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Chris Cook Charged

2nd year cornerback Chris Cook has been charged by the Hennepin County Attorneys Office with a felony domestic assault by strangulation charge.  The complaint states that Cook strangled his girlfriend twice and struck her in the ear.

According to Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500, assaulting a household member is punishable up to 3 years in jail and a 5,000 fine.

Cook was charged with brandishing a firearm this spring when a neighbor accused him of pulling a gun during an altercation. The charges were later dropped as the judge ruled in his favor.

This is not a good sign for the Vikings secondary moving forward as Cook was emerging as a solid player this year. Winfield is getting up there in age and Cedric Griffin doesn’t look the same after his ACL injuries so Cook was a vital peice to the future of the position.

Chris Cook could be facing jail time and outside of his legal problems, there’s no word on what the league or the Vikings will do with Cook yet.

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26 Responses to “Chris Cook Charged”

  1. CalVkg says:

    the criminal complaint does not look good. crap, another setback. his GF didn’t deserve it. hothead, meathead

  2. krugjr says:

    09 draft…we all wait all night for pick #30…Patrick Robinson CB on the board, Spielman trades away 30 for 2nd pick next morning….Saints grab Robinson right away….we REACH for COOK next morning and everyone pretends he was the CB we wanted all along, even DC Frazier, then used the extra pick to trade up for RB….draft spiraled down from there (Webb in 6th?)…..I put Cook in the “miss” column, Spielman, and when there is no more room in that column, you should be fired!

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I wouldn’t put him in the miss column. Cook has impressed this year and coaching staff has been placing him on opposing teams #1 receivers. Cook has out played Patrick Robinson IMO.

      • Randy Perrin says:

        Also Vikings had their eye in Cook before the draft, came out and said he fit their scheme before they even drafted him so yea I think its safe to say he was their man they wanted

    • sb says:

      I feel cook has outperformed robinson so far, not to mention the trade back got us eversen griffen who looks pretty good so far. This all of course depends on whether he and cook can stay out of jail…

  3. krugjr says:

    2010 draft, that is

    • Lost Viking says:

      Agree it was a trade down with Detroit allowing Vike to move up 2nd round to pick Toby Gerhard. Vike had Cook, Patrick Robinson and a couple other Cornerbacks in for pre-draft visits. Could have been a tie.

      Cook now says there is two-sides to every story. Well, he’s going to find out in spousal abuse there is one side and one version to be listened to. The perpetrator’s statement isn’t of much interest in domestic violence incidents.

      “And what line of work is it that you’re in, Mr. Cook?”

      Cooperation and accepting anger counselling might be advisable.

      • Byebyezigi says:

        Cook is a future wife beater. The Vikes have the highest arrest record since 2000 with 36 arrests. We lead the league with some star anyway. Don’t buy them a stadium, buy them a cell block.

  4. SouthernVikesFan says:

    Its time to clean house, spot free…..Starting with a few office spots….. With the way the Vikings office handles things, maybe it would be best for us if they do move and get a complete new team and owner…..Please Ziggy, sell the team to somebody who cares about the fans.

    • LeCount80 says:

      Perhaps the Red McCombs days were more to your liking?

      Zigi has done nothing to draw ire from the fans….he spends the money, and steps back from football operations…..what exactly do you want?

      • SouthernVikesFan says:

        Well, 1st I want a Win………but it dont matter, Wilf will have that team relocated before too long…

      • Byebyezigi says:

        Personal I want billionaires to pay for their own facilities for the businesses they run. In a 10 percent unemployment economy people see sporting events as a luxury item. People have to chose between food or football tickets, food wins so the question is “can football teams make it without the state buying them a stadium, is it profitable”? FYI – neither is selling sand in the desert.

        Don’t tell me about the jobs it creates as the construction jobs will go to zigi’s construction company so not only will we buy him a stadium, his company will profit also. It’s a donkey-punch to the tax payers.

        • SouthernVikesFan says:

          There is absolutly no reason the people should pay for a new stadium. If the ‘FREE” dome is not good enough, move.The people pay for a new stadium, and the ticket prices go up even higher….
          Stop the madness, move the team somewhere else, and Minnesota will have a new team in no time…Greedy people all around…

          • Randy Perrin says:

            The Vikings bring the state and business around them money. A “fancy bar” doesn’t do that. The Whole family is sinking a lot of their money into a new stadium. I don’t see how a fan would want to see their favorite team be moved.

        • SouthernVikesFan says:

          l would like to open a real fancy bar, I wonder if the state will build me a building?

          • Randy Perrin says:

            And have u been to the dome? Place is junk and barely safe enough to be in.

          • SouthernVikesFan says:

            With he amount of money Wilf wants to contribute, he could renovate the dome to a very nice place. The people of the state wouldnt have to spend a penny. Its not fair for non-sports fans to have to pay for something they dont care about. Greed is all it is. If Wilf dont get a new stadium he wants to move the team. Guess what, let him move. Minnesota wont have a problem whatsoever finding another team to take its place. Sure wish the people get a say on this issue but it dont sound like they do. There is nothing wrong with the dome and a little paint goes a long way. Maybe the Twins want the dome back being they cant win outside, how about a stadium trade.

          • c.carterhof says:

            Renovate the dome? Lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.
            Find another team? I’m a Minnesota Viking fan.

          • SouthernVikesFan says:

            544 Mil to build Twins stadium, 1.1 billion for Vikes? Twice as much? C’mon man……..Do the math…. now who is getting stiffed there!

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            Cmon Southern apples and oranges man

          • SouthernVikesFan says:

            Its crazy. It dont matter though, you folks kick in and build the nicest stadium that can be built, just dont complain because tickets go up because of the extra cost to run it…..I wont ever see it except on tv!

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            Full disclosure Southern, I dont live in Minny but a neighboring state and not Wisconsin but try to visit once or twice a year for a game or training camp or Cabelas or visit my cousin. If the Vikes leave I wont have any reason to go to Minny and I think there’s alot of people just like me but you are 100% correct $1.1 billion is insane.

          • SouthernVikesFan says:

            I havnt been to the new Twins stadium, but seen pictures of it and it looks very nice…Half the cost they want to spend on a new Vikes stadium….Thats insane….There is absolutly no reason it should cost that much for a new stadium when in 25 years they will be bitchin cuz it aint good enough anymore…..INSANE….renovate the dome for 1/3 the cost and everyone will be happy…Hell, they offered it to them for free……..Greedy Greedy Greedy!

  5. Vikadan11 says:

    Rick didn’t have control of the draft of FA ~ Chilly had total control of the roster ~ This has been written about in al of the sports press when they covered the Vikings ~ Even Frazier said he wouldn’t try to micro manage the team like Chilly did ~

    Best I can find out based on what has been reported this was Rick’s first draft were he had any say~so in roster moves ~ The Vikings didn’t have enough money to be players in FA because they had to sign Greenway and AP ~

    So if you look at this years draft as Ricks first with any say it looks very good right now ~ We will have to wait and see what 2012 offseason looks like before we know where the Rick is taking the Vikings ~

  6. justin gallardo says:

    so if cook gets cut the best pick in the draft was our 4th round pick .ouch .granted Everson is a beast .but i punched a hole in the wall when the viks drafted Gerhart .. what a stupid pick .. could have gotten Blount or get a wr or linemen..but no had to get the rb that should be a fullback

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