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Vikings valiant effort comes up short in Detroit; lose 34-28

Vikings backup quarterback Joe Webb fumbled deep in Detroit territory in the final seconds, and the Lions escaped with a 34-28 victory over Minnesota on Sunday.

Linebacker DeAndre Levy appeared to get away with grabbing Webb’s facemask before the fumble.

Webb led the Vikings (2-11) to touchdowns on his first two drives after rookie Christian Ponder was benched and was a yard away from another TD.

On first-and-goal from the 1 with 9 seconds left, a replay appeared to show Levy grabbing Webb’s facemask, but a flag wasn’t thrown. The ball popped free at the 11 and was batted back toward midfield by Detroit’s Stephen Tulloch. Webb ran it down and tried to pick it up, but the ball came loose again and Cliff Avril finally fell on it at the Minnesota 43 to end the game.

The Vikings committed four turnovers, including a play when running back Lorenzo Booker fumbled without being touched.

Ponder was benched after his fourth turnover.

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19 Responses to “Vikings valiant effort comes up short in Detroit; lose 34-28”

  1. Charlie West says:

    Let me be the first to say, PONDER SUCKS! He’s a poor mans Brady Quinn, and he can be a fine back up. I hope he breaks his throwing arm, I’m serious. Vikings, cut your losses and see what Webb can do. He has WAAY more upside than Ponder. Why not let him “develope”? I’ve watched the Vikings since Joe Kapp, no QB has been allowed to stay in there so long after sucking SO bad. T-Jack was never close to being that bad. I’ve seen enough of both Webb and Ponder, and Webb is clearly the better competitor,athlete, leader and QB. He’s proven WAY more. It’s a better style for who we have. It IS like the Tebow situation. Even if they want to believe that LOSER Ponder is the future, he’s shown he’s just not ready now, and the players know it, and they want Webb. Let’s see what Webb can do! Why does Frazier anoint Ponder as QB of rest of season and future? That was stupid! They earn it with play. God, I hate that! It’s like Troy W. He couldn’t catch! Ponder can’t stop turning the ball over. Keep him out! He looks a like a goober 12 year old out there. He sucks! The right direction (Webb) is very clear.

  2. mn2mx says:

    I can’t agree more. Ponder…not a good name for a quarterback. Ponder our losses, ponder our fumbles, interceptions.

    Joe Webb…now that’s a name we can get behind…and other teams can get caught in. Dragnet, perhaps. He’s got the athleticism, we need a leader.

    Could the facemask on that last play have been challenged? Seems to me it should have been.

    Joe Webb…just the facts, ma’am.

    • bigc101 says:


  3. Lost Viking says:

    Brian Billick’s comments last couple of weeks have been pretty fair.

    We’re seeing a rookie QB grow. He’s being put in difficult situation each week. Ponder made several rookie mistakes and could have been picked off a couple more times.

    However, he is able to move the offense. He has great mobility and pocket presence you can’t teach. His throwing is generally accurate.
    Coaches turned football anaylsts like what they see. And they think Musgrave is doing a good job developing offense around him.

    There are areas to Ponder’s game needing attention. I would like to see Ponder develop more pumps and fakes, for example. The Lion secondary were jumping all over him today looking for ints. Webb was able to use play action and pump fakes to open up secondary. But one of Ponder’s advantages is that he is highly intelligent and should be able to figure this out. Higher upside with Ponder.

  4. Dynalee10 says:

    Webb is a great athlete that can make plays out of nothing, but lets be realistic he was bouncing the ball out there today too. The problem with starting a rook is your going to get a few games like today! If Ponder is less than 100% I think Frazier should play Webb. I think a few games with Webb as a starter and we will see why the coaches wanted to draft a QB.

  5. Yella28 says:

    Top 5 pick garanteed..I watch the games and wonder why we don’t use Shancioe & Rudolph like how the pats use there tight ends but that’s not the problem because there’s so many but we’ll mos def be better next yr if we get better at reciever, O-line and also corner mainly safety though cuz they suck..

  6. moses says:

    allen missed crucial tackle today any one think our corners need to be replacedin the draft.

  7. Charlie West says:

    There you go again, Dyna Lee. Staubach was a running quarterback! It’s about winning. No one has EVER been allowed to flame out like this. Let Joe Webb flame a few times. It’s a prejudice against him because he CAN run 60 yards just like that. I suppose you wouldn’t like RG3 either. I don’t want to hold this 12 year olds hand for the next 5 years. All time Viking low. This coach SUCKS, too. Why do you hand the job to this little paperboy? If they stick with Ponder, I’m switching teams. GO GIANTS!GO SAINTS! Go anyone team who doesn’t wear bicycle uniforms and have a 12 year old quarterback who SUCKS!

  8. Gary says:

    Improved my game today, 6 over par, I think I need to work on my putting a bit more……

  9. 4eversteve says:

    Only positive that came out of the game today is the Vikings stand a chance of moving up in the draft to #2 if the Ram can beat the Seahaggs tomorrow night.

  10. Dan says:

    Webb’s athleticism make him a great backup QB and he’ll be able to make huge plays with his feet because teams won’t be prepared for that. His inconsistencies will keep him as a backup because just being athletic doesn’t get it done as a starter in this league. I’m not sold on Ponder, but saying he sucks after his first debacle of a game on a week in which he basically didn’t practice is ridiculous. I personally think the coaches never should have let a rookie QB play after he barely practiced during the week, and I put a couple of the TO’s on playcalling as well. Seriously, who the hell here would call a 15 yard out route to Greg Camarillo on the far side of the field? Obviously the corner is going to sit on him because he is no threat to get deep and the ball is going to be in the air a long time, so that to me is just setting up your young QB for failure. What worries me is the the first and last picks he threw, one into triple coverage and one back across his body. He’s made both of those mistakes already so it’s inexcusable to make them again. Still, lets stop the Joe Webb is the best QB on the roster talk. We’re just shy of one year since Webb was the one that had turned the ball over several times against the Lions to give the Vikes a loss.

  11. Lost Viking says:

    Newspaper readers can get caught up with all the 2 – 11 talk and forget to process what they are seeing on the field.

    Vike were down 21-0 on the road and came back to within one play to win. Minnesota Viking are so much superior to lousy last-place team like Jag, Colt or Ram. Don’t think their level of play is inferior to Bear or Lion at this point. Level of talent on the roster is close to playoff teams.

    Sure, Lion have been badly over-rated team but Viking showed us something. Not just character but solid offense and front seven D.

    • Skol12 says:

      The talent level on the vikings is inferior to every team but maybe the colts, rams, and jags. On offense take away ap, not a single player would start for detroit(even percy, megatron would be number 1 wr). On defense jared allen and chad greenway would be the only starters. Thats 3/22. Next year, retool the ol. Kalil lt, hutch lg, sullivan c, charlie johnson rg, ricky wagner rt and hopefully those changes would improve their overall play. Sign vincent jackson to pair with percy and michael jenkins and our offense is set.
      Our defense is aging which isn’t good but I would leave our dl and lbs for this offseason unless we can find a fa replacement for remi ayodele. I would sign the best corner I could (samuel?) Along with drafting a corner, early safety(tj mcdonald?), late safety, and a early/mid cb (prater?). That would leave us
      Jared allen le
      Kevin williams dt
      Christian Ballard dt (my favorite on the team not named kevin)
      Brian Robison re
      Greenway lolb
      Ej henderson mlb
      Erin henderson rolb
      Chris cook lcb/nickel cb
      Tj mcdonald fs
      Hussain abdulla ss (could be challenged by a fa/rookie easy)
      Winfield nickel cb/lcb
      Samuel rcb

      That team would be on par with detroit and chicago, not the mess we have now.

      • Lost Viking says:

        Half full. Half full.

      • Lost Viking says:

        Here’s part of the puzzle solved:

        Viking have signed Emmanuel Arceneaux off the practice squad to a three-year deal.

        “He’s been such a hard worker in practice and really has a good feel for what we’re trying to do on offense,” coach Leslie Frazier said.

        “We don’t feel like we’ll have any issues with him understanding our offense and what’s expected of him, and his work ethic has been so good. We think he’ll be a plus for us. He’s an excellent blocker, has good hands, has pretty decent speed. But his work ethic is one thing we’ll really appreciate once we get him up on the 53.”

        He replaces rookie Stephen Burton, who suffered damage to the medial collateral ligament in one of his knees in Sunday’s loss at Detroit and was placed on injured reserve.

        Arceneaux, 24, signed a three-year deal with the Viking in January that included a $75,000 signing bonus. He starred in the Canadian Football League the previous two years but struggled to adjust to the NFL game in training camp.

        “That was part of it — him just making the adjustment to the way football is played here compared to where he had come from and the things we asked him to do,” Frazier said. “We ask our receivers to block a lot because of our run game and what we do with Adrian (Peterson). But that was a part of it. Just adjusting from that style of football, which is so wide open in the CFL. But he’s made that adjustment and looking forward to seeing how he performs.”

        This weekend Lost is predicting two TD passes, 100+ passing yards and making Saint defensive secondary look slow.

  12. meswant says:

    I liked Webb when I watched him the few games last season. Then the Vikings draft Ponder – ok, sure. Then the Vikings did the stupidest thing: brought in mcuseless!!!! And then they started him!!!! wth??? Other teams started their rookies & let them learn as they go, I say the Vikings should have started Ponder in the beginning. Play him & see how he does. To have him playing this late in the season does not give you much time to evaluate him. I will give Ponder the time required to get over the rookie mistakes – he just better develop & show better abilities next season.

  13. moses says:

    I again say cut your losses and draft two corner some one who can come up and hit hard.

  14. CalVkg says:

    quit complaining, we’re doing great! top 3 draft picks so far

    whaddya expect? SB and NFC championship losses every year?

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