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Five Points About The Victory

First off, a huge congratulations to our reader Jawsers who predicted the exact score of the Vikings-Cowboys game (24-21) and is the owner of bragging rights in our weekly predictions game here at Vikings Gab.

Now, onto a few things about the much-needed Vikings victory.

  1. I would be remiss if I didn’t give some props to a certain coaching staff and a certain quarterback whom I have not been too kind to recently.  Part of the reason I have to give them props is because they had a game plan that featured Brett Favre throwing the ball only 19 times and providing the type of balance I have been hoping for ever since Favre took over this offense.  Favre’s tendinitis likely was a big reason for the conservative play calling, but since the Cowboys were putting their safety way deep, it worked out well as Favre was able to simply complete high percentage passes underneath.
  2. The offensive line was absolutely awful in both the pass and the run game.  Peterson was running into a brick wall all day long and Favre spent way too much time on his back, particularly early on in the game.  A couple of times, Favre can be blamed for hanging onto the ball for way too long.  The two tackles, McKinnie and Loadholt, always show flashes of dominance but are inconsistent and prone to penalties.  Jon Cooper started today, but should not be considered a starting caliber center in the NFL, especially after getting killed by Jay Ratliff all day long.
  3. E.J. Henderson’s return to football after his gruesome injury has finally come full circle, as today was the first time he put up a Pro Bowl style performance since making his comeback.  He not only had two interceptions, but was a big reason why Marion Barber and Felix Jones were held to a combination of 63 yards on 24 carries.  It is good to see him playing at such a high level.
  4. Lito Sheppard is not an adequate replacement for Cedric Griffin.  He was the victim on all three on Romo’s touchdown passes and was simply outmatched by both Roy Williams and Dez Bryant on multiple occasions.  Asher Allen was not a whole lot better, and watching the game ending interception go right through his hands, shows why he is not yet ready to step up and be a starting caliber cornerback.  Perhaps Chris Cook will be the answer, but he has to find his way back onto the field first.
  5. While the Vikings remain in third place of the NFC North, they made some much needed progress in their sloppy win on Sunday.  Even a sloppy win is still a win, especially when every one of your divisional opponents loses.  The Vikings are now 2-3 and are preparing to meet the 3-3 Packers next week, in what is shaping up to be a huge Sunday Night game.  The Bears remain in first place with a record of 4-2, but appear to be beatable by just about anyone.  The Lions are still in the basement with another loss putting them to 1-5.

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37 Responses to “Five Points About The Victory”

  1. Ole says:

    6. Tahi sits, Dugan starts, Vikings win. Sometimes it’s just that simple

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Didnt miss Tahi one bit Ole but I thought Jimmy Sasser had a hell of a good game. Maybe Adam can show him a little love.

      • Fragile Freds says:

        How about Jimmy K, running like hell after that catch? Never mind his crappy block on that play, but a big catch!!!

        • Brett says:

          It’s funny… my Dad says the other day, “They need to give it to Kleinsausage more… every time he gets the ball it’s at least a first down…” I’m starting to believe he’s right…

    • B. Grant says:

      7. Vikes offensive MVP may turn out to be Percy Harvin.

      I am very in tune with both your OL assessment, and your concerns about Asher Allen, Adam. Wonder how bad Abdulah’s injury is – that’s another concern. Finally, I think we should all thank the Cowboys for looking as undisciplined as any team in the league right now. While the Vikes still seem to be struggling, I really enjoyed the Cowboys flopping-like-a-largemouth-out-of-water performance from my MOA Field suite.

      • Fragile Freds says:


        Nice seeing you on TV today with “Boy” Troy today. Plaid really is your color. By the way, do you fish every day like they said on the TV? Every day? Don’t you kill other stuff, like bear or geese or grouse or ground hogs or skin gators for winter boots?

        • B. Grant says:

          When the Cowbuts are going down, I wanna see it first hand. I was not happy with them showing my messy desk, though. They promised to keep the camera over the top of that. Made me look bad, I thought.

          Fishing every day gets old, Freds. You gotta mix in some geese and ducks and pheasants, and a deer or two each fall, to keep the interest alive. No gators, though. Those people are, well… not like you and me or any of us here.

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    Nice recap.

    One very important thing you missed. Sit Pam Oliver, start Alex Flanagan. Smart football gal, easy on the eyes. Pam Oliver, not so much.

  3. marty264 says:

    Maybe we could dangle Tahi in front of the Bengals and get a 6th or 7th out of them. They have given him an offer in each of the past two years, but as an RFA, we simply matched the offer and retained him.

  4. Ole says:

    Tahi and favre to the Bengals for a 6th or 7th

  5. Ole says:

    somebody else deserves bragging rights for picking the exact score of a game Adam.

  6. hookem says:

    8- Antoine Winfield proved he is one of, if not the best open field tackler in the NFL.

  7. bigjohnny84 says:

    Anybody else praying for a speedy recovery for Chris Cook? Lito looks more washed up than Favre.

  8. CalVkg says:

    whew! i can exhale now

    good day to be a vikings fan
    the others lost. all three of ’em. i feel another laugh coming on…

    there. that feels better

    now it’s time to get out the cheese shredder

  9. CalVkg says:

    and for master of acrimonies, i have one word for ya –


  10. Zag says:

    Lito Sheppard is awful… Our secondary needs Chris Cook.

    I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again: Letroy Guion is shaping up nicely as a young DT. I think he’ll replace big Pat nicely.

    I wonder if they deactivated Jimmy Kennedy because of his big mouth earlier in the week? I like him… but he can’t go saying things like that.

  11. Another Blonde Viking says:

    Whew! As many of you said, gotta keep Brett off the turf–and our O Line stinks! Had the ‘Boys not self-destructed through penalties, it could have been UGGG-LEE! I don’t know why Big D hangs on to Wade Phillips–but hey, I’m not going to get into another team’s coaching issues when…

    Cheeseheads next Sunday night! Let’s get it!

    Almost time for dancin’….gotta go! Have a great week, Everyone!

    Big Win–let’s do it again! Go Vikes!

  12. B. Grant says:

    Kudos to Percy, EJ, Greenway and ‘toine for very good games played today. Lito, BMac, and Asher, not so much.

  13. Ole says:

    The Good – Harvin, EJ, Dugan, Kleinsasser, Winfield

    The Bad – Lito, AA, the truly offensive line

    The Ugly – B. Berrian, Dallas penalties

  14. CalVkg says:

    i’m actually giddy considering how bummed i’d be if we had lost

    and Adam, i think you’re spot on. i too thought the coaching staff did well today (that tasted weird). they ran the ball at the end to run the clock. they weren’t perfect, but they didn’t screw it up.
    another nod for the coaching was that we didn’t hurt ourselves or turn it over as much as the boys did. fade wade

    makes a big difference to not make several big mistakes. if ya don’t kill yourself, they hafta do it

    thanks to harvin and henderson. and favre, he spread it with the limited passes he made and didn’t try to do too much. good enough day for AD

  15. B. Grant says:

    Here’s the coach in me… This performance level won’t get us a win next week in the dogpatch. Them folks are gonna want a piece of us, and we better want the same.

  16. fozz44 says:

    The Cowboys did the Vikes a HUGE favor by featuring the screen pass as their primary passing option. The fantastic job tackling by the Vikes today shut that down fairly easily.
    IF they had decided to pass downfield more….I think the defensive secondary would have more ‘exposed’ than any phone text of Brett Favre recently. Williams, Bryant, Austin and Witten could have run free all day, especially with the lousy d’backs not being able to rely on any kind of pass rush to help them out.

    Part of me was thinking the Vikes lose, Chilly out….Gruden or Cowher in. A guy can dream, can’t he?

    • Jawsers says:

      Hahaha, the subway monkey would be a better choice than Childress at this point.

      I like the idea of Petersen run straight into the pile. Does alot of good. Great game plan. /sarcasm

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