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The Freak Show Continues… Without The Freak

Here we were, following a loss, all set to have a somewhat normal week around Winter Park.  Brett Favre quickly declared himself ready to play next Sunday against Arizona, putting an early end to any quarterback drama.  No significant injuries happened causing the Vikings to scramble to fill a void.  The trade deadline had passed, so we knew there were no more blockbuster deals in the works.

All signs pointed towards a somewhat normal week (by our new standards of “normal”) of preparing for next week’s opponent. 

However, Brad Childress was unwilling to take a break from the daily circus show that has invaded Winter Park this season by inviting even more drama into a locker room that has had more than its fair share.

Only four weeks after trading a third round draft pick to obtain the perceived missing piece in the “kick ass offense” Brad Childress kicked his ass straight to the curb.  That’s right, Brad Childress made the conscious, and presumably sober, decision to flat out waive Randy Moss from his roster.

As the events of the day unfolded it was becoming clear that there was more to this story than immediately met the eye.  From the various reports, it seems that Childress may have made the decision completely on his own authority without notifying the organization until he addressed his players. 

It was thought that perhaps Childress was trying to “press the issue” in regards to his employment status and force the Vikings to choose between him and Moss.  After all, Moss is not a media darling and if fired Childress could have claimed he was fired for taking a stand against Moss who is the NFL’s equivalent of “the villain” in professional wrestling.  In fact, Moss is being blamed for the injury incurred by Brett Favre after Moss made little effort to haul in a pass that could have been a touchdown.  If Moss hadn’t given up, then perhaps Favre wouldn’t have even been on the field to get hurt, and perhaps the Vikings would have won, and then Moss wouldn’t have had to very publicly criticize Childress and slobber all over Bill Belichick.

Apparently, however, the Vikings organization ultimately decided to choose Childress over Moss as they allowed him to officially release a statement announcing the move.  No word yet on if they will be providing refunds to the thousands of hard working fans that paid eighty bucks for a new #84 jersey after the organization had no problem pimping those products on the front page of their website for four weeks straight.

I have made no secret around here of the fact that I am a big fan of Randy’s and was thrilled when they decided to trade for him.  However, I can understand the minority opinion that might exist amongst some fans that cutting Moss was the right thing to do.  However, those fans probably were of the opinion that they never should have traded for him in the first place.

Either way, however, the organization made the wrong decision.  Either it was wrong to trade for him or it was wrong to cut him, this is a lose-lose situation either way.  This suggests to me that perhaps Moss was forced upon Childress and he did not approve of the move to obtain him, and thus he exercised his right to control the 53-man roster by cutting him. 

It sounds like Sidney Rice will be back as soon as three weeks from now, but he could also be placed on Injured Reserve, become a free agent after the season, and never suit up for the Vikings again.  The future is certainly uncertain for this struggling team.

To make matters worse, Childress has reportedly “lost the locker room” in Minnesota and apparently we can count Percy Harvin among those that are “livid” about Childress’ decision to cut Moss.

Moss isn’t without his character flaws, and Judd Zulgad of Access Vikings points out that Moss made positive impressions on some Vikings, but that he made some poor impressions on others.  Zulgad also says that owner Zygi Wilf was angry that Childress took the “its easier to get forgiveness than permission” approach to this move, as Wilf had signed off on giving up a third round pick and $6.4 million out his pocket book to make the move possible in the first place.

It is truly unbelievable that Childress ever thought he and Moss could coexist considering his well documented history with Terrell Owens.  It is even more unbelievable that anybody could think Childress has what it takes to be an NFL head coach considering his well documented history of being unable to deal with the big egos that come hand-in-hand with big talents.

Just like I am open about my fondness of Randy Moss and my dislike of Brett Favre, I have also been pretty open with my criticism of Brad Childress.  However, I have always been of the mind that while Childress was a poor game day coach he had a knack for making personnel decisions, and thus am on the record as saying the Vikings should promote Childress and get him off the sidelines by putting him in a nice corner office in the front office.

I know longer take that stance.

I now whole-heartedly think that Brad Childress and his “kick ass offense” should hop in his black SUV, get on I-94 West, and not stop until they hit salt water.  Childress’ staff is reportedly worried about their job security and, sadly, they probably should be.

More than my anger towards this sudden decision to release Moss, my reasoning is related to the double standards and hypocrisy that Childress will never, ever be able to justify.

If Moss was cut for criticizing the coaching staff, then why wasn’t Brett Favre cut for doing the same thing on multiple occasions?  Or why is it then okay for Childress to publicly criticize his quarterback and NFL officials?  If Moss was cut for being disrespectful to other humans, then why wasn’t Bryant McKinnie cut when he hit another human being over the head with a pole?  If performance was the issue, then why are Madieu Williams or Phil Loadholt still on this team?  If attitude is the issue, then how in the name of Jeff is Bernard Berrian still on this team?

If Moss implying that Bill Belichick is a better coach than Childress in his Sunday press conference was inappropriate, then Childress went a long ways towards proving that point by cutting Moss on Monday.  Childress let Moss make it a personal matter when Belichick never gave him that satisfaction.  Belichick was able to get production out of Moss, something which is apparently above Childress’ abilities.  Belichick was able to get a third round pick for Moss while Childress let a fifth round compensatory pick walk right out the door, in addition to the third rounder they gave up for him.

In the end, the Vikings traded a third round pick next year for a seventh round pick in 2012, and Vikings fans have no say in the matter.  Vikings fans have no control over it.  They just have to sit back and hope for the best.

Which is all the more reason we should all make sure to participate in something we DO have some control over and go vote during Tuesday’s elections.

See, it took a while, but I found a very thin silver lining in there.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for what will surely be another “normal” day at Winter Park.  I fully expect Childress to dawn the alien costume he wore prior to Sunday’s Halloween game (apparently he thought he also had to ALIENate everybody in his organization to get the full impact), Brett Favre will accidentally swallow his own pinky finger and take up even more space on the injury report, the Vikings will fill Moss’ spot on the roster by signing [insert some former Eagle here], and they’ll sign [insert some other former Eagle here] to replace Steve Hutchinson who will be cut tomorrow for increasingly obvious reasons.

Sleep tight, Vikings fans.

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36 Responses to “The Freak Show Continues… Without The Freak”

  1. fozz44 says:

    Great writing Adam.

    This is yet another chapter in the great tragedy of the curse of being a Vikings fan.

    I’ve come to believe the real meaning of “skol” is something along the lines of “hey you idiot, you should have chosen another team to follow when you were a kid and avoided the pain”

  2. Tomb... says:

    Bravo, AK.

    We are definitely not always of the same mind, but if someone asked me to pen an article pertaining to today’s events, I would HOPE I could be as succinct and (to me) accurate as you did on this one.

    Kudos, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Of course, this may mean you are as retarded as I am…so enjoy that.

  3. Jawsers says:

    Breaking news.

    Vikings acquire Donovan mcnabb for there first and second round picks this year them cut him for reasons unknown at this time. Also childress receives a contract extension for his inane genius.

  4. CSlinde says:

    why do you always have to beat around the bush?

  5. Tomb... says:

    Did you guys know that Childress is bald? I’m not shittin’ you.

    I always thought bald guys were required to be bright. He discounted that notion with extreme authority.

    Next thing you’ll tell me is that not all fat people are jolly…

  6. B. Grant says:

    Oh, and real good article, Adam. I knew you were brewin’ up a good one for today’s little fiasco.

  7. […] was Randy Moss Cut   Leave a comment The Freak Show Continues… Without The Freak » Vikings Gab If Moss was cut for criticizing the coaching staff, then why wasn’t Brett Favre cut for doing the […]

  8. c.carterhof says:

    Great article Adam.
    Judd also wrote,
    …according to those around the team, Moss treated few people with respect and last Friday when the Vikings had food brought into their locker room he loudly announced in front of the people who had prepared it that he wouldn’t feed it to his dog.

    If thats true, Moss is a classless idiot. But Chilly acted alone? No input from other coaches, players. Hopefully Ziggy shows how it should be done. To just fire somebody cause youre upset is not the right way to go about it.

  9. Lost Viking says:

    Sorry but I can’t agree, folks.
    Don’t know that Bud Grant would have tolerated what Moss was putting forward. Its a little different than Favre’s damning Chilly with faint praise.

    Favre is responsible for answering media questions each week. Randy announces a press interview to say he won’t talk to the media. There’s something wrong there.

    When Moss was acquired there may have been a discussion of team expectations. How could Childress & his coaches coach if a few guys decided they were going to run the team. They’d play when they wanted to play attitude. Who can say they haven’t seen this in Moss’ play?

    The decision to acquire Moss was based on Minnesota need to stretch the field. We bought into giving Favre one last shot. That part was understandable. But when Moss went Terrell on us what alternative did he leave. Would a benching or suspension have resulted in changing Moss’s behavior? There was no trade value.

    Agree with Randy that Childress is no Belichick. But Childress has been at his best when he’s made bold, uncompromising decisions in the best interests of the team. Getting rid of a cancer was needed if Viking are going to have a shot at the playoffs. Ultimately, it takes some grit to make that decision. Brad is putting it all on the line and Leslie Frazier could do the same by benching his unproductive D linemen

    • titanconcrete says:

      Another well spoken comment. I was a supporter to bring him in, now am a supporter of sending him packing. It just didnt wotk out.

    • Ole says:

      Lost, your contrarian opinion is noted. But when the Vikings traded for a guy like Moss, (emotional, irrational, unstable) they should not get upset and overreact when he exhibits these qualities

  10. titanconcrete says:

    Very well said Adam.

    I do think that this is deeper than we know. The Wilf family has plenty of money to throw away the money spent on Moss. After watching Moss’ press conference it was painfully obvious that he does not want to be in MN. He is a guy that lets his emotions get the best of him, but seems to speak from the heart, like it or not. The speech he gave was very disrespectful to his teammates, his coach, his fans (from MN anyways), and the Wilfs.

    I have a very hard time believing that Childress went behind their backs to make this decision.The decision was probably made after the press conference. I am not a Moss hater, in fact I am quite the opposite, however, he has not made much of an impact on this team. Yes, I know he requires extra attention on the field, but the numbers dont lie and we have not been a winning team with or without him here. Last year was a great year, and we still have the same team…what it boils down to is the indecisiveness that Favre has given us(Also not a Favre hater) and the defensive weaknesses have been exposed. We dont need a deep threat to win. We have a stud running back and a few fairly sure handed receivers,a strong defense and with the grind it out shorter yardage plays we can control the clock. A big key to that offense is accurate passing and creating turnovers on defense.

    Turnovers are what is KILLING us. period.

    We have 1 game this year with a plus 1 turnover ratio (dallas)
    We have 1 game this year with a even turnover ratio (detroit)

    We have 2 wins this year.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Come on Titan, you gave numerous reasons why we have won only two games this year, yet made no mention of the fact that we have the worst coach in the NFL.

      • titanconcrete says:

        Actually, I believe I only gave 2 reasons.Favres inaccuracy (turnovers) and the D getting exposed (somewhat on Frazier)

        I cant say that I can think of a reason hes the worst coach in the nfl. Definitely not the best, but we made it to the nfc championship game last year and played a very powerful saints team. Despite FOUR TURNOVERS the game went to overtime where in the game winning drive the FIFTH turnover came.This year we have been in every game up until the final moments and the games we lost could easily be blamed on turnovers.I think his play calling has been fairly simple, but effective, with the exception of the 1st drive of every game. Whether its on him or not, we brought in a deep threat when we needed it, then cut him when he didnt make the team any more effective being here then not. Sure it would be nice to have Cowher or Parcells, but they are not realistic options right now, possibly ever, and to switch coaches in the middle of a season that is bad, but not lost,Im not sure is the answer.I dont think that Frazier is the answer, he cant seem to get a very good front line to get any pressure on the qb, and hasnt been able to disguise the secondary play calls. The defense is getting very exposed which cant be put 100% on Frazier, but I havent seen many changes in the defensive scheme.He also can be accused of not pulling his big name players when they arent making big plays.A little pressure on the qb goes a long ways.

        • Fran the Man says:

          I’ll be honest with you Titan, I just can’t take serious ANYONE who still thinks this guy isn’t one the worst coaches in the NFL

  11. Ole says:

    great article Adam, one of your best

    I’ll agree with Titan Concrete that we may never know the true impetus of this drama. But, I still believe that Childress had a few too many on the flight home, drunk dialed Moss, words were exchanged and an indignant Childress fired him.

    when someones actions don’t make sense, usually money or drugs are involved

  12. krugjr says:

    It’s time for heads to roll in Minnesota
    Posted by Mike Florio on November 2, 2010 12:10 AM ET
    The decision of the Vikings, one day short of four weeks after sending a third-round pick to New England for receiver Randy Moss, to cut Moss loose allows us to conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that one or more persons employed by the Minnesota Vikings don’t know what the hell they are doing.

    And it’s time for those people to be identified — and to be fired.

    It has to begin with coach Brad Childress, who has presided over a series of desperation moves aimed at winning now, with no regard to building a team that will contend in 2011 or beyond.

    Multiple key veterans aren’t under contract for next year. Multiple other veterans have no respect or regard for Childress.

    There has been talk of a possible termination of Childress, coupled with an elevation of defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier into the top job. It can’t hurt to give it a try. Childress commands as little respect within his locker room than any coach currently in the NFL, and it’s amazing that this team has enjoyed some success with Childress running the show.

    The fact that the team has been successful shows that someone in Minnesota knows what he’s doing, and until proven otherwise we’ll assume it’s V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman.

    Still, the best move for the Wilf family would be to hire a football czar, like Bill Parcells previously in Miami, to commence the process of salvaging the wreckage. Given that owner Zygi Wilf was an ardent Giants fan before buying the Vikings in 2005, Wilf possibly would be drawn to Parcells. Another candidate to take over the operation would be Tony Dungy, especially if Frazier, Dungy’s former assistant in Indianapolis, would remain as head coach.

    Regardless of how it plays out, the Vikings have to do something. With time running out on making arrangements for a new stadium, the Vikings will need to use either results or hope to make it happen. With 2010 destined to end in humiliation, the next best thing is hope. And the only way to manufacture hope is to wipe the slate clean and bring in men who have won Super Bowls elsewhere — something no one currently managing the team has accomplished.

    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • Nume says:

      Heh if they got parcells or Dungy to run the team, I would definitely feel a whole lot better than I do right now… unfortunately I’m not sure if it could happen :P.

  13. Fran the Man says:

    Ditto what Ole said Adam, one of your best.

    I am absolutely crushed by the apparent response of Wilf.
    If in fact he’s sided with Childress over this and will not fire him, I guess our only hope is with the players, to get together and confront Wilf on this. Make it clear they will not play for this moron.

    Wishful thinking, I know. . .

  14. Zag says:

    I’m wearing a ski mask in a windowless van with a trunk full of duct tape, rope, and chloroform. I’m not going to state my intentions, but I’m driving to Winter Park today.

    Who’s coming with me?

  15. Chuck Foreman says:

    Stop with stadium nonesense. The window is gone. Don’t sweat the third wasted on Moss….the lockout is on and the draft dead. Zig knows the next step is the moving vans.

    • Jawsers says:

      Wow. Maybe you should think before you post. Next season isn’t canceLled until its cancelled. Also when the nhl season was cancelled a couple years back they still held the draft. Possibly less players will declare for the draft but it doesn’t mean it will not occur.

  16. Chuck Foreman says:

    This team went to the Championship game with the same club, QB and coach as last year. It’s not coaching gang. Lot’s of other factors along with insane turnovers. Now, the legislature, media, and a loud minority of the fanbase will soon be responsible to the coming exodus. Nice going gang.

    • titanconcrete says:

      Nailed it.

    • Jawsers says:

      Well I guess since its not the coaching it must be the players. Maybe chilly should just release everybody and start over. Just give childress a lifetime contract cause he obviously has the skills to coach any team to the super bowl.

    • Fran the Man says:

      A “loud minority”?? 75% of respondents to a poll want Childress fired NOW. Have you been listening to radio or TV?
      90% of all media types thinks the guy is a fool and a terrible coach.
      Geez, turn on a TV or radio. Get on the ‘net, see for your self.

      • titanconcrete says:

        I am not saying this guy is coach of the year, but the fact is he brought us to the nfc championship game last year. The fact is every game we have lost back to the nfc championship game we have had a negative turnover ratio. I just dont know how that can be pinned on the coach. Should he have started the season with Tavaris? Should he have put Tavaris in after the 1st int.? Should he have not brought Moss in to take a chance on having that deep threat , or not released him after his VERY classless press conference and locker room incident? He has put together a good combination of players that have proven that they can play together.

        Im not sure what you think he should be doing different. The 1 thing that he can not control in the game is the 1 reason that we are losing…the turnovers.

  17. titanconcrete says:

    Maybe we can grab Merriman off the waivers. might not be in his prime, but wouldnt be a downgrade from where we are at now.

  18. Lost Viking says:

    Ole, we may be guilty of over-thinking this event.

    Apparently, Moss started all this by taking exception to the canelloni. Randy didn’t care for the chicken strips either and said so.

    Once you get used to that rich New England clam chowder its hard to come home again.

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