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Vikings at Bears Week Six Inactives

Minnesota: T DeMarcus Love, C/G Brandon Fusco, DE D’Aundre Reed, LB Xavier Adibi, CB Antoine Winfield, CB Brandon Burton, S Mistral Raymond

Chicago: QB Nathan Enderle, WR Earl Bennett, T Gabe Carimi, DT Matt Toeaina, DE Nick Reed, DE Corey Wootton, S Chris Harris

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73 Responses to “Vikings at Bears Week Six Inactives”

  1. krugjr says:

    does anyody know who our #2 QB is these days….who plays when McNabb goes down with injury?

  2. krugjr says:

    joke…two chilly type calls and the first of many off the mark DM passes… matter how this ends, the beginning is laughable

  3. krugjr says:

    if this was at home DM would be boooooed off the field already…his family is in the stadium to watch his swan song….no more free chunky soup

  4. krugjr says:

    love watching AD up the middle against 9 man front on first down

  5. krugjr says:

    bye bye berrian

  6. Ole says:

    safety on McBoobb, 9-0 Bears, dang this guy is finished, time for Webb

  7. krugjr says:

    how come we don’t see the wilfs at games this year?

  8. CalVkg says:

    yeah, well, night game on dirt
    and we
    suck for luck, baby

  9. Ole says:

    nice camera shot of McBoobb on the sidelines, donut crumbs in his beard

  10. krugjr says:

    yeah, Ole, replay just showed DM didn’t even dive forward…just went down…the instincts to win are gone…..we’re waiting, frazier….only reason I’m watching tonight

  11. Zag says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m at a point where I find it difficult to watch my Vikings.

    Our secondary and offensive line are so pathetic that it’s unbearable.

    To top it off, our usually potent defensive line is playing like a bunch of blind kids. Forte is absolutely schooling us.

  12. Ole says:

    Howzit Krugger, 16-0 Bears

    who would win in a statute staring contest, Lovie Smith of Frazier?

  13. Ole says:

    *gasp* a First Down! On a pass play!

    Webb’s in!

  14. Ole says:

    holy crap, nevermind about Webb

  15. Zag says:

    Oh, good thing we ran the blazer package. That always works.


  16. krugjr says:

    this is what we hated about last year, an immobile QB that defenses game plan for…at least Favre rolled out once in a while…DM looks like brad johnson out there…

  17. krugjr says:

    another skip pass

  18. Ole says:

    bernice actually caught that gopher ball from McBoobb, and now a 17 yard punt

    good grief

  19. krugjr says:

    when frazier when????? our def is going to be gassed by the middle of the third…

  20. Ole says:

    on a brighter note. I had the privilege of meeting Adam, Mrs. Warwas and baby Gates at the Waikiki Aquarium last Friday. They are doing fine and hopefully spending all of their money here in the 50th state

  21. Ole says:

    Bears 23 Vikes 3

    might as well let the Ponder give it a shot

  22. wtfvikesfan says:

    Bench McNabb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Zag says:

    Griffin looks awful at corner. I wish we could replace him, but we have no depth anywhere.

    People talk about Spielman like he’s a genius because we got Peterson, Harvin, whoever, etc, in the draft. Fact is, we haven’t drafted well or developed well and we have no depth anywhere.

    WHERE’S MY O-LINE, FRONT OFFICE? WHERE’S MY SECONDARY? This is what happens when you don’t draft properly.

  24. krugjr says:

    I can hear Don Meradith singing already…..

    zygi, you shore bought yourself one heck of a trapezoid of power

    bummer is JW will win 2 at the end and cost us the top pick

  25. krugjr says:

    Ole…glad you caught up with Adam

  26. krugjr says:

    want a trick play? let JW actually PASS the ball…..

    I’m traveling these days and wearing an old Viking sweatshirt….I get laughed at during my pit stops

  27. Ole says:

    missed it, uff da. Now here comes the Bears

  28. krugjr says:

    business as usual…..announcers calling the vikings “ugly” with a national audience glued to the TV

  29. Norseman66 says:

    We are not out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes yet!!!!!

    • CalVkg says:

      suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck, suck for luck

      • LeCount80 says:

        Shut the hell up, its hard enough dealing with a bad Vikings team without those stupid ass non-fan ramblings. Put on the Green and Gold if you have no loyalty. Im sick of that shit

  30. krugjr says:

    if I wasn’t feeling so sorry for us Vikes’ fans, I’d feel sorry for frazier….team is falling apart, there is no leadership, no vision, no focus…..all because the triangle’s plan didn’t work and they don’t have a clear plan B…..maybe this week frazier will actually take the blame himself…..after all, we sure don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, do we?

  31. bigjohnny84 says:

    Wow absolutely no intensity in first half, time to make some changes and see what happens.

  32. Norseman66 says:

    You think Frazier might get a phone call from a Hattiesburg area code?

  33. CalVkg says:

    yeah, it seems like they felt one win was good enough, so they’re lettin up, and they’re satisfied

  34. Stonginator says:

    I thought LAST year was hard to live through ? ? ?
    But Being TOTALLY EMBARRASSED on national tv, by the bears no less.
    It just can’t get any worse. It is NOT McNabbs fault either ! ! !

    This one is TOTALLY on the coaches if you can call them that . . .

    I am pissed at myself for letting last week give me an inkling of hope that they might actually beat these suck%%$ bears.
    I am SO looking forward to hearing all the stupid bears fans tomorrow at work, gloating about their lousy 3-3 bears.

    GOD , why did we have to lose to the effing bears ?

  35. CalVkg says:

    JA gets a sack, hehe

  36. krugjr says:

    Zag…..most around here feel spielman should have been thrown out with chilly…..the wilfs just went on the cheap with the whole gang and they’re getting exactly what they paid for….couldn’t put out too much for a front office, just in case he sells the team

    PS…quote from frazier coming out for 2nd half,”I’m happy with McNabb”…..see what Imean, Zag?

  37. Stonginator says:

    At least the bears know how to use hester . . .

  38. Zag says:


    I see exactly what you mean and I agree.

    At least AP got a TD and Allen got a sack/fumble/recovery.

    On that note, I’m watching the premier of Walking Dead on AMC.

  39. Stonginator says:

    Yes Cal I was, bled purple for almost 40 ( great? ) years . . .

  40. krugjr says:

    my network just switched to “The Sound Of Music”, and guess what…

    I’M GLAD!!!!!

    I’m out……………………………………………….unless I think of something reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bad to say later!

  41. Zag says:

    Right before I changed the channel I had to see Charlie Johnson get abused twice in a row. Fantastic. Where’s my gin?

  42. Ole says:

    I’m confused Zag, I thought the Vikings were the Walking Dead?

    geez, they kicked it to Hester ….. again!

  43. CalVkg says:

    but, Mrs. McNabb, it’s only the third quarter…

  44. Trenno478 says:

    Ponder time?

  45. CalVkg says:

    ya know, these 2012 pre-season games really aren’t all that bad. at least we get to see some of the newer O-lineman

    • bisatc says:

      CalVkg said: “ya know, these 2012 pre-season games really aren’t all that bad. at least we get to see some of the newer O-lineman”

      LOL that my friend, is hilarious.

  46. Stonginator says:

    I think our offensive line is so generious, dont you?

    Geez, we make hester look like Andre Johnson

  47. Trenno478 says:

    Wat we need to be doing is giving Raymond and Burton playing time to see what they can bring to this team.. I think it’s safe to say we know how little Johnson brings to the team.. And Cedric is constantly getting burned, which I hate to say cause he was a solid no.2 corner before his ACL injuries.. Even Demarcus Love time at LT, can he really be any worse than Charlie Johnson?

  48. CalVkg says:



  49. Trenno478 says:

    So you’d rather see tyrell Johnson keep getting undeserved minutes and drop easy picks.. Yeh fair call..

  50. commander says:

    Ponder will start against green bay Mcnab is done.

  51. Lost Viking says:

    Is it just me or does Ponder look a little like a younger Eli Manning?

  52. Dan says:

    I bet McNabb will still be starting next week. There’s part of me that thinks they put Ponder in tonight because they expected him to fail and it would quiet down the fans, but if that’s the case it sure backfired. Seriously though, that was about the worst possible situation to throw a rookie QB into. They were down 29 so the pass rush was just coming hard, and they were down a tackle and center. His performance was pretty darn impressive under those circumstances. I still think Frazier will stick with McNabb for at least this week. I hope I’m wrong though.

  53. bleeding purple says:

    I was hoping theyd have kept mcsuck in long enough to break something…so we wouldnt be wandering if the loser was gunna start next week….but ponder looked good…heres hope to his start next week

  54. CalVkg says:

    i heard greenway said the team wasn’t up for tonight’s game, wtf???
    if so, what’s up with the coaches? just a crap game all around

    even though it’s GB next week and the line is hurt, it’s at home and ponder should get the time at QB for next year

    and if we have a chance to get luck, take him, cuz if he turns out to be a great QB and we don’t take him, we’ll really regret it, forever

  55. Ryan says:

    Why waste a pick on luck get Justin blackmon or an OL

    • CalVkg says:

      what? you missed this part? –
      cuz if he turns out to be a great QB and we don’t take him, we’ll really regret it, forever

      it’s a passing league. get the best one ya can and trade the QBs ya don’t want

      • sb says:

        What do Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz and Calvin Johnson all have in common… Yes, that’s right, no superbowls… I dont think I could support the vikes anymore if they had the option to choose between luck and Blackmon and they picked Blackmon..

      • bisatc says:

        CalVkg, I love your imput most of the time, but enough with the Luck talk. There is no guarantee he even is going to be in the draft next year. Good god I am tired of the Andrew Luck talk….we have so many holes to fill on this team, and we are not going to have the first pick even if he does declare. Ponder will become a good NFL quaterback, maybe even have a career as good as Luck’s, as long as the Vikings don’t screw it up.

  56. sb says:

    The worst part about tonight was that Mcnabb didn’t even play that bad! There were some poor drops on the first couple of series, then some rubbish play calling from Musgrave.. I am sick of musgraves play calling, so many times there were 9 in the box to stop AP and he would just run it for 1 yard. AP is never going to make many yards with 9 in the box and a pathetic Oline. He needs to take a few shots downfield with Harvin or something and get the safeties to back of a bit. It was very poor performance all round. The defence barely touched Cutler, Special Teams were atrocious.. What a miserable game to watch. The only good thing that came out of it was Ponder’s performance, he looked pretty solid, considering how terrible the Oline was. You certainly notice his scrambling ability. If he could start converting some of those throws when he’s flushed out of the pocket rather than throwing them away we might actually be able to move the ball.

  57. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Last night was really the first time to see the Vikings play since pre-season.

    Wow! There are so many things wrong with this team where do you begin? First, let’s talk about the OL. Ummmm, like how many times did they let defenders through and miss blocks? DL looked slow and lazy- lose some weight and start running. Secondary seemed like a step behind most every play…as if they were not ready for the plays coming at them…..lack of preparation it seems to me.
    McNabb is slow moving around, slow making decisions. It seemed like the only time he did well was when he was able to go to his primary receiver. AD did a good job, but we also need a couple of quick, slippery kind of backs to bring some balance the running game.

    Someone mentioned the Blazer package. As I said before, it only works with the right blocking on the OL, who don’t seem to know what to do with it! You have an initial direction you want to run when it starts, but the OL opens a hole for the running back to do a quick cut in the other direction. Both have to be working for the play to work….like a little slant running if you will. The third component of the play is a guick count…. It takes LOTS of practice….you gotta practice it like a regular play, not a gimmick.

    OK….there’s my two cents….

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