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Will Childress Make It Through Monday?

On Sunday morning, Chris Mortenson of ESPN made mention of some rumors that Brad Childress would be replaced by Leslie Frazier as the head coach of the Vikings if they lost to the Patriots on Sunday. 

Well, they lost. 

By 10.

Following the game, Childress was being criticized by his star wide receiver for not taking three points when they were available at the end of the first half.

Childress also made a really poor choice to challenge a Brandon Tate reception after Madieu Williams missed a perfect chance to make an interception.  Anyone watching the catch from any angle could tell it was indeed a catch.

Childress has also been at odds with his starting quarterback and currently is running a 2-5 team despite the star-studded payroll with much higher expectations.

It shouldn’t be too long before we find out if there was any truth behind Mortenson’s report.

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33 Responses to “Will Childress Make It Through Monday?”

  1. fozz44 says:

    Replace Childress….fantastic.

    Frazier is not the answer long term….hopefully someone realizes that before they go into a Mike Tice era-like trainwreck.

  2. Foreman says:

    Ziggy would rather move the team to LA than fire Brad.

  3. Big Johnnys sister, Bigger Johnette says:

    People to blame – childress, Another Blonde Viking

  4. bigjohnny84 says:

    There are some real quality coaches out there for the taking. Too bad Childo got that big contract extension last year but Ziggy would be smart to just eat Childos contract and move on. I pick Cowher, imagine what a guy like that could do with all this talent.

  5. CSlinde says:

    For me, I always felt ‘Chil-Out’ was going to be a good long-term coach for the Vikes and had his back when people dogged on him. Until last year.

    The issues with this team coming into this season were not that bad, until camp started. Now, the problems are far too wide spread for it NOT to be due to lack of team discipline. On EVERY level. Even Chil has L.O.D syndrome, as demonstrated by him selling out his players during pressers. His mentality is reflected by the players on the field.

    Who honestly thinks a player is going to go ‘all out’ and put their careers on the line, especially in a CBA year, for a coach that habitually sells out players in post-game pressers to mask his own deficiencies? Sometimes, even the ones he coddled and begged to save his tail?

    It can all be defined the moment we had 12 men on the field with the SB on the line. That is the moment the pendulum swung and swiftly pulled the rug out from under all of us passionate, hopeful and tortured Viking’s fans.

  6. B. Grant says:

    I don’t see Frazier as the answer at all. His defense is no better than average right now, and moving him up now will just create mass confusion. Unless Zigi has been holding secret meetings with someone who is currently available, the best thing is to ride this thing out for the year.

    That challenge today was a real eye opener as to what might be happening inside Chili’s noggin. I’m not sure what voices told him to throw that flag, but I hope they weren’t any of them in his headset. That was brutal.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Coach, I know you are reluctant to critisize the coach but it seems even you have about had enough. But at this point I dont see the downside of changing the coach, what’s your take?

      • B. Grant says:

        johnny, I just think there would be more turmoil than any advantage gained. Besides, at 2-5 in this division, we are not completely out of it yet, although I’m not betting tomorrow’s breakfast on a playoff berth this year.

        There is always the question between players or coaches causing losing to happen. My take here is we just do not look ready for certain situations. As I said, that challenge really blew me away. The short yardage plays killed us today, we just did not seem ready to be successful in those situations. Too many players missed chances to make plays to make me think this team is ready and organized.

        Now, I will give Chili this. The season has been a soap opera. From Favre’s late start again, to his texting mess, to whether or not he would play this week with no practice time, Moss coming in and not really helping much, etc, etc. Even so, all these games of finding ways to lose makes me look at the issue of leadership.

    • CSlinde says:

      The Wilfs gave Chil the extension because it was a good year and to keep congruity. They have done EVERYTHING to field a championship team.

      Firing Chil folds the year. I don’t think you can name the ‘answer’ at this point. In order to keep some congruity now, Frazier has to be the interim. A new coach couldn’t insert new schemes at this point in the season and often refuse to run schemes that aren’t theirs.

      It would be a good ‘litmus test’ (a la childo) to audition Frazier and see if he can change the character of the team, instead of letting another assistant go elsewhere and win a SB for a different city (tomlin).

  7. Foreman says:

    This is about execution not coaching. You’ve got a dozen pro bowlers on this team. A Pee Wee coach wins if these guys have any heart. Problem here is they are resting on their laurels. It’s not coaching. It;s turnovers and missed tackles. Gruden and Cowher coming to Minn…that’s a joke.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Good coaching= good execution.

      • CSlinde says:

        Ditto. There’s lack of fundamental execution in every facet of the game. Inconsistent play calling and game management, which leads to inconsistent play. The players ‘believed’ last year. This year they don’t because they know the coaches will let them down in the end. Just like they did in New Orleans.

        • bigjohnny84 says:

          Well said CSlinde. My compliments

        • Matt T. says:

          Good coaching puts players in position to make plays. I’m not the Chilly basher that others are, nor am I a huge back, but the Vikings players have been in position to make plays, even going back to the NFC Champ game last year. Favre was in position to throw the pass to the sideline or run for a few yards and attempt a FG. He chose the wrong pass, but was in the right position.

          The last two weeks, we’ve seen Rodgers & Brady miss badly on many throws – over throwing when their guy stops, throwing on the back shoulder when his guy keeps going. Secondary covered for 4 seconds +, but the def. line not getting free, which we’re used to seeing. That’s a guy needing to make a play & beat his guy, which isn’t happening.

          Coaching also can’t get a guy to hang onto the ball and don’t expect points to be taken off the board. Shiancoe wide open for the poorly overturned TD last week. Percy & Berrian dropping catches, Williams dropping an INT, def missing tackles they make all the time, especially on 3rd & 12.

          These players need to take much of the responsibility for the record. They are not making the plays we’re used to seeing them make in big spots. This is on them right now.

  8. titanconcrete says:

    My true love,

    The day I met you it was love at first sight. Since then my feelings have only grown stronger. I have stood by you through thick and through thin. When you get something new, I get all giddy like a little kid, and think..”this is it, this is what we needed”.I can write a list a mile long of things I love about you, on paper you look a perfect 10.

    Unfortunately, you continue to hurt me, you continue to make promises that you cant keep, you continue to ruin my days week after week. I always find myself saying…”It wont happen again, you wont hurt me again”, yet somehow you find a way. I will hand it to you, every week you find a different way to do it, you are creative.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, I have been loyal to you for almost 30 years and all you do to me is hurt me. I am going to give you 1 more chance, 1 more, after that Im not sure if I can continue to show you the loyalty I have in the past. I have my eyes on someone new, someone who I know wont hurt me simply because I know they will never get my hopes up, just to let me down,I know every year that I can make plans in January and I wont have to worry about not seeing them , because I know they will be snuggled up at home watching tv.

    PLEASE dont make me show some love for someone else, its not what I want. I have way too much into our relationship to just jump into another one.

    Dont make me be the first one to write a comment on

    I miss the one that I know you are,


    • greymous says:

      I see you and I have been seeing the same woman, though I’ve been seeing her for about 10 years more thus feeling 10 more years of pain.

      Yes, I’m also looking a bit to the East right now since my love has been replacing my heart every year just to rip it out again with a BBQ tong. I would have to kill myself with a salad fork if I even considered for a moment looking towards Chicago or Green Bay so what it left but looking around at my mountain of purple and gold and trying to figure out how I could possibly turn it silver and blue.

      I think the thing that hurts most is knowing that Oakland would kick our butts right now and that if we try really, really hard we might just finish the year 5 & 11 and get a nice high draft pick so we can use it on another flop of a QB (as long as Chilidiot is the Wilf’s love child).

      As sad as it is I’m not in the least surprised by this season’s outcome. When you sell your soul to the “King of the Idiots” and the “Evil Drama Queen of Narcissism” you are bound to get bent over the barrel and made to scream “Thank you sir! May I have another!” for the next 6 months or so.

      Okay…. I won’t ever give up my purple but I do think it’s time to at least have someone else around to once in awhile give me a little love…

      P. S. I am SOOOOOO enjoying the Cowboys season this year. If there is one team around who’s fans are as complete a group of @ssholes as Packers fans are it is Dallas.

      Skol! 🙂

  9. vk4life says:

    I have coached for 9 years, players play and coaches coach. A coach can do his best to put players in the right spots, execution is extremely important. NOW with that said, passion from a coach goes a loooooong way! I just do not see Childress as a motivational leader, I know when I coach my guys and they see me fired up they feed off that. Players want to see their coaches get excited, energized, passionate about what they are doing and what their players are doing. Like someone said that Frazier may not be a long term answer, but you never know. But at the same time just not sure Zig man will pull the plug on Chili. Now if he makes a change in the off season here is a wish list…

    Cowher, Billick, Gruden

    like I said wish list. Proven winners all with the big ring on their finger! They know how to get players to play for them and respond everyweek. Oh Well, never gonna lose hope in our team I will always scream for them even if they are 0-16. I bleed Purple, I think the Chili experiment is done!

    • CSlinde says:

      Absolutely. I’ve experienced that same scenario. My high school team was rated #1 in MN before our senior year. We were all on the championship roster as sophmores and came close to another our junior year. The AP looked at that and rightfully gave us an advantage over the rest of the state.
      Our coach of that championship team left the spring before our senior year, but we had an amazing D coordinator. He then left us one month before the season. As high schoolers we had to learn new defensive and offensive schemes in one month.
      We made it to sectional championship and lost after finishing 6-2.
      It just wasn’t the same with the new coaches. No passion as you said. No killer mentality. There was a lot of tradition at our school and the team felt we were more ‘into it’ than the coaches.

  10. vk4life says:

    Also I truly believe that it was the players that made Childress look good and Zigi should have waited 1 more year to see if he was worth the $$$

    • Matt T. says:

      Doesn’t this go both ways, though? The scheme and players are the same. If the team is 2 plays away from winning these games, isn’t that on the players?

      Fans can’t praise the players while bashing the coach one year when they’re winning, but then let the players slide while bashing the coach another year when they’re losing.

      I bet 5 of Favre’s INTs are due to dropped passes, including 2 in the end zone the first couple weeks of the season – Berrian and Harvin, maybe? They catch those balls, or Percy gets his foot in last week, we’re hardly having these conversations.

      • CSlinde says:

        I agree a lot with this. I almost felt guilty for going Fritz Lang all over Chilly’s arse last night. However, as much as I agree with your post, I agree with B.Grant’s a ton more.

        One of the coach’s duties IS to motivate the players. Look at Pittsburgh. Look at their sidelines during games. Look at the difference between the Vike’s on the sideline in tough times then, look at the Steeler’s. They kicked arse with Charlie Batch? Are you kidding me? Now that’s a ‘system’. There’s just more to it man, it’s a culture thing.

        Our coaches seem too ideological. They have an idea of what they’re going to do and then can’t or, are unable to vary their systems the way other top caliber teams do.

        Chilly also seems to listen to the media’s and others criticisms of his play calling and/or decision making. It seems something will be called into question one week and the next week he’ll try whatever was suggested or, do the opposite just to prove a point.

        Look at the end of last year. Until the Cowboy’s game there was a BUNCH of anxiety about how we’d do in the playoffs. We ended the year horribly.

        BG’s post put it out there. I haven’t seen it on paper until now. 5-9 in last 14 means something.

  11. barohloff says:

    Ba Bye Chidress………….and please take Tarvarious with you when you leave.

  12. B. Grant says:

    The “is it the coach or is it the players” discussion is a good one, with many good points being made here, and it will never be answered. However, here is the trend that is causing me concern…

    In our last 14 games we are 5-9, in which…

    – We are 0-8 on the road. If you cannot win on the road, the best you can be is a .500 team. I do beleive that Road vs. Home records is somewhat a reflection of coaching.

    – We are 1-7 in games decided by 10 points or less. I also believe that coaching has a greater impact on the outcome of close games.

    Chili has to take a serious amount of responsibility for our road record and our record in close games.

  13. krugjr says:

    another angle that hasn’t been mentioned lately in all of this…….all this talk about what a great roster brad and rick have put together…injuries aside, exploitation of “weaknesses” doesn’t define a great roster to me…..the drafting of talent and trading for talent is starting to show more reasons why the brad and rick show is average at best…..most of us have said it for 3 yrs straight: the wilfs need to hire a great GM, then get out of the way and let someone who really knows football run the show….chilly’s days as a head coach are numbered (he’ll never be a head coach again IMHO)the team has no heart….no leadership, on the field on the sidelines or in the locker room……let the rebuilding begin and may the wilfs have the kahunas to do what’s right when the time comes….you guys know me and how much purple I bleed, but I would just as soon go 4-12, find what brad never did (QB of the future) and get on with the show…….good luck, brad, with your reality TV show, “STUPID PEOPLE SAYING STUPID THINGS”

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  14. vk4life says:

    Correct we need to hold players accountable as well, like the saying goes players play and coaches coach. On that same note, plays are called by the coaches and have to be excecuted by the players. But when you take the best back in the league out of the play calling with only 7 or 8 carries in the second half after averaging around 4 yards a carry is all the coaches call. How do you now feed the beast he will either hit a big one or continue to get you positive yards even after gaining just 1 a play earlier. AP gets stronger as the game goes on. He should have had atleast 35 carries in this game, FEED THE BEAST!!! Keep him in on third downs more and swing it out to him and let him make his moves or just plain crush people.

  15. rbakken says:

    well, i think we all need to consider what is going on.
    1. we could get rid of chillie now because of the miss conduct of firing moss without permission. I’m not sure we could if we wait until the end of the season.
    2. frazier will be a head coach in next year period. he is a product of tony dungy. he is a mild tempered potential stud in the league. rumors have been circulating about 2 other teams that are interested in him as a head coach.
    3. We are not a “model” organization. examples of them are, NE, NY, PIT. if o ulook ath there history they all religh on the strength of system and more than a solid talent base. all have had coaches and owners committed to a no-show boating, no-media loving players. the stealer gave up one of the best WR in the league for being suspended and almost gave up a top 10 QB. the coaches command respect and the organizations preach character and “team philosophy”
    4. Cowher would be a good fit. that fixes the coaching situation and allows us to become a better team.
    I honestly believe what we need is for tony dungy to come into the organization in a parcels role to create a more respectable organization. the people we draft will be about character and talent. then have frazier as our head coach.

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