wind in preseason…

      • starrc10 says:

        Agreed, fantastic athlete. I really like the way he interviews too. Looks you in the eye/camera, anunciates, makes points about subjects. Sad to say that is not always what you get.

    • Fragile Freds says:


      Nice to see you still around. For clarification, all your old Pal Fragile said was that Childo’s record speaks for itself. Freds never said he was one of the top coaches around.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Welcome Back Krug! You were missed!

  8. Brett says:

    Guys… I gotta say, I’m REALLY, REALLY disappointed with how the Viking players have handled their bye week. It’s all to easy now through Twitter to know what everyone is doing… and I gotta say, Shiancoe seems to be the only one who gives a damn about doing anything this season so far.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Brett –

      This is their JOB not their lives, nor are they fans. If you had a week off from your job at Dairy Queen, you sure as hell wouldn’t hang around to swirl a few more cones would you?

      This goes back to an earlier discussion about the players giving a crap about what city they plan in. We would like to think they love playing in Minnesota, but they couldn’t care less about that either. It’s a job. It’s just a damn job.

      We love to watch them work, but when they are off the clock they are GONE!

  9. fozz44 says:

    talk to us Brett….what are you seeing on the twitter?

    • Brett says:

      Well, not all of them have twitter. But from what I’ve found Shiancoe seems to be the only one practicing.

      McKinnie is doing stuff with his record label…
      Kluwe is ‘painting miniatures’… whatever that means.
      I dunno what Berrian is doing but he seems to plug his site a lot. My friend had the funny idea of tweeting to him “Berrian, every time I visit your site my internet connection is dropped” haha…
      In general, most people were just talking about relaxing and not really doing anything.

      Oh well…

  10. Adam Warwas says:

    Sat down to start writing like three times today, but came up blank. Not much news. Even the “real media” are running stories that essentially boil down to:

    “there is no reason to expect Ben Leber to get more or less work, but we’re going to pretend that it’s news that his job is still the same as it was last week.”


    Any ideas of what you would like to see me write about?

    • Fran the Man says:

      You asked for it, you got it!

      Coach had a good one as far as looking to see if we really are as bad as 1-2 team. I tend to think he’s on the right track; We’re not that bad. Be interesting to look into that.

      What about Joe Webb? We’re so hurting at WR and he’s probably the best athlete on the entire team, how come we’re not seeing him in at least a gimic play or two?
      Is he still that far behind the curve that we couldn’t design a play or two that could utilize his talents?

  11. Ole says:

    Dugan (duh!)

    how about an article on the team personnel today compared to when childress and Rick Spielman took over, a winners and losers thingy

  12. Ole says:

    another idea Adam, how about a “coulda, shoulda, woulda, didn’t” regarding players the Vikings missed out on either in the draft or via free agency

    there you go, now get to work……

  13. Adam Warwas says:

    Gee, thanks, Ole. Suggesting two stories that would actually require research and effort?!? Which half of the prase “hack blogger” confuses you??

    Okay, I’ll get on it 🙂

  14. Ole says:

    how about an easier one, you can write about every single win by Freds in his Fantasy Football league

    don’t write about Vikings John’s wins. You’ll be up all night

  15. CalVkg says:

    if we did see Jumpin’ Joe at QB with AP and Percy in the backfield, it might resemble the trickeration of the harlem globetrotters

    the Sherels for Nalbone thing makes me wonder if shank is hurt more than we know, but it’s prolly just chill’s ego again tryin’ to get back at the ‘fins for takin’ shuler, and i wonder if that ego got in the way of grabbin’ housh, too

  16. B. Grant says:

    Adam, here’s an angle. Ala Tim Brewster, these Vikes aren’t all that far from being 3-0, and you could make a pretty good case for that position. How about some comparisons to last year at this time. Offensive numbers are likely down, but I gotta believe dfensive numbers are better. And we have certainly played a tougher group this year than last – even the Lions are “better”. We all hate being 1-2, but are we really any worse as a team?

    • starrc10 says:

      I make that argument all the time, Coach.

      We are on pace to to be a decent offense here in the next few weeks. I maintain faith.

  17. Fragile Freds says:


    Please explain:

    “We are on pace to to be a decent offense here in the next few weeks”

    Is that like the baseball player who hits a homerun in his first game at bat and is on pace to hit 162 home runs this year?

    Or like… at the current win rate for the Childress era Vikings, Brad Childress will be the NFLs most winningest coach in 58.4 years.

    Or perhaps Bernie Berrian is on pace to snap his hamstring 29 times in his nfl career before he is inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

    I’ll stop….don’t mind Freds

    • Viking John says:

      Freds you better have some stock in Colts with all the ones you going to owe me after this season. By the way Freds who you give me for Berrian in FF……….
      Go Vikes

    • B. Grant says:

      Well, Freds. You’re a freakin’ ray of sunshine here today, huh? You went through this blog with a machette swinging in both hands, bursting one bubble after another. What say we get back on the meds, cut back on the Colts, and show a little of the New Year’s resolution Freds that we had come to know.

      Or not, your call.

      Its bye week in Viking land, time to get out and actually enjoy one of the most beautiful fall locations anywhere!! Put on your purple plaid flannel shirt, make sure that sportsman license is in your wallet, and let’s bring us down some wildlife!

    • starrc10 says:


      I see it this way: We were uninspiring on offense the first 4 weeks of last season, if you will recall. Thus the basis for my argument. Also, please keep in mind I used the term “faith” as in belief without seeing.

      Go Giants, this week and in week 16, other than that feel free to suck.

  18. Adam Warwas says:

    Is Johnny on a bye week too?

  19. Fragile Freds says:


    Please don’t make today the day you start putting any value in anything Freds has to say about anything.


    Are you referring to kinder and gentler? That resolution? Freds is awfully glad we are entering the 4th quarter of 2010. Freds will never make a resolution like that again.

    Leave it to you to go with the ’67 cheerleader gals. Not a big fan of silicone huh?

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Funny Coach brought that up, I remember you were nice for about 3 weeks…

      Man that was wierd… lol

      PC alway enjoys your comments, Nice or Not !!!

  20. Purple Charlie says:

    Hey Adam,
    How’s Dad,Mom and Baby Gates doing???

  21. krugjr says:

    Adam……after signing Brett, how are we with cap space, etc….are we out of money to sign FAs…….and who would have to be inactive to give Webb a week of active duty?

    shout out to Charlie, Freds and Ole!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

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