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Brutal Vikings buried by Bears; 39-10

“The shocking part to us,” Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in regards to Devin Hester’s 98-yard kickoff return for touchdown, “is that people still kick to him because he is such a threat.”

The Hester score came after the Vikings took advantage of a strip sack by Jared Allen of Cutler the previous possession, turning it into six points – an Adrian Peterson four-yard touchdown run to close to within 26-10 early in the third quarter.

“You feel like you’re getting ready to come and that kickoff return was a big momentum turn,” Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said.

The Vikings could never get the momentum turning in their direction Sunday night at Soldier Field, as Peterson was limited to 39 yards (12 rushes) on the ground and the score was so out of hand they held to pull both him and McNabb, who was replaced with rookie quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder went 9-17 for 99 yards through the air, including a first down run of eight yards off of a bootleg.  McNabb was 19-24 for 177 yards.

In the end, it’s still shocking to see how the Vikings fail to feature their only legitimate threat on offense.

Not only the Bears, but the rest of the 31 teams in the league are shocked, too.

What would not be shocking to see next week in the Metrodome: The partaking of the “Ponder Phase” to officially begin against the potent Packers.  It’s time overdue.

Next: Green Bay Packers at 1-5 Vikings, Sunday October 23, 3:15 CT.

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62 Responses to “Brutal Vikings buried by Bears; 39-10”

  1. Zag says:

    This was just ugly. Our o-line is a screen door, with Johnson and Sullivan being the worst of the worst.

    Our secondary is deplorable. The only bright spot is Winfield (out), and possibly Cook, depending what side of the bed he woke up on. Griffin is old and busted, Husain Abdullah is an admirable hard worker but doesn’t have all that much talent, and Sanford/Johnson are awful as well.

  2. Tomb... says:

    Well THAT was a fun game to watch, no?

    The only reason I didn’t turn it off earlier was the hope they’d bench McButthole. That Ponder kid was a breath of fresh air. I didn’t realize how slow McButthole was until you compared the two. The kid’s got some upside, no doubt about it.

    HOWEVER, I think they should play McButthole next week, let that long haired freak Clay destroy HIM instead of our new kid (besides, smelly old McButthole still thinks he’s the starter…hilarious!). Then we can take bets on what the final score of destruction’s going to be.

    Put me down for Packers 92, Vikings 1.

    …on a sidenote, in fantasy, I had Percy Harvin on my team, going toe to toe against Hester for the only undefeated guy in our league. So it was really fun to watch us kick to him.

    To recap: last nite blew chunks. It was like the entire Viking team came into my house after chili night, farted, pointed and laughed, then unceremoniously left.

    • B. Grant says:

      That’s a riciculous prediction, Tomb. The scoring combinations for 92 are highly unlikely. I can see 13 touchdowns for 91, or 12 touchdowns and 3 field goals for 93, but 92? No, not a reasonably predicted score. Get real, man!

      • Gary says:

        I’m trying to figure out how to get 1….Maybe if Nabb takes another knee in the Packers end zone with 1 hand out? Noooo….that would be another 2 correct? 🙂

        • B. Grant says:

          I believe that would be from Tomb’s smug side. Doesn’t need any logic or reason, it just is what it is because he says it. Either that or he is crossing over to his love for baseball, thinking that Adrian will hit a home run.

        • Tomb... says:

          It’s embarrassing that I have to explain the obvious to you so-called “football fans.”

          Clearly we’ll make the PAT, then miss the TD (wide right would be my guess).

    • Riccard Shwarz says:

      You are such a troll. Omg. SUch a troll, i can’t stop laughing

  3. Gary says:

    Well, was anyone expecting a different outcome? I was, until I seen McMiss warming up before the game…The best part of the game was the 4th quarter……Now…..should we work some more on “mechanics” or shall we start Ponder? If it wasnt for the Packers playing at the dome next week, its very possible it would be blacked out. I highly doubt many people are going to spend money to go see that crap, as I know I a matter of fact, I wouldnt go watch that crap if I had free tickets, sorry.. I wont even watch it on TV anymore this year if I see McMiss warming up before a game….His mom didnt want to watch him anymore, why would I. Im not the only one who feels this way….
    Ponder showed what he is capable of, has the ability to move the ball down field..
    Hey Ziggy, I seen ya smiling and waving behind the glass….Well if you see this, pull your head out of your A$$ and take charge of your team! Sorry coach G, just had to vent a bit!

    • B. Grant says:

      Venting can be good, Gary, and there is little to like about last night’s performance. Matter of fact… may I? As that game again proved about football, you must win the line of scrimmage to win the game. The Bears did both on both sides, and out-performed us in all three phases of the game.

      We are also proving a pattern first made famous by Detroit in the Barry Sanders years. A top tier RB alone is not enough. Without another dimension to complement him, teams can defend such a player. Walter Payton went through the same thing until the Bears got a QB and a defense.

      I agree with Cutler in the opening comment of the post. How much longer will teams kick a fly to Hester in the middle of the field? It absolutely amazes me. Had we somehow forced a 3-and-out from the 20 at 26-10, who knows? Instead, any shred of momentum was completely snuffed with that return. I just don’t get it.

      • Gary says:

        Thats fair enough! Now the question is, does the real Bud Grant make a QB change this week? 🙂

        • B. Grant says:

          Gary, I gotta tell ya I start DMac again this week. I know, I know, he’s gonna get booed along with Leslie, and everyone believes its time for Ponder, because everyone loves the #2 guy. My decision would be based more on fairness to Christian. One more time of watching the early part of a game and then coming off the bench – that is a more reasonable scenario, and then start perhaps the first week after the bye. Meanwhile, DMac either comes up big or leaves no doubt – let it take care of itself.

          But really, regardless of what we all think, its a gut feeling that can only be determined by one man.

          • Gary says:

            C’mon man…… as Dion would say! I know this sounds crazy…..All those 3rd and shorts, 4th and shorts, Ponder can run……Wouldnt it be exciting/entertaining to watch a rookie QB come out against the Packers and tear them up? Why let Nabb put us in the hole right away and let Ponder try to dig us out? 11-5? Crazier things can happen!
            If Frazier plays Nabb, he is a quitter…..He has thrown in the towel, its not fair to the players, and even more so to the fans….Ponder is not scared of the Packers, start him coach!
            If Nabb starts, I as well as thousands of others,cheer for Mathews to take him out of the game, if thats what it takes! Thats not fair to Nabb! 🙂

          • B. Grant says:

            Maybe Denzel will do as you say, Gar. I’m just sayin’ there is rationale on all sides of the issue.

            Was it just my perception or did we purposely go to Harvin more in the second half, almost like it was an edict from the coaches? And is it also true that Ponder never threw to Berrian? Wonder why?

          • Tomb... says:

            I noticed that too (probably way before you did).

            But seriously, it was weird…like someone said “throw to Harvin no matter what, no one else. Just Harvin.”

            Man I wish we had a legitimate deep threat. I think if we had that (and an OL, and a decent playcalling OC, and a decent QB), Harvin’d be like Welker on crack.

          • Gary says:

            I seen explosiveness when Ponder took the Helm. It looked like a whole new team. Ponder was on target for the most part, scrambled like the old #10, looked relaxed, almost as he been playing in the NFL for years! Im going to believe Frazier starts Ponder sunday…..He knows what the fans want to see, and without the fans, he is punching a time clock!

          • Gary says:

            Hey coach, who is Denzel? I live in the swamp and dont get out much

          • B. Grant says:

            Well Gary, it goes like this…

            About the time Leslie was being considered and named head coach, I made the comment that he reminds me of Denzel Washington. You know… the actor (and he still does) Well, I got routed a bit for that observation, but the nickname has stuck, so you can now call him Frazier, Leslie, or Denzel.

          • Gary says:

            Ahhh…..10-4 on that coach….Well, this will be an interesting week to see what Denzel decides to do. Any possibility you can buy the team from Ziggy, and hire me as a well, anything, hmmmm, I could be in charge of keeping the snow out of your new roofless stadium…..

      • Tomb... says:

        The Bears OL looked solid.

        Let that sink in for a moment.

        How in the hell did the Vikes manage to make the league’s biggest turnstiles look like an all-star front line?

        • Lost Viking says:

          You’re right that Viking D made awful Bear O line look solid. There was solid pass protection and Bear O-line blew us away en route to second TD. Embarassing D line performance was totally unexpected.

          Now, did you mention special teams, Tomb?

  4. CalVkg says:

    1-5 with 2 of our next 3 against the green snot bags

    it’d be great if ponder now rounds into a decent QB prospect as he takes his lumps for the rest of the season

    or we get luck and he turns out to be excellent

    either way, we’ve got a long way to go. maybe we’ll be relevant again in 2013

    • CalVkg says:

      oh, and thanx gab guys for removing the pop-up bar

    • Tomb... says:

      The surly part of me hopes that Luck ends up being a bust. I seriously don’t remember ever seeing this kind of obsession with a QB prospect, league-wide.

      Cal, you’ll need to let go of the Luck thing…Colts will surely win this contest…and isn’t that just fair? I mean, go from Peyton Manning to a guy compared to Manning?

      Sort of like going from Favre to Rodgers. Makes me irritable.

      Enough retreads, Vikes. Do what we can to help this Ponder kid become successful.

      Hey Coach, I dunno about you, but I think we need to draft OL next year.

      • B. Grant says:

        Well… if you wait long enough, almost anyone can eventually wise up!! Yes it is time to give attention to the most determining position on the football field (after QB, which we addressed this year.)

        By the way, what other sides than surly and irritable/irritating do you regularly display?

        • Tomb... says:

          Well, don’t forget about smug, and slightly obscene.

          I’ve been cultivating those qualities for a while now, and am not fond of them being overlooked.

          • B. Grant says:

            My apologies for the oversight. Smug is an inexcusable omission on my part, for sure. Good to see you cultivating “slightly” obscene. I’ll make it a point to watch more closely for that. I have also noticed the occasional sarcasm, but its so rare its hardly worth mentioning.

    • Gary says:

      Luck will be going to Miami, look at their schedule

      • Ghetto Defendent says:

        I’m with you on Ponder looking like Fran out there. He avoids the rush, is busy looking for a play, and wants to get a first down. Thing is, he’s pretty big: 6-2 230. Get it started. We have two decent QB prospects. They need the 1st round pick next year to be the best WR available. Trade or release Shank, he’s back to sucking.
        Wr and O line. Safety.

  5. COVikefan says:

    Some great comments in here today. At least with zero expectations next week, any good play vs the packers will be a reason for celebration. Isn’t it fun watching the game without all that nasty pressure to win and make the playoffs?

    bring on 2012, rest of this year is for getting Ponder ready and to find out if any of the young linemen can stick. KWill and Hutch were nice for a few years, but I’m afraid their time is done.

    Parcells said it, in the NFL players get old overnight

    • B. Grant says:

      Yea, CO, last might may have ushered in the rebuilding stage.

      There is, however, a crazy side of me that says if the Rams can play the Packers 24-3 at Lambeau…

      • Tomb... says:

        There’s also a crazy side of you that defends McButthole.

        Hey coach, whattya think of the whole Schwartz/Harbaugh thing?

        • B. Grant says:

          I think its all pretty silly. It just goes to show that coaches have to have their emotions under control. You can’t be hootin’ and dancing across the field, and then have a meaningful exchange with the other coach. Schwartz can’t bark too loud, though. I saw him do pretty much the same thing after the win over the Vikes. Watch those two and then try to imagine Andy Reid, Tony Dungy or Mike Shanahan acting that way after a regular season win. Too much emotion for me – guess that’s why I like Denzel so far.

          • Tomb... says:

            Well, I think it’d be nice to see SOME emotion…just to be sure he’s alive.

            I’ve been watching the Raiders all year, and that Hue Jackson’s kind of what I’m talking about. He’s got emotion, and a clear love of the game, without being over the top.

            Plus he calls some crazy ass calls (like the fake FG this weekend). Fun coach to watch.

          • bisatc says:

            Coach Grant, is it true what Coach/TV-Analyst Mike Ditka stated on ESPN: something like you advised him early on not to bother coming out to shake hands at the end of the game since you would be going into the locker rooom with your team…win, lose or draw? He didn’t see that anything really was wrong with that. What are your thoughts on the whole issue?
            I am an old hockey player, and the traditional handshake is just something you always do in hockey, every player and coach at the end of every game gets in line and a honest handshake takes place. For the record, I have no issue if someone doesn’t want to do it either, i.e. NFL coaches at the end of a football game.

        • B. Grant says:

          Also sounds like there may have been some obscenity uttered at one or more points of the ongoing exchange. Not advisable. I had a running fued with a couple coaches over the years, but we never exchanged obscenities or acted like “nana nana boo boo” toward each other. I just considered them idiots and left it at that.

          • Tomb... says:

            Running fued? Man that takes me back, Fuad Reveiz’s brother, Fued “runnin’ man” Reveiz. Had a great season with the Guadalajara Fightin’ Jalapeno’s, if I recall correctly.

          • B. Grant says:

            Consider a change to no coffee after 2:00, Tomb.

  6. krugjr says:

    Powers seems to sum it up for most of us…..

  7. krugjr says:

    read the comments to Powers also…..several agree with those of us who know it all goes to the top, the wilfs, and how they really don’t know football…….settle this stadium stuff and clean house with spielman and coaches or none of these other changes make any difference…..

    back to work

  8. wtfvikesfan says:

    Trade Mcnabb to the Raiders.

    • Tomb... says:

      So they can have an older and more expensive version of Boller? Don’t see that happening…not sure The Raiders have anything left to trade, in any case.

  9. sb says:

    The worst thing about last night was the WHOLE teams abysmal performance. The Oline was an absolute disgrace, the pass rush was stale, the secondary was terrible, Special teams was crap (missed Fg’s allowing kick off returns for td’s) and the coaching decisions weren’t much better!

    Ponder looked OK, considering the terrible line he was playing behind. I actually didn’t think old Mcflabb played THAT bad, he had some terrible drops and some stupid play calling (putting joe webb in for two crappy plays then giving it back to McNabb on third down) and I only saw one or two worm burners. It’s sad to see K Will struggle, he’s been such a dominate player in the league but he is a shadow of his formerself. I think the one stat they showed last night said it best (first 100 games or whatever 50 sacks… last 28 games, 1 sack). They need to get rid of Berrian, surely the others can’t be any worse! Harvin needs to get the ball more too.. I’m not too worried about the pass much, the bears were actually loading up the line with extra blockers, J Allen was doubled on pretty much everyplay..

    I feel sorry for AP, your passing game is so pathetic they can have 9 people in the box at all times pretty much.. Even the bears who usually don’t have to load up against the run were able to do it last night because of our pathetic passing game…

    • Gary says:

      You thought Nabb played OK last night?? I recorded it, as I have all the games dude….Come on over anytime ya want and show me where he played ok…Should have been 7-0 on the 2nd play of the game! Did ya see his mom leave? Hopefully she gave him a spanking after the game for that performance! Played OK? C’mon Man……….

      • sb says:

        That is relative to his other weeks.. He was completing a pretty high percentage of passes, was getting a few first down, but he had a few poor drops. Yeah he took a few sacks, but they oline was terrible. When he finally did get going, they pulled him and chucked joe webb in there two run two terrible plays and brought im back in for the third down! Pretty poor play calling really. I’m not saying he was great last night, but last night was more of a poor collective team effort. The defense was getting smoked.. Oline was pathetic and the special teams sucked.. None of which you can blame McNabb for.

        • Gary says:

          I agree, ya cant blame Nabb….The blame goes to whoever decided to start him…..Nabb needs to go , as he should have never been brought in to start with……

          • Riccard Shwarz says:

            Always good to see white vikings fans do what America likes to do when shit goes wrong – just put a black face on it.
            The only reason Ponder will feature for the rest of the season is because he will be able to run for his life.
            Go ahead Gary, with your sorry ass excuse of a football team

          • Gary says:

            Take your racist azz out of here, no romm for it in America

  10. VSU Blazerlady says:

    My two cents……I posted the following earlier in a previous article.

    “Last night was really the first time to see the Vikings play since pre-season.

    Wow! There are so many things wrong with this team where do you begin? First, let’s talk about the OL. Ummmm, like how many times did they let defenders through and miss blocks? DL looked slow and lazy- lose some weight and start running. Secondary seemed like a step behind most every play…as if they were not ready for the plays coming at them…..lack of preparation it seems to me.
    McNabb is slow moving around, slow making decisions. It seemed like the only time he did well was when he was able to go to his primary receiver. AD did a good job, but we also need a couple of quick, slippery kind of backs to bring some balance the running game.

    Someone mentioned the Blazer package. As I said before, it only works with the right blocking on the OL, who don’t seem to know what to do with it! You have an initial direction you want to run when it starts, but the OL opens a hole for the running back to do a quick cut in the other direction. Both have to be working for the play to work….like a little slant running if you will. The third component of the play is a guick count…. It takes LOTS of practice….you gotta practice it like a regular play, not a gimmick.

    OK….there’s my two cents….”

    • Lost Viking says:

      You didn’t mention Special teams.

      Forget about McNabb flopping down to concede the safety. How can you flubb the free kick ensuing the safety?

      • VSU Blazerlady says:

        Special Teams: Just another problem stemming from an offense and defense that needs a lot of work.

        I said from the git-go that McNabb was a mistake. Yes, he has been a good quarterback over the years…..if he is the leader everyone says he is…he should see that his play is hurting the team and not helping. Time to retire, DM.

  11. aaron rodgers says:

    why do the vikings suck so much at life?

    And why do people in minnesota that could spend time productively watching ice freeze spend any time paying attention to this people that obviously suck so much at life?

  12. Ghetto Defendent says:

    Hey Aaron Rodgers, why do you look like Ellen? Your the one who lives over there with “just a bunch of cheese and shit” Why don’t you go home? Leave us Viking people alone. Didn’t you leave your John Deere running? Talk about watching ice freeze. Why does packer loser spend time paying attention to this people?

  13. Ghetto Defendent says:

    But seriously, the question is, does Frazier do what’s right for the Vikings (release Mcnabb) or stick with his “friend” Mcnabb. It’s his first big test as a coach. There’s no reason to continue with him losing. Lose (or win) with the young prospects.

    • CalVkg says:

      i really like leslie frazier. he’d be a good friend. i’m pulling for him and the other coaches to improve. i wish mike tomlin was our head coach

  14. krugjr says:

    zygi said after the frazier hire that the management structure would remain the same, that being the “triangle of authority”, and that he wouldn’t get involved unless he had to break a tie…..

    I’ll give you over night to think about that one…..

    • Lost Viking says:

      The tie arises if its Frazier, Musgrave and Brezinzski in favor and Spielman against. Tie.

      • krugjr says:

        Lost…..yeah, I see where you’re coming from…..I was thinking about the QB decision and I just don’t see frazier or spielman brave enough to bench mcnabb this week, which brought me to zygi, and even though I don’t believe he has a football bone in his body, he may have told frazier after the game, “come to my office”, and that’s why frazier says answer coming on wed…..head coach shouldn’t need to discuss this change with his staff, he should already know what he wants to do…..but maybe, just maybe, zygi is fed up enough to finally tell this train wreck, you tried it, it didn’t work, NOW BENCH HIM!

        • Lost Viking says:

          Somewhere along the line someone would have ‘consulted’ the ownership group. That said, the Viking organization didn’t invest much in McNabb from the get go.

          Those of us who haven’t watched previous five games don’t have a full appreciation of the McNabb experience. Unless you have Sunday Ticket you don’t get access to many Viking games.

  15. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Hmmm….looks like Vikings Gab is gonna have to create a private message board for its fans….

  16. bisatc says:

    Tomb: “Man I wish we had a legitimate deep threat. I think if we had that (and an OL, and a decent playcalling OC, and a decent QB), Harvin’d be like Welker on crack.”

    Harvin would be like Welker on crack. Amen brother. LOL

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