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Are the Vikings Really a Player for Broncos QB Orton?

The Vikings may be one of the teams interested in trading for quarterback Kyle Orton of the Denver Broncos if John Elway and the front office choose to trade Orton once the lockout ends.

The Vikings did spend a first-round pick on quarterback Christian Ponder, but it is still assumed that they will attempt to go after a veteran quarterback as insurance if Ponder isn’t ready to start in the NFL right away.

Orton should be familiar to Minnesota fans, having previously played for the Vikings division rival while he was with Chicago and he also spent a fair amount of time in the Upper Midwest while he was a collegiate quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers. Speculation is that Denver could be asking as much as a second-round draft pick as compensation for Orton.

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24 Responses to “Are the Vikings Really a Player for Broncos QB Orton?”

  1. Wayup North says:

    Not my first choice but preferred over McNabb. So is Denver going all in on Tebow then?

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    A decent option, guy isn’t great, doesn’t suck either. If we give up a #2, Freds will shave his head with one of those free razors.

  3. CalVkg says:

    harmon killebrew is gone. he was a good guy. i didn’t know that he’d had such a difficult time in life with health and money woes, didn’t deserve it. sports are so different now. this guy would come up to bat and you’d really EXPECT a home run, that’s how good he was. mvp in ’69. natural, no-steroids, towering home run hitter. RIP

  4. LeCount80 says:

    amen, RIP HK

  5. Purple Charlie says:

    Plus no Drama involved with with him, As Freds said, Not great but doesn’t suck.

    If they don’t go after Marc Bulger, I think he would be a Good option.
    Won’t miss seeing T-Jax, Liked him as a person,Hated him as a QB.

    I don’t know about a 2nd, And I ready shave my head!

  6. Fran the Man says:

    A 2nd round pick for Orton? In a Heartbeat.
    Plus, Freds would have to shaves his head.
    Win-Win situation.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      After thinking about it, 2nd is worth it… Looking at the 3rd that Childress wasted because of his ego,,,
      Boy I’m glad he is gone. Again, Less Drama…

      • Fran the Man says:

        Orton has played well every where he has played. He even outplayed Cutler the year they were traded for each other.
        I don’t think we’ve seen his best years and would be a great pick up for us, if only just for insurance purposes.

        And amen to the Childo thoughts. We still have a season or two of payback from his ineptness.

        Wonder where Adam has been lately??

  7. vk4life says:

    50/50 on this, I like Orton and he is a proven winner. And would be good for Ponder to gain some experience without getting pounded his first year. And on the other hand sooooo tired of the 1 year wonders we bring in to “help and groom” our next QB. Gotta have a season 1st to even be close to knowing if this will become a reality.

  8. Zag says:

    Anyone know anything about Adam? I miss having my daily dose of Vikings news.

    Vikingsgab is truly the best source on the web for Vikings info, so I hope everything is alright.

  9. CalVkg says:

    adam, i’m sure is ok, just out of ammo. orton or any other retread is a waste of a pick if we spend it on them cuz we’re gonna suck whenever we play the next season anyway, so save the pick and if we’re gonna get a vet, get him cheap. i’m so lost on sports i’ve used up ALL of the internet. i’ll prolly half-watch the nba’s version of ‘the crying game’ tonight and root for chicago

    • Fran the Man says:

      Orton is hardly a “retread” Cal.
      He’s under 30 and his stats are solid. If not for untimely injuries, he’d be a lot more in demand. Not knowing if Ponder will be the real deal and letting him sit and watch a Veteran run the offense for a season is always good.
      I’d trade a 2nd for him and never look back

      • CalVkg says:

        i don’t disagree with all that, especially letting ponder sit and learn, i just don’t wanna use another pick towards ponder’s development when that’s all it’ll be for, cuz i don’t think we’re gonna win a SB next season no matter who’s at QB and i’d rather save the pick for a guy who will be able to contribute for when we do have that chance. kinda like saving up for a big push at the right time, i guess

        if orton turned out to be a good long term QB, then i’d be very happy with that, but that’s what ponder is supposed to be

  10. hookem says:

    I would be happy with him or Palmer over Mcnabb

  11. c.carterhof says:

    Dont have a problem with Orton, hes ok. But have to agree with Cal here. For a 4th, sure. But no on the 2nd rounder.

  12. Stoney says:

    Why did we draft Ponder at all then? Could have gotten an impact player with the 12 pick.

  13. Lost Viking says:


    Carter.hof and Cal recognize the compensation, while not out-of-line, (Schaub, Cassels, Culpepper, McNabb etc.) is clearly a deterrent.

  14. Fran the Man says:

    Well I guess I’m way in the minority on Orton.
    I’ve always liked the guy and truly feel we haven’t seen close to his potential as an NFL starting QB.

    I’ll bet a dollor to a donut (I like donuts) that he gets on someones team and plays lights out.

    • Nume says:

      I feel the same way. A close friend of mine (and fellow Viking fan) lives in Colorado Springs, and he has been campaigning to me to get Orton since the season ended :P. He said he watched him all year, and he just seems to be a lot better quarterback then he is given credit for.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Nume said; “He just seems to be a lot better quarterback then he is given credit for.”

        My thoughts too.

  15. Lost Viking says:

    Fran, I really believe Childress tried to get Schaub as his QB just prior to the 2007 draft.

    Texan took Schaub from Falcon in a trade for Texan two 2nd round picks (2007=#39) and (2008). Falcon also got a bump up two places in the 1st round but then took Jamaal Anderson (bust).

    Viking had to settle for using their 2nd round on WR named Sidney Rice after dropping back from #41 to #44.

    Why do I think Viking were in the bidding?
    1) Huge need at QB with 2nd year T-Jax, B. Johnson and Brooks Bollinger
    2) Childress called Kubiak the same day the trade was announced. Childress didn’t know Kubiak and, in fact, they had hardly met.
    3) Just some speculation about Schaub and Minnesota at the time that Viking did a weak job of denying

    So watch this Orton thing closely. Where there’s smoke …etc. And you also like Joe Webb so how he will react being bumped down to #3?

  16. Harvey says:

    No way! We would lose a good player in 2nd round meanwhile losing Orton to Free Agent in 2012! Another waste pick!

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