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Vikings-Redskins Inactives

Minnesota: RB Albert Young, WR Bernard Berrian, CB Chris Cook, FS Eric Frampton, DL Fred Evans, SS Jamarca Sanford, QB Joe Webb, OL Patrick Brown.

Washington: RB Andre Brown, DL Anthony Bryant, OG Derrick Dockery, DL Jeremy Jarmon, QB John Beck, FS LaRon Landry, CB Macho Harris, RB Ryan Torain.

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66 Responses to “Vikings-Redskins Inactives”

  1. Dynalee10 says:

    Time to cut ties with Berrian after the season. This clown is injured way too much and doesn’t make nearly enough plays to justify his contract.

  2. c.carterhof says:

    A win on the road??

  3. Ole says:

    Dugan – 2 carries for 2 yards, 0 first downs = Vikings Victory

    • Johnny says:

      I believe Dugan got one first down but that second carry was pretty ugly. Good win though and it’s nice to see the head coach actually pat players on the back and show some emotion

  4. c.carterhof says:

    Lets never hand it to Dugan again.

  5. Another Blonde Viking says:

    Woohoo is right! Feels good to win!

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    Keys to the victory:

    1) Our over the hill quarterback did not turn over the ball. The flip side of this was the rest of the year when he did all the damn time. this is the #1 reason we will be watching the playoffs. Can’t turn the ball over as much as the Vikes were.

    2) Defensive line playing better. Hey Jared, next year come to camp in shape, let’s not have it take 6 games before you become dominant.

    3) Gearhart played very very tough. Dude is a rookie that blocked like a vet and ran tough as well.

    4) Lucky for a penalty on the Skins during the punt return or we’d be talking about a loss.

    5) They played a real crappy team, the Skins suck!

    Freds would like to propose that on a key 3th and one, no coach should ever call a play for Dugan. If we had an offensive like, maybe but, that was a stupid stupid call.

    Banjo, don’t turn it over and the Vikes have a chance. Dude is WAY over the damn hill.

    We have the worst safety group in the history of the NFL. Please put Abdulla back on special teams and don’t let him on the defensive side of the ball ever again. AK it’s all your fault, the AV curse. Take Madieu out of there please! Good golly we have no depth in the defensive back field.

    Buds, please break down the offensive line this week, Freds can’t wait!!

    Please keep Don McNabb out of Minnesota next year….please!

    • CalVkg says:

      all good points, freds, but no respectable black dude ever says good golly (are you really a white accountant or something, or maybe just an accountant?)

    • B. Grant says:

      Freds, the best thing I can say about our OL play Sunday is that it was not as bad as some games. I was impressed that we were able to run out the clock on the ground at game’s end, although there seemed to be more broken tackles than blocks thrown. Even so, the line of scrimmage generally seemed to move in our direction on that drive. It is easier to break tackles when the defender is on his heels.

      Very disappointed on the two stuffs on third and one. Coaches gave the OL a chance to make a statement, and they whispered. (With apologies to Ole, I have no idea why we would call on Dugan in that situation!) I did appreciate the greater committment to the running game, which gives our OL the opportunity to be more aggressive, which they sorely need. I am not familiar enough with the ‘Skin’s DLine to know the caliber of opponent we were facing.

      Grade of a B-, mostly due to the final drive.

      • Fragile Freds says:

        You know how much your old Pal Fragile hates to disagree with you Buds, but your comment, ” Coaches gave the OL a chance to make a statement, and they whispered”, is off the mark.

        The OL made a statement loud and clear “WE SUCK!”.

        So riddle me this Buds. You are in charge of the Vikings first pick next year. You have the ability to pick the projected 3rd best QB on the board or the 2nd best OL on the board. What do you?

        • Jon says:

          If Buds was in charge of the Vikings next year. He would get his sun tan lotion and best pair of european swimwear and get ready for the LA beaches :p.

          annnnd ya our Oline wasn’t better this game, our 41 year old just decided to run away from the line every 3 snaps and run a boot leg because of how bad they are :X.

          It was a bleh game. because all the exciting must win games came and went. Now I just think about the draft spots were losing everytime we win. specially since we no longer have a 3rd round :/

        • B. Grant says:

          You know how much this hurts me to say Freds…, you gotta take the QB (but make sure he’s ready, not a project). You need 5 basic things to win big in the NFL, Freds: 1. A quality QB 2. A strong OL 3. A clever coaching staff 4. A pass rush. 5. A darn good running back. In my era with the Vikes, the only time we really faltered was when we struggled with the QB. We had the other things in place. Those aren’t in any particular order, but with the way we have handled the QB situation (rent-a-Wrangler, we gotta get that guy first.

          I will say this about the 2011 draft… Pick ONLY 3 positions, no exceptions. QB, OL, CB and NOTHING ELSE… NOTHING!! (OK, MAYBE a safety)

          I expect you to agree with me, my analyzing friend.

          • c.carterhof says:

            Hey coach, wasnt it a good QB, a patient wife and a loyal dog?

          • B. Grant says:

            Yeah, cart, but at the time I said that, we already had a pass rush, good running back, Burnsie, and a strong oLine, so I shortened it to what you said. (Just to stay out of trouble, I never said you needed those things in that order). I’m impressed with your memory… a true Vike fan!!

  7. CalVkg says:

    few penalties and NO turnovers, we didn’t beat ourselves

    these guys were happy to play football again. this year’s shot, but we’ve turned a corner to at least some degree with getting a road win and losing a childo. win two more this year and get a decent draft position, take a QB and play webb some this year, see what he can do

  8. Ole says:

    gotta agree with Freds on the turnover issue, but it’s simplier than that

    when Dugan plays above and beyond his god given abilities – Vikings win. That zero yard carry coming up short for a first down was priceless.

  9. Ole says:

    I also noticed that the Redskins choose to kick away from Dugan this game

  10. Ole says:

    you gotta wonder if the Vikings are setting up Dugan to use him as trade bait in the off season. I could see Speilman pulling off a Dugan for Mike Vike trade straight up. Dog killer for a brain cell killer. It’s a win-win deal

  11. Ole says:

    it’s cureable, forgot to mention that Plaxico Burress does the shooting

    it’ll only be a leg wound, followed by a prison sentence

  12. Johnny says:

    So Ole what do you think of Frazier as headcoach?

    • Ole says:

      he hasn’t lost a game yet Johnny. Pretty decent so far. The no turnover thingy Freds was talking about is key. Probably due to favre not being put in position to make desperate throws

      • Johnny says:

        Good point Ole and I thought the oline did better in pass protection too. Not perfect but probably best so far this year

  13. c.carterhof says:

    How bout a game ball to Gerhart, guy came in and did a hell of a job.
    Twice Frazier huddled with the team, first was withe the D after that 1st drive. Which was awful by the way. After that they played very well, only 6 points given up.
    Second was the Offense after the infamous Dugan run.

  14. CalVkg says:

    vick could use another 28 pt. qtr.
    what is with the bears?

    • Jon says:

      the bears are getting lucky, they played the eagles with their star CB out of the game. they played miami with their 3rd stringer, they played us with eventually all 3 of our starting WR on the bench, they played the packers with 20 penalties lol.

      They’re the Saints of 2010.

  15. Fran the Man says:

    Wow, great win. The O-line didn’t suck either.
    I think I saw Favre actually get both feet planted a couple of times.
    Haven’t seen that in a LONG time. Kudos to the O-line.
    And LOVED those bootlegs by Favre.
    Mixed in a little play action too.
    Definitely a good looking offense today.
    Favre still troubles me with his inaccuracy at times though.

    And we finally got a glimpse of why we drafted Gerhart.
    Dude played HARD!

    And the D-line showed up.

    Great win.

  16. Dynalee10 says:

    Great start to Frasiers headcoaching albeit interim, career. I see no reason that if the Vikings keep playing hard and winning some games that he wouldn’t be given fair consideration for the position permanently. It wasn’t a great game but hey we won and that’s more than we have been able to do for the past nine games on the road. Skol Vikes !

    • wtfvikesfan says:

      Favre didn’t turn it over , but still sucked!!!! How many bad passes do you have to throw to get benched? Favre threw enough bad passes to be benched in my opinion. Frazier grow some balls and bench Favre!!!!

  17. wtfvikesfan says:

    I hope this happens, so we don’t have to worry about him becoming the Vikings coach.

    Jon Gruden named as Miami Hurricanes coaching candidate

    Posted by Michael David Smith on November 28, 2010, 8:41 PM EST

    Jon Gruden could be making a return to coaching — but not in the NFL.

    In the 24 hours since the University of Miami fired head coach Randy Shannon, multiple stories have named Gruden as a strong candidate to take over the job.

    According to the Sun Sentinel, Gruden initiated contact with the University of Miami to say he wants to be the school’s next coach, and the school told Gruden that the interest is mutual.

    University of Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt says he wants to hire a coach who can make Miami “relevant” again, and Gruden, who won a Super Bowl as head coach of the Buccaneers and currently has a high profile as a Monday Night Football commentator, certainly qualifies. Hocutt also says money will not be an issue in the selection, that previous ties to the University of Miami aren’t a prerequisite for the job, and that head coaching experience is important.

    Gruden hasn’t publicly expressed any desire to coach the Hurricanes, but it’s easy to see why a program that was once a national powerhouse would appeal to him. Miami has had some lean years and is just 7-5 in 2010, but the Hurricanes had five national championships and 14 seasons of double-digit victories from 1983 to 2003

    • CalVkg says:

      yeah, there’s better choices than gruden for the vikes. the kids would prolly go for that rah, rah napolean-tough guy routine, but why didn’t he call the gophers? hmmm

  18. Ole says:

    according to Peter King – “John Gruden is not going to the University of Miami, period.”

  19. krugjr says:

    damn, this is tough…..brad is leaving his final curse on this team….he couldn’t even stay around long enough to put up a final 5-11 season and a top 10 pick (one of the top 3 QBs)……instead, this playground football, with a “good” team attitude will probably get us 7 or 8 wins, and once again blow any chance of getting our QB of the future in April……yeah, yeah, I know…fight until mathematically eliminated, and Brett will always do that…but I would have rather seen Brett step aside and let the young guys play it out……maybe Goodell will still make that happen……sorry, guys, for being negative, but look at these young QBs around the league tearing it up…brad didn’t get us one, and now his final curse may be that once again we’re left without a future!


    • Fragile Freds says:

      Keep your chin up Krugs. AKs guy Fitzwilly or Fitzpatrick is coming to town this coming Sunday, the Vikes DBs will be running backward all day.

      Buffalo 21 Vike 17.

      • krugjr says:

        freds…..what was it Spock used to say….”live well and prosper”?…..guess my new phrase will be “PLAY WELL AND LOSE”

        GO VIKES!!!!!

        • bigjohnny84 says:

          krugs, I just dont want vikes to develop that culture of losing and end up like the lions. Losing just doesnt sound like a good strategy to me but I do see your point.

          • c.carterhof says:

            Thats right Johnny!! We gotta win em all, worry about the draft later.
            While it would be nice to get that guy, dont think we’ll fall far enough for him. Lets just win.

    • Fran the Man says:

      I’m right there with you Krugjr.
      The guy screwed us good. First move he makes is getting rid of Culpepper. Good move or bad, we’ll never know but for the next 4 years he never addressed our QB woes and now look at us.
      Still no QB and you’re right, this team will play hard until all hope of a playoff run is done. This is a QB-rich draft coming up and we’ll probably never get a wiff of one of the top 3 in this class.

      I detested Childress from his first interview as our new coach and I’ll detest him for what he did to our team forever.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Btw Fran, Childo did get his qb of the future that is known as Tjack. Childos crowning acheivement.

        • Fran the Man says:

          Yeah, he was quite the “QB guru” wasn’t he?

          What’s everyone think of Kevin Kolb?
          Pretty cheap contract and looks like Reid will be staying with Vick next year.
          The guy showed some flashes and just might be available via a trade of some sorts.
          Other than him, I just don’t see any QB’s out there, either FA or trade that could be deemed the “Future.” Now, looking like we’re intent on winning a few games and dropping in the draft, what else can we do??

        • Fran the Man says:

          By the way, are there 2 Johnnys on here now?
          I see you, bigjohnny84 and just “Johnny”

          Same guy?

      • c.carterhof says:

        Well Fran, you were right about Chilly from the start.

        I gotta ask, whats your gut feel for Frazier?

        • Fran the Man says:

          I sure like his even-keeled attitude. Never gets too excited.
          The players dig him and he has the credentials (Super Bowl champ as player and coach)
          Only time will tell but I guess if he doesn’t screw up too badly the rest of the season, we’ll get another look at him in 2011.

  20. c.carterhof says:

    Who could we get?
    Andy Dalton, TCU

    Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

    Andrew Luck, Stanford

    Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

    Kellen Moore, Boise State

    Cameron Newton, Auburn

    Who am I missing? We can probably forget Luck, he will be gone even if we were to go 6-10 or even 5-11.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Right on CC, screw worrying about the draft right now. More than likely they’ll screw it up anyway. What are the percentages of top ten qbs that make a huge difference? Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell come to mind as do Bradford and Stafford but he’s sure injury prone.

    • wtfvikesfan says:

      I like Kellen Moore, Boise State.

  21. Another Blonde Viking says:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, Johnny, the Dance just ended!

    I’m worried about our injuries….AD, Hutch (thumb–probably will play) and Ray-Ray. Tough to be without AD when we play the Bills and their weak run D.

    Get well, Boys! We need another win! (Sorry, Krug…)

    Go Vikes!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Damn ABV you are a real trooper. As far as injuries I still think there’s no drop off with Robison taking Ray-Rays spot and Hutch is such a warrior we dont need to worry bout him. And ya we need Ad in the lineup Sunday and every day for that matter. I’m guessing AD will have a big game vs. the Bills, his heart is bigger than his ankle and I sure admire that.

      • B. Grant says:

        Not to nitpick or anything, johnny, but if there is still any swelling at all in his ankle, it is probably bigger than his heart. Just for the record, thats all.

  22. wtfvikesfan says:

    C.C. what about Jake Locker U of Washington?

  23. krugjr says:

    Luck, Locker, Mallett and Foles will probably all go in top 10….Foles, maybe 10-15….after that, it’s rd 2 talent… it’s top 10 pick, or we’re back to a vet, FA or trade, while Webb learns the game…..

    johnny…winning always feels better than losing
    Fran…knowing brad like we do, makes one wonder about the Wilfs
    cc…..maybe Foles, AZ
    ABV….no offense, by the way , when I address the “guys”, you’re included

    GO VIKES!!!!! dropped 4 spots in the draft this week

  24. Ole says:

    Bryant Moniz – QB, University of Hawaii
    10th ranked QB in the NCAA for 2010

    Hawaii – 2010 Western Athletic Conference Champions
    (ha! take that Boise St and Nevada)

  25. Lost Viking says:

    After Favre’s complaints about Chili’s conservative WCO anyone else think it ironic that Frazier/Bevell’s instituted bland ground offense?

    Frazier is a D coach. Darrell Darrell Bevell Bevell not known for creativity.

  26. B. Grant says:

    “Big third down here for the Vikes. A first down gives them an excellent chance at a win here today. Favre is back…rolls right… (2009) looks down field and throws… Ohhh, its intercepted!!
    (2010) and sprints to a first down! Vikes win!”

    Anybody else feel a little dejavu on that third down play on Sunday? If only…

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