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Lackluster Vikings remain winless; fall to Chiefs 22-17

Matt Cassel hit Dwayne Bowe for a 52-yard fourth-quarter touchdown pass, Ryan Succop was perfect on five field-goal attempts and the Chiefs held on for a 22-17 victory Sunday.

Succop’s accurate right leg had already staked Kansas City (1-3) to a 15-10 lead by the start of the fourth quarter when Cassel dropped back to pass. He saw Bowe get around Cedric Griffin, who had slipped just after the snap, and hit his Pro Bowl wide receiver in stride.

Bowe made a nifty move to get around safety Jamarca Sanford, then broke Griffen’s tackle as the cornerback tried to recover, and trotted the last couple of yards for the touchdown.

The Vikings (0-4) answered with a 13-play drive that Donovan McNabb capped with a short pass to Michael Jenkins for Minnesota’s first second-half touchdown of the season. Its defense got the ball back with plenty of time left, but the Chiefs defense forced McNabb into throwing four consecutive incompletions to preserve the victory.

Succop’s field goals included a career-long 54-yarder in the second half, and his total matched Jan Stenerud and Nick Lowery for the single-game franchise record.

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46 Responses to “Lackluster Vikings remain winless; fall to Chiefs 22-17”

  1. hookem says:

    Guys we are only one game behind the dream team….

  2. Ole says:

    Maybe the pages in Musgrat’s playbook are stuck together. The play calling is unoriginal at best. The execution is atrocious. I like Herrera, but he is getting tossed around and missing blocks, very inconsistent play along the entire o-line

  3. JWebb says:

    Release McNabb, start Webb and see what he can do. Now is the time.

  4. Dynalee10 says:

    Man I just don’t know what the problem is, if i had to pick one thing it has to be the O-line play. We should have tried to upgrade but we couldn’t find anyone I guess. I think next week is a huge game if we lose that one at home I see a real chance at the guys quitting on Frasier. I never was in favor of bringing in McNabb and it seems like we would have been just as well off if we played Ponder or Webb honestly with the sieve of ao-line a more mobile QB might be what the offense needs.

  5. Zag says:

    Ugly ugly ugly.

    This is what happens when you fail to properly invest in your offensive line and secondary.

  6. Ole says:

    Dugan has never been on an 0-4 team, it’s not too late

    Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan can save the season

  7. Brendan says:

    Suck for Luck

  8. wtfvikesfan says:

    Robert GriffenIII might be a better QB than Luck. So don’t call it the Luck sweepstakes. I also like Kelan Moore alot and Landry Jones.

  9. Lost Viking says:

    Brad Childress to Sid Hartman

    “I don’t think they’ve had enough explosives throwing the ball down the field. It doesn’t look like they can get up top on anybody.”

    Kansas City’s defensive tactic of stacking the line of scrimmage to stop Adrian Peterson will be repeated until the passing game shows it can move the ball on a regular basis.

    “That’s what Bill Belichick would do,” Childress said, referring to the New England Patriot coach. “That’s what he does the best — we’re not going to let that guy beat us. We’re going to let McNabb beat us and the throwing game beat us. You’re going to see a lot more of that stuff, probably.”

  10. krugjr says:

    has anyone heard from the wilfs through any of this? probably a bit early for the “vote of confidence” thing from ownership to frazier!
    Jeff, what a circus……..has any head coach ever been fired without winning a game? let’s go back and read what we all said the day McFlabb was signed….sometimes it feels so good playing the “I told you so” game…..zygi, frazier and spielman really let us down with that decision…they bailed, they’re paying the price, and now they don’t even know how to properly “move on”….I think frazier was just a tempory cheap hire til the family decide whether or not to sell …and I think he’s losing this team already because there are players, IMHO, who are not on the McNabb bandwagon….next he’ll lose the fan base if changes aren’t made…this is your wake-up call, zygi!

  11. krugjr says:

    just listened to frazier’s and mcnabb’s post game pressers….what a laugh…why don’t they just take the tape from game one presser and re-run it after every game…looks and sounds the same to me…..on second thought, it’s actually getting a little more pathetic each week…mcnabb sounds like a QB ready ready to collect his pay on the bench and frazier looks and sounds 100% lost….doesn’t have a clue…..hey coach, listen to that presser and tell me you’re ready to follow this man!

  12. Lost Viking says:

    Different Sunday. Same script.

    Berrian – thrown to six times w/ only the one 4th down reception. Berrian = two catches this year. Viking QBs just won’t get enough time to wait for receivers like Berrian to get open. Same problem as last year at WR position.

    Chief had a depleted secondary. Passing game is going to have to improve next week going against Larry Fitzgerald & Cardinal

  13. Gary says:

    Lets be patient people…..we are still working on McNabbs acuracy. He will get us a win, just relax…

    • bisatc says:

      How long do you propose we wait….? 3, 4 more loses? Good God, enough already, put the rookie in, see what we got. Start preparing for a top pick and a new look in southern California.

      • Stonginator says:

        Umh . . . He was joking dude.
        But anyway, what we will have is just another QB RUNNING for his life . . . It is sad, we have the BEST RB in the league, and no one on offense around him.
        The younger QB;s are faster and younger,and will through on the run, into tight coverage, and start getting intercepted. Then you will start calling for THEIR heads . . .

        I love my Vikings, SKOL Vikings

  14. VikingsDude says:

    GUYS: The DUGAN joke is way over used. get a life !

  15. Justin gallardo says:

    I pray that the viks draft Justin Blackmon he is a beast and we really need a outside wr.. He reminds me alot of Megatron same body type and speed with hands of glue.. So dnt suck for luck.. Get Blackmon.. So we can have .Harvin,Blackmon,Rudolph and all day

  16. SanDiegoViking says:

    Hey guys,

    First time posting on the board but longtime follower. Had season tickets to the Vikes from 2000-2010 before moving to San Diego!

    First thing, I’m a VIking defender. You always have to look at the good and the bad along with expectations. Of course we have a lot of talent, thank God we have AP and Percy that seem to keep us in any game. But examine this for a minute, a new coach, a new offense, and a new quarterback (regardless of if we start Ponder or McNabb), do you really expect us to compete in possibly the NFL’s best division?

    The GOOD: Yes, I am upset that we gave up a double digit lead three times but at least our team is competitive. I for one thought we would get blown out by SD and Detroit. That being said, our defensive pass rush has been playing well, I don’t care what anyone says, Allen and Robison seem to be hitting the qb at least every other play. Griffen seems to be living up to expectations as well, which is exciting to see.

    Overall, it seems to be one play that kills us every week, an offsides penalty, a dropped pass, a corner slipping in coverage, but at least our team is in the game every week. We are in position to win. This brings me to my next point.

    The BAD: Donovan McNabb missing the out patterns. Aside from hitting Jenkins two or three times, McNabb has been missing the outs all season. He had a hell of throw to Shianco on 4th down but that was right in front of him. It seems the receivers are forced to contort on the pass, meaning either they are running the wrong patterns, or McNabb is not hitting them in stride. However, asking McNabb to win the game himself is a lot, (note the above, a new offense, new WR etc) but bottomline is he needs to give our WR’s a chance. I don’t think starting Ponder will completely solve this problem.

    We continuously match up Cook on the bigger WRs with no support over the top. I think Cook individually has been doing OK but we definitely need to give him help on players like Megatron and Bowe. This week, I’d like to see that support if we match him up with Fitz.

    Other BADS: Punt return coverage, spreading the ball out on offense, defending slot receivers, offensive run blocking.

    I’ll stop there, sorry if I went on rant. Overall I am surprised we lost to the Chiefs but I’m glad we are not getting our butts kicked every week!

    • Lost Viking says:

      Good post. Agree with your observations but have been frustrated by not being able to get anything more than RedZone coverage of Viking.

      Basically, have to start QB best able to deliver to suspect corps or receivers. McNabb seems best option just now.

      • SanDiegoViking says:

        Agree with your post as well. Trust me, I want Ponder to be awesome (I already have a jersey) but I also have seen enough promising young guns lose their confidence and now permanently hear footsteps.

        BTW I have a link that you can watch games on, pretty legit.

  17. Zag says:

    Forget Luck or any other QB for that matter.

    Draft Matt Kalil and don’t worry about left tackle for a whole decade!

    Then use the second rounder to snag a safety/CB.

  18. Zag says:

    Also, when you’ve got analysts calling for your QB to hit the bench, it’s probably time to re-evaluate some things. I’m talking to you, Leslie!

    • SanDiegoViking says:

      That is ridiculous. Why would any coach listen to an analyst for advice? Further, why would he re-evaluate some things bc of said advice?

      And anyone that honestly thinks the vikings will draft Luck clearly doesn’t understand how a team should be built. There are NO sure things in football. If there were, then Alex Smith, Russel, Brady Quinn, and Joey Harrington would all be stars. Even if Ponder starts and does TERRIBLE I don’t see the Vikings drafting Luck. No chance.


      • Zag says:

        My point is that in this rare case, the analysts are actually right. Why not let Ponder give it a go?

        All is not lost after 4 games, but it’s pretty clear that we aren’t a good team. Let the kid play.

        • SanDiegoViking says:

          Do you really think Ponder would have given us a better chance to win in any of those games? Don’t forget, the reason we were winning in those games before hand was because McNabb was playing smart and making most of the throws.

          Yes, maybe Ponder would have hit Shianco on that fourth down play yesterday, but do you think we would have even been in that position had McNabb not thrown a beautiful pass to Aromoshado and converted on 4th down earlier?

          Throwing Ponder out there with a team that clearly doesn’t understand the offense (yet, they are getting there) would be a huge mistake. Even if you think the season is lost. Think of the intangibles like play recognition and adjusting to the speed of the NFL; ON TOP of a new offense, a new left tackle and center. You want to see what he can do? It won’t be pretty. And the last thing I would want to do is smash a promising kids confidence to pieces.


          • Tomb... says:

            I agree it may be too early for Ponder…but Webb has experience. I’d like to see more of the kid.

            …at 0-4, it’s not like he’s going to ruin the season.

      • sb says:

        SDV, I respectfully disagree regarding the Qb drafting, well I agree there is no sure thing. I believe in the last few years they have figured out how to grade QB’s better, by learning mistakes in the past i.e jarmarcus russell. I think this is why a grreater number of first round picks are successful (bradford, stafford, ryan, freeman) than in the past. I think we are past the days of Jamarcus Russell like players being drafted in the first round. While it may never be perfect, I think the art of evaluating college qb’s has become more precise, especially in the last few years.

        If they throw in ponder see how he goes for the year and if we end up having the number one pick so be it. Draft Luck and trade ponder for a 2nd rounder then rebuild that oline. The oline doesnt have to be spectacular, just solid enough to give the QB behind it a chance. Look at the teams in he superbowls from the last few years (packers, colts, steelers and saints), I would say only the saints have a good oline. Once we have a respectable oline and add a couple of Wr’s we should be fine.

        • SanDiegoViking says:

          First thing, if you think they have found out better ways to evaluate talent then why not stick with Ponder? He was drafted in the first round and the general rule is you can’t grade a QB until Year 3 (note Stafford, Ryan)

          For every Bradford there is a Tebow, and don’t even get me started on how over-rated Mark Sanchez is. Personally, and this is strictly IMO, I don’t think Flacco is an elite QB. And Stafford is doing well THIS year, 3 years later. Look at the list below.
          (QB’s drafted 1st or early 2nd)

          2010: Bradford, Tebow, Clausen
          2009: Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman
          2008: Ryan, Flacco
          2007: Russell, Quinn, Kolb, Beck
          2006: Young, Leinart, Cutler (if you want to count Clemens)

          For more–>

          I would agree that Bradford and Stafford turned out well. I’m not completely convince the other QB”s on this list are “Sure Things.”

          When was the last time an NFL team took a quarterback in the first round 2 years in a row? Probably never.

          Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure the Vikes won’t be the worst team in the NFL this year, but if we are, I say take on OFFENSIVE TACKLE.


          • Purple Faithful says:

            Some team drafted a guy named “elway” after drafting a QB in round one the year before.

  19. CalVkg says:

    Squander Ponder in ‘The Luck Tank’

    Sacrifices have to be made, and we are rolling out our new Squander Ponder effort. Many of us thought Ponder was a reach when we drafted him, and now that we have him we need to try him out and see what he can do for us. But not on the field. Let’s put Ponder over a tank of water and let fans throw balls at a target to dunk him, we’ll call it ‘The Luck Tank’. All proceeds will go towards drafting Andrew Luck next April.

    Tank you for participating.

  20. CalVkg says:

    In Luck We Suck

    In God We Trust is on our fiat US currency, and trust and faith is about all you get with a fiat dollar, but a new Vikings’ strategy can offer some real rope-a-dope hope for our future. We’re going to need to lose a lot of games, though, to accomplish our goal, so let’s focus on sucking the rest of the season to be assured of that first draft pick in 2012. This won’t be too hard for us to do because we already really do suck. We just have to keep it going and make it look like we’re really trying to win. Conspiracy theorists are convinced we started this plan long before the season began, and by the time the Vikings start to win again, with Luck, they’ll be in their new stadium in L. A.

    Spread the word, In Luck We Suck.

  21. Gary says:

    McNabb will be fine, he just needs more time to adjust and work on his accuracy, we are only 0-4 Nabb will be fine …just a few more adjustments….Nice call Frazier! Any clue to as why Washington and Eagles didnt want him anymore?? Ever here of the saying, Friends shouldnt hire friends??? We had another coach named Les a while back, go hang out with him….and take your friend McMiss with…..

  22. Lost Viking says:

    From Seifert this morning…..
    ” My guess is Frazier doesn’t want to make a move that would signal he is giving up on the season. McNabb isn’t playing poorly enough to justify a benching. So there would be only one way to view Ponder’s ascension: As the beginning of preparations for the 2012 season.”

    Can’t agree that McNabb decision takes on global international repurcussions. Decision to play McNabb could be based on implementation of new offensive system involving 10 other players. McNabb may be more experienced and adept at running this offense.

    Ponder (and Webb would benefit from playing. However, QB decision and getting most out of Viking Offense – fixing the offense – are not the same thing.

  23. Stonginator says:

    San Diego Viking makes a good point in not wanting to ruin Ponders confidence. Let Mcnabb earn his 5,000,000 . . .
    I would not mind seeing Webb do something, whether it be at WR, or at some QB plays.

    • Tomb... says:

      San Diego makes a lot of good points. Truly happy he joined the VG commentariat.

      Having said that, how long do we stick with McNabb? Does anybody, at this point, think he’s going to suddenly become Favre in our SB run? Pretty doubtful.

      I don’t want to ruin Ponder. I’m all about letting him learn. Play Webb for now.

      Sadly though, our young QB’s don’t have the luxury of Aaron Rodgers. We need help soon, we cannot wait 3 years. This team has some talent, and it would be a shame to see it age.

      Our youngsters may prove to be busts, or they may be Matt Ryan.

      • SanDiegoViking says:

        Thanks guys, and even when I challenge assertions I think we all share a common love for the Vikes. It is heartbreaking every time we see them lose, even if they aren’t supposed to win. We all know how Vikings Nation felt seeing McNabb miss Shianco at the end. I guess part of me wants to see another Brett Favre to Greg Lewis moment.

        As far as right now, I think we should stick with McNabb. He still gives us the best chance to win. He may not make all the throws but we know he’s CAPABLE of making them. I don’t know what to think about Webb. I saw him play at U of M last year and reminded me of a Marquese Grey type – ironic i know…but I really can’t compare him to any NFL qb, IMO his play was lower than that of Vince Young.

        My assertion remains the same on Ponder, I don’t want to throw him into the fire until the offense learns what Musgrave wants. If we are 0-7, then I wouldn’t be totally against getting him some playing time. But I don’t think we’ll be 0-7. I think we’ll pull out a couple upsets in the next few weeks, 3-5 at the bye week. I have my reasons and I’ll post them in the future!


        • bigjohnny84 says:

          Sorry SDV, I do like your comments but Don gives us the best chance to lose not win. All those third down wormrapers Don throws, I bet half of those are completions with Ponder or Webb and I wont mention that third down where Don could have walked for the first down against the Chiefs and threw it away instead.

          • SanDiegoViking says:


            I couldn’t disagree more. I have already made my arguments above but since you “won’t” mention things, I won’t either…

            No way Ponder or Webb makes those TD throws to Aromashadou or Jenkins. Not a chance.


        • Purple Faithful says:

          Why on earth would you sacrifice the future & not give playing time to one of the young quarterbacks? Gonna work some mor_on mechanics with mcnabb? Look, you don’t wanna “ruin” ponder, then play webb. McNabb will not be here next year.

          • SanDiegoViking says:

            Purple Faithful,

            As a reply to all of your posts, I have already expressed why I felt this way, so read through my posts if you want my answers.


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