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Fred Pagac moved to defensive coordinator role

Fred Pagac has been promoted to the D-coordinator role after Leslie Frazier was promoted on Monday.

The shakeup of the Minnesota Vikings following the firing of Brad Childress on Monday has led interim coach Leslie Frazier to promote Fred Pagac into the role of defensive coordinator.

Pagac has been the team’s linebackers coach since Childress’ staff was assembled in 2006. He’s in his 10th season in the NFL, including stops in Oakland and Kansas City, following a 23-year stint on the staff at Ohio State where he served as the defensive coordinator for four seasons.

Frazier is expected to continue to have substantial input in the day-to-day operation of the defense, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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50 Responses to “Fred Pagac moved to defensive coordinator role”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Coach, you called this one. You must have a good source up there. Dont know anything about Pagac though but I’m guessing he’s pretty darn good.

    • B. Grant says:

      Ok, johnny, your turn. What are the odds of Frazier being our HC a year from now? If he stays, does he keep Bevell & Pagac? And for the love of our Creator, does he bring in a new OL coach?

    • CalVkg says:

      johnny, you kiddin’?

      they had to get bud’s blessing first

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Ok guys your turn to answer above question Coach posed to me. Btw Cal LMAO on the pun

    • CalVkg says:

      johnny, i have no idea. there’s so little to go on at this point, but i’m looking forward to see what happens

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Very true Cal. I probably should’ve kept my big mouth shut and not be put in position of ingesting a large dose of crow.

        • CalVkg says:

          we still have a lot of good players and can be a good team. the QB of the future will be the big question. i’d really like to see what webb could do, but favre will want to start and play as much as he can for his record and legacy. maybe we’ll see some of webb as a sub at some point, but favre should give fraze his best chance of keeping the HC job, if he plays better

  3. B. Grant says:

    No, no, this is the best time to speculate, guys. Here is the ultimate dilema for Leslie, and the reason I think he needs to know where he stands before the season is over…

    Does he play to win every game, being measured on his 6-game record? Or is he allowed to experiment with a few people, evaluate some of his coaches, etc. Can he give Webb a game, try the 3-4 defense, give Pagac some room to experiment? These six games can be very valuable in planning for 2011, but they can’t be used that way if he has to win to stay.

    Also, is it fair that he is not allowed to install his own asst. coaches in order to put the product on the field the way he wants? These are Chili’s hires, and Les needs to be able to have every freedom that Chili had.

    If he is going to return, he needs to know that with no less than two weeks to go. If wins are to be used in a post-season evaluation, he needs to know that as well. (And I want to know too. I’ll talk with Zygi.)

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      You will let us know what zygi had to say right coach?

    • Fran the Man says:

      All good points and a hell of a dilemma.

      Since we essentially have no chance at a playoff birth, I would love to see us experiment with some of our new players and like you said, take a look at the 3-4.
      I’d also like to see us dump the zone blocking and use McKinney and Loadholt in a scheme better suited for their size and talent.
      Lots of different stuff we could use the remainder of the season to look at but Frasier isn’t likely to do any of it if he is expected to win to keep his job next year.

      Wilf seems like a reasonable guy (Sure isn’t much of a public speaker though, did you guys see his introduction to Frasier? Painful to watch) and you’d like to think he too would want to know if we have a QB on the bench and if we can fix our O-line problems and lack of QB pressure with players already on the roster.

      Plus, if we only manage a win or two the rest of the season, we pick higher next year in the draft.

      Works for me, lets experiment!

  4. B. Grant says:

    Btw, I say that Denzel Washington plays the lead role in “The Leslie Frazier Story” movie. I swear those guys are biological brothers.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      You have GOT to be kidding. They look NOTHING alike! NOTHING. Have you been hitting the spiked egg nog a bit early oh master of the flannel?

      • B. Grant says:

        Well…. excuuuuuuuuuse me, oh great analyst of the opinions of others. Apparently I am incapable of making such an observation, and do hereby retract my misguided observation about the motion picture industry. Consider me “corrected”.

    • Fran the Man says:

      We’re both the same age coach and I don’t know about you but I finally admitted it and went to the optometrist and got glasses.
      Tell the truth, you haven’t done that yet, have you?

      • B. Grant says:

        Yes, Fran, I too am now bespectacled, although I take them off to watch TV. I guess it has impaired my analysis of such things, and I shall now formally return to commenting on OL play and other football-only related matters. (Sheesh!)

  5. vikingfan1490 says:

    i say if Frazier stays as the headcoach , and Singletary gets fired we bring him in as our D coordinator .

  6. Jawsers says:

    How about taking a look at cfl coach Marc trestman as new off co?

  7. krugjr says:

    everyone GOES at season’s end…….end of story!

  8. bigjohnny84 says:

    krugs, everyone? There’s still more than a few keepers left.

    • krugjr says:

      IMHO… way Les gets this gig, that’s why Ziggy wanted Brad to make it to the end of year…he really didn’t want to go through this “interim” stuff, then when he gets the GM thing going and Les gets interviewed and fired, it looks bad ……..that’s what I meant by “everyone”, all major coaches!

      GO VIKES!!!!! TOP 7 PICK (if season ended today)

  9. Fragile Fred says:

    Freds predicts that crazy ass Bryant Billick will be the next coach. If not Billick, Don Schula.

    Dont need another rookie head coach, like Denzel Washingtons.

    • B. Grant says:

      See there, you agree, you old antagonizer. Watch the new coach break a smile and tell me you don’t see a little Denzel there. I’ve seen most of his movies – Crimson Tide about 20 times. I KNOW that smile, Freds.

  10. krugjr says:

    at least this gives us an interesting off season….and it will get started early so the new “team” will have plenty of time to work together on the draft…..which brings up another question: which vet QB (OUCH) leads this talented team while our top 10 QB pick grows up?

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  11. Ole says:

    I agree with Krugger, short of winning the Super Bowl this year, everyone has to go. Bring back Jerry Burns!

  12. Ole says:

    I won’t post the link, too much X rated language, but if you want to hear an unfiltered Jerry Burns, go to Youtube and find the video *Uncle Burnsy”

    • Another Blonde Viking says:

      Hey, Ole! I answered you on the last thread…and I’m too lazy to copy it here.

      Go Vikes!

    • B. Grant says:

      Would you settle for Burnsie as OC, Ole? He did much better in that role than he did as HC. Ditka looks ready for another go, IMO. Let’s watch those two try to get along!

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Coach, I gotta vote no to burns and ditka.

        • B. Grant says:

          You want another guy who holds a Perkins menu in front of his face all game, johnny, that’s fine. Which reminds me… What’s Coach Frazier gonna do on game day? Did Chili leave his menu behind for Les to call plays?

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            All I know Coach is that Burnsies playbook is not the answer by any stretch. Oh boy can I remember my Dad cursing Jerry Burns’ playcalling. The offense did pretty much lose those superbowls.

  13. bigjohnny84 says:

    Hey Ole, good to see you back after your big binge with Don Ho.

  14. Dynalee10 says:

    Now thats funny ,I don’t care who you are.

  15. purplereign#57 says:

    Don’t wanna rock the boat TOO MUCH here but I think that putting Fraizer back at D-coordinator, and getting John Gruden to come out of retirement would be no less than perfect for the Vikings. If that cannot be done, then leaving Fraizer at the head coaching spot would be smart since he knows our defense so well, then give the D coordinator job to someone that has a proven track record.

  16. krugjr says:

    for once, Fran and I agree…’s what we’ve been saying about the GM situation….get out of the way, Ziggy!

    GO VIKES!!!!! TOP 7 PICK

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