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Get Your Predictions In!

Hello, ladies and gents.

Sorry it has been a few days since I have checked in.  A variety of reasons are to blame.

However, if you want to participate in this week’s bragging rights competition, then place your predictions for Sunday’s game (Vikes vs. Pats) in the comments section of this post.  Nobody picked the Pack to win last week, so I don’t think we can really crown a true “winner.”

So, get to it, who is going to win and by how much?

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46 Responses to “Get Your Predictions In!”

  1. Bismuth says:

    Pats, 30-20

  2. B. Grant says:

    Favre will play.

  3. CalVkg says:

    27-24, NE. bleak looking at 2-5, huh?

    but, hey! there’s always politics and the economy to cheer us up, right?

    • Jon says:

      if you win, i don’t think you want those bragging rights LOL.

      “yup im the guy who guessed the losing score!” :p

      • CalVkg says:

        no doubt, i’ll be happiest if i’m wrong and the vikes win

        this might be our toughest game for the rest of the regular season

  4. michael driggs says:

    31-27 vikes

  5. Zag says:

    First time predicting here at Vikingsgab.

    I’m gonna be optimistic and say 28-24 Vikes.

  6. c.carterhof says:

    Yeah Coach it looks that way. He is practicing with the team today.
    Ill say this, if he does play and helps lead us to victory I will be impressed.

    Ok, so Favre starts, 30-22 Vikes
    Jackson starts, 23-20 Vikes
    Favre starts but gets knocked out or benched, 26-26 tie.
    Jackson starts but gets knocked out or benched, 34-17 Vikes.

  7. Jon says:

    32-9 Vikings.

  8. Nume says:

    45-2 vikings…what can I say? I’m optimistic 😛

  9. CSlinde says:

    42-13 Pats

    Favre starts, gets knocked-out in 2nd qtr after holding on to ball instead of finding open pass catcher, or throwing ball away.

    11/1-Childress relieved of duty

    • Jon says:

      mmm thats a good question…

      a loss = childress gone
      a win = a more promising season

      which would you rather want?!?

      • Nume says:

        Definitely option one. The vikings would still have a chance even with a loss :P, since I dont see GB beating the jets… but realistically I doubt childress is gonna get fired anyways so I’d rather have them win heh.

  10. Fran the Man says:

    Pats 35
    Vikes 21

    Kills me to say that but I just can’t see a Childress coached team beating a Belichick coached team.

  11. Purple Charlie says:

    Pats 31
    Vikes 20

    I can’t either…

  12. marty264 says:

    24-14 Vikes, someone has to be optimystic.

  13. Norseman66 says:

    Patriots 31-10, and the Vikes keep moving up the draft board.

  14. titan concrete says:

    Pats are a tough team to figure out…lost by 14 to the Jets, but beat the fins by 24. Their defense is mediocre at best, and they dont blitz like any team we have played so far.
    I feel Favre will start, and if he can grasp the concept that “guys open everywhere on the field” doesnt apply when they play for the opposition,we will be in good shape.Once again , It comes down to turnovers. They have been the difference in every game this season.

    I guess Im a Rube
    28-17 Vikings

  15. wtfvikesfan says:

    Pats 38 – Vikes 22

  16. SupaScout says:

    127 to -14, Pats over a limping #4 who won’t sit out, despite his broken ankle. He will play and throw an NFL record 7 int’s, all for TD’s. Also Belicheck will out coach Childress every which way. Childress will counter by running the same play three times in a row, each time resulting in negative stats. The minus 14 is a result of the Ref’s showing Childress that lasts weeks game was no fluke, they can call a game however they want, and he should keep comments of the officiating to himself.

  17. Wayup North says:

    If Favre plays (more than 1 series anyway), 27-20 Vikes

    If it’s Tarvaris, 20-13 Pats

  18. Patrick says:

    31-3 patriots sadly the Vikings r gonna get killed

  19. Foreman says:

    Vikes are moving to LA so it really doesn’t matter but Minny by a touchdown. 24-17

  20. phil says:

    im going to this game im so pumped. im wearing a peterson teeshirt under a harvin jersey under a rice jersey under a gold moss jersey, im gonna take one off each quarter. ill probably get jumped but we’ll see..

  21. Hoyhtya says:


    Moss 2 Td’s 100+ Yard Rec.

    Peterson 100+ Yards rush

    Harvin takes one more to the house.

    The D plays strong and gets 3 takeaways

    Brady knocked out in the 2nd with a concussion.

    Not sure what else to predict 🙂

  22. Ole says:

    Vikings – 19
    Patriots – 14

    Viking scores
    5 Longwell FG’s
    Kenny Onatolu pulls down Tom Brady by his hair for a sack in the endzone for a safety
    Newly signed Giselle Bundchen, pulls down Brady by his sack in the endzone for a safety. Vikings are penalized 15 yards for excessive celebration when Giselle “goes to the ground” with Pat Williams

    Patriots scores
    4 FG’s by Gostkowski
    T-Jack, starting in place of favre, is chased out of the endzone for a safety. Patriots are penalized 15 yards for excessive celebration when Vince Wolfork “goes to the ground” with Gisele Bundchen

    Dugan spends the entire game on the bench hand feeding favre grapes

  23. vk4life says:

    Vikes 27 – Pats 24 in a game closer than most think it will be. Most importantly Peterson carries 30+ times for 150 or more 2 TD’s. Moss will get his 1st 100 yrd game back with Minn. at 1 TD. 2 Longwell kicks to put the game away in the final minutes. And I say this regardless of who starts and finishes the game at QB. Defense will get 2 sacks 3 turnovers!

  24. hookem says:

    if Favre plays we lose by a lot if Jackson win we lose a close one or actually pull it off

    Vikings 20-17

  25. justin says:

    31-28 vikings with t jack coming in the 3rd quarter.

  26. Coolio says:

    24-17 Vikings. WE have to eventually get a break. HOw may f you guys are afraid of the Patriots TEs?

  27. Brendan says:

    Vikings 34 – Patriots 13

  28. Brett says:

    Vikings 28 Patriots 21

    PLEASE!!!! All I want for my birthday (today) is a freakin’ W!

    • CalVkg says:

      here ya go – W

      happy birfday

    • Jon says:


      but yes…an actually controlled offensive vikings game would be a nice birthday gift. but i’ll tell you something better..

      last year for my birthday (October 5th) some of you may remember the biggest game last year when we played Green Bay in Green Bay and it was the whole FAVRE GOES TO GREEN BAY DUN DUN DUN Monday Night Game…well I saw it at Sapphires (big strip club here in vegas)…it was prolly one of the best birthdays i’ve had.

      but ya .. us being a the patriots would be cool too i guess.

      happy birthday brett haha

  29. Lost Viking says:

    OK, let’s hear what the Handle has to say:

    Seahawk (4-2) at Raider (3-4)

    Al Davis must have thought he passed on after witnessing his previously inept asset rack up 59 points against the Bronco. That performance has boosted this number and while we still aren’t quite sold on the Seahawg, their ability to slow the run negates Oakland’s best offensive ability.


    Viking (2-4) at Patriot (5-1)

    Whether Brett Favre goes or not, we do expect to see Tarvaris Jackson on the field at some point and that might provide the stability which Viking need most right now. Minnesota’s defence remains a solid group and against New England’s popgun offence, this one should never get too far away.


  30. Another Blonde Viking says:

    Well, this was an entertaining read! I just know whatever happens, Ole will blame me for it so, I can’t win, but I hope the Vikings can!

    I guess I’ll be watching Tom Brady’s parts to see if Ole’s predictions are true…

    Being a true purple fan, here’s my guess:

    Vikes 28
    NE 24

    And Happy Dances all around!

    Be safe if you’re out and about for Halloween!

    Go Vikes!

  31. Lost Viking says:

    Lost’s prediction for New England tomorrow afternoon

    High of 55 will occur around game time with temperatures dropping to 41 by late afternoon. Skies will be mostly sunny to cloudy with 10 to 15 MPH winds from the northwest.

  32. Big Johnnys sister, Bigger Johnette says:

    My turn to take a guess

    Minnesota football team – 31
    Boston’s football team – 30

    Hi Lost Viking! Will you go trick or treating with me?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Hey sis, whoever you are. Vikes have a chance with Favre but little chance with Tjax but I’m with Fran we are so outcoached in this one. Vikes 17 Pats 28.

  33. fozz44 says:

    38-35 Vikes

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