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Joe Theismann on Vikings QB controversy: “within two or three weeks of seeing Ponder”

Former Redskins quarterback/NFL Network analyst Joe Theismann believes it’s getting to be that time for the Vikings to replace Donovan McNabb with rookie Christian Ponder according to Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“I know Donovan has said he has been on teams that have started 0-2,” Theismann said Tuesday. “I don’t know if anybody has asked him if he has been on teams that started 0-4. But I think that’s probably the next question he’s going to get.

“The Vikings are not going to win the division. I think we’re probably within two or three weeks of seeing Christian Ponder.”

“There were a lot of excuses for Donovan’s play in Washington last year – offensive line, wide receiving corps, the running game in general was not very supportive,” Theismann said. “When Donovan left to come to Minnesota, I said publicly: ‘You can’t hide anymore. This is on you. You’re going to be what you’re going to be.’ It’s what he was in Washington.

“I think Donovan McNabb is a great person. People have attacked him, and he has stood the test of time of all these people who have said stupid things about him. He has conducted himself with the utmost class.

“But,” Theismann emphatically stated, “he can’t throw the football accurately. That’s a football observation. That’s just football talent – that’s who he is. He’s a career sub-60 percent passer. Which, to me, in this day and age of throwing the football, is paramount to not being very good.”

McNabb’s completion rate through four games this season is 58.6 percent.

Here’s where the big bashing towards McNabb really begins:

“I think the world of him as a person, but as a football player…his mechanics are horrible. They’ve been horrible, they are horrible, they’ll remain horrible,” Theismann said. “And that’s unfortunate, because he’s too far into it now. His football work is bad, his accuracy is bad.

“He’s most effective extending the play, running around and throwing something down the field. It’s what he did (for the Eagles) in Philly. But you leave Donovan in the pocket, you’ve got a one-in-three chance of him hitting the receiver.”

Is Theismann right about his assessment concerning Donovan?

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8 Responses to “Joe Theismann on Vikings QB controversy: “within two or three weeks of seeing Ponder””

  1. Zag says:

    Actually, it’s more like a 2 in 3 chance of him hitting his receiver.

    Other than that, I agree 100% with this article. Leslie Frazier is talking at press conferences about how McNabb’s accuracy “is coming along.” Coming along? This man is a veteran QB! If anything, his accuracy should be spot on.

    I know our o-line sucks and our receivers are poor. Those issues will be the sources of most problems in the passing game. But that doesn’t change the fact that McNabb can’t hit Adrian in the flat on a screen pass.

    You don’t bring in a guy like McNabb to work on his accuracy issues or his throwing mechanics. You bring in a guy like McNabb to hold even keel for a year while your young QB develops. Looks like holding even keel was too much to ask of McNabb.

    Don’t suck for Luck. Just put in Ponder and give the fans something to be excited about.

  2. Fisher says:

    To finish out last year, I was very much impressed with Frazier and the way he handled the mess that was handed to him. I liked most of the changes and actions taken in the off-season (though I really didn’t want to see the acquisition of McNabb, which turned out for the worst), and I like the way things were looking to develop in the pre-season.

    All that said, I could not be more disappointed with the way things have been handled since week one. The cool and collected calm I have appreciated about Frazier is starting to get old, especially when what the team has needed at one point or another during the crucial parts of games that were very winnable for the Vikings. The overt positivity seemed like a good thing when trying to right the ship after the wreck of last season, but now it’s giving way to bullheadedness and seems to be a major obstacle in getting what’s really needed out of the shambles that remain of this, an already trashed season.

    THIS SEASON IS OVER. I can’t believe my ears when I hear Frazier talk about McNabb “coming along.” 0-4 means his time has passed, period. He was only here for the chance of a strong start (which he obviously didn’t deliver) in the hopes of leading to playoff possibilities. From this point on, the only smart thing to do is subject Ponder to the acid test. It’s through the fire that the iron is forged. Provided our pathetic O-Line doesn’t let him get injured, Ponder needs this season for experience if the Vikings actually want to have a chance to win games next year. Andrew Luck might be a bust, and there are nearly a dozen other teams (some with records as bad and schedules far more difficult) drooling over the first pick in 2012. We’ve got Musgrave, now groom Ponder in real-game scenarios. Beyond that, give Webb rotations as QB and start diversifying his place on this team. The real future for Minnesota (with things the way they are) is Ponder at QB and Webb as a wideout or slot man or even lining up as a tailback. Implement some creative wildcat packages, open up the use of Webb, Peterson, and Harvin, and go from there. We can’t waste another draft on a QB who needs development time. We need to rebuild the O-Line first, then strengthen the D-backfield and get at least one big play receiver capable of going downfield with success. That looks like at least a two-year project till the Vikings can be a playoff team in this division.

  3. Lost Viking says:

    Horrible. Horrible.

  4. Phil says:

    Hey guys I’m looking for tickets where is the cheapest place I can get tickets?

  5. Tomb... says:

    Theismann’s nuttier’n squirrel sh*t, but he’s right on this one.

  6. sb says:

    If we do eventually finish last this season and have the number one pick, we have to draft Luck! With the new rookie salary cap, locking in a QB for 4 or 5 years for around 25 million is a steal. Trade ponder for a 2nd round pick or something and use that with out 33rd overall pick and upgrade the oline and WR position. We should also get a few picks nice picks for losing Edwards and Rice too, which can be used to add depth at a few positions. They also need to be agressive in free agency, there are a few WR’s next year that could be available like Vincent Jackson. If we can fill that number 1 WR spot and cut berrian and move jenkins to the number 2 spot and harvin in the slot, things could be looking up!

    Obviously it’s been a disappointing season and no true sports fan would want their team to lose to gain drat picks. However, it would be terrible if they got the opportunity to draft a prospect like Luck and passed on him because they over drafted ponder last year.. Just look at the Dophins who passsed on matt ryan for a left tackle.. they haven’t done anything since then. It starts at the QB position and they have certainly become better at evaluating talent in the last few years, hence there are nowhere near the number of busts as there was 10 years ago.

  7. JWebb says:

    No. Start Joe Webb. See what he can do, and if we can draft Luck, then we have three guys to try. Joe deserves a shot as much as T Jack did. Release McNabb. Webb will score points with his feet.

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