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Awful Vikings Bullied By Brees; 42-20

Drew Brees threw for 412 yards and five touchdowns to lead the streaking Saints to their sixth straight victory, 42-20 over the Vikings on Sunday.

The All-Pro signal caller completed 32 of 40 passes to help the Saints (11-3) overcome a slow start to stay two games ahead of Atlanta in the NFC South race.

Even the Saints defense had their way, as the Vikings were held to 94 net yards passing.

Christian Ponder completed 14 of 31 passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns to Toby Gerhart, but most of that production came in the final six minutes of mop up duty.

The only good news of the day was provided by Adrian Peterson, who returned from a three-game absence to generate 60 yards (ten carries) on the ground.

The Vikings (2-12) have now dropped sixth straight games.

Injury note: Cornerback Asher Allen left the game in the first half with a concussion.

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26 Responses to “Awful Vikings Bullied By Brees; 42-20”

  1. krugjr says:

    I repeat…..signing AD was a BIG mistake, making it more difficult (but not impossible) to trade him…we are rebuilding and need to fill so many holes, and with our OL, AD is going nowhere…after the season we must find that one team that believes they are a RB like AD away from a championship run, then work a deal, 2 high picks and a quality starter…2 quality starters and a high pick…AD restructures his contract to play for a SB run, and we eat some more guaranteed money, but at least we move on………EVERY week, one or two RBs I’ve never heard of run for 160 yds…history continues to repeat, any NFL RB can gain 100 yds with a REAL OL…..franchising our LB, and signing McFailure and AD are more reasons to replace Spielman and the triangle with a GM who knows football… me out, guys,how many teams in the last 15 yrs have paid the HUGE 2nd contract to a RB? after 40 some years of the Purple being my only team, the way this franchise has been run lately has me losing interest in the best game in the world, the NFL…..unless the wilfs make some better football decisions, I’ll find better things to do with my NFL time…no big deal to the Vikes or the NFL, but I know there are plenty of fans like me…..

    Merry Christmas to all my GAB friends!
    Mele Kalikimaka to you, Ole!

    • c.carterhof says:

      You make some good points krug, but AP is going nowhere. It does help to have one of the best RB’s in the game.

      Biggest thing is IF Ponder becomes A very good QB, for years to come. This is a QB league. That’s what we gotta hope for.
      I agree about Spielman, he needs to be shown the door.
      O-line and secondary are tops on the to-do list.
      As far as coordinators…pretty sure Pagac will be gone, he should be. Frazier can handle the D, I’m hoping.
      Musgrave should stay, mainly because it is best for Ponder to stay in this system. We don’t want him to change systems over & over. At this point it is all about Ponder, and protecting him. At least on offense. Defense? The line is pretty good, Greenway is okay, so is Winfield…the rest is a mess.

  2. krugjr says:

    Lost, what’s the Colts’ SOS? you know, just in case they win another

    • Purple Faithful says:

      weaker than ours. forget the number, but they have to win out & we have to lose out.

      • Lost Viking says:

        Agree with Purple’s scenario.
        Updated numbers (unofficial) are
        Colt 118w
        Viking 127w
        Ram 132w

        Weakest Against schedule wins – think golf. So if Colt finish with 2 wins they will get 1st Draft pick based on Strength of Schedule.

  3. vk4life says:

    Fire Musgrave!! Fire Pagac!! Only. 10 carries for AP???!!! He had 60 yards!! Most of Ponders passes came in the 4th qtr?? This guy has no clue how to run an offense!!! Pagac, granted our db’s suck the play calling on D is horrible!!!

  4. bleeding purple says:

    I agree get rid of the coordinators..but krug…That makes me sick…You do not get rid of the best RB in the NFL. He is the heart and sole of this team..yes i agree theres some holes. But they can be solidified. Dont make another hole to fix another one thats insanity…I for one love that we have AP and gave him the ability to retire a viking…We need a legitimate number 1 reciever and solidify the Oline and the secondary and we will be fine…We can do that during the free agency and the draft…but the draft is nothing proven. So trading a top notch solidifed player for picks that might never pan out, thats ludicris.

  5. krugjr says:

    yeah, the debate continues, good points, all, BUT: there IS a cap, only so much money to spend, and how do we get all those positions filled when we have spent it all and have “very little” to show for it….you really think this OL can be built back up in a year????? take away AD’s 40 yd run and that leaves 9 carries for 20 yds…that’s the way it’s always been…AD gets 115 yds on 20 carries, with one run of 65 yds, that leaves 19 carries for 50 yds,,,you get the picture…I’d love to look up how many 100 yd games AD has had with no runs over 20 yds…..but this isn’t my point, gang, AD IS one of the best, but I don’t really believe he can help us win going forward, with our roster and his paycheck……AD: NFC offensive player of the week…anyone remember the last time that happened, or how often… opinion may not carry weight among the NFL elite, but it is a long way from insanity…

    PS…did anyone come up with that team that paid their RB that huge 2nd contract?

  6. c.carterhof says:

    Dallas Cowboys did it with Emmitt.

  7. c.carterhof says:

    Okay, didn’t see the 15 years part.

  8. c.carterhof says:

    The Bolts didn’t pay up on LT? I bet they did.

    Those big runs are part of the game krug. Alot of great RB’s were like that.
    I agree paying that money hurts us. But AP is not your normal back. When healthy 1000 is not what you expect from him, more like 1500-2000. At least I do…

  9. bleeding purple says:

    CJ got a huge contract extension this year which would be his 2nd…Im pretty sure matt forte will be in on that two.

    Yea we reshuffle the Oline a bit and i think we can get it done especially if we can pick kahili or watever his name is in the first round. I think the 2 weakest links in our oline are herrera and loadholt. We reshuffle a bit and pickup some oline picks or free can definately be solidified other teams have and it worked….So yes i think its doable…

    The biggest reason I think our oline and defensive backfield are so awful is they havent been addressed for years..for some reason the head office thought we were sufficient in those areas…This year has shown them they need to be addressed and I believe we will be..and we will be a much better team next year…

    As far as ponder goes..he needs some time and has shown he has the abilty to be a solid QB of the future..Yes hes made some costily rookie mistakes..But he seems like a very smart inividual and I think he will do much better next year…Remember rome wasnt built in year…Just have pacients.

    Pagac im pretty sure is as good as gone…Musgrave mught be safe though. I read on somewhere a few days ago that frazier took play calling away from him in a few games. That speaks volumes

  10. moses says:

    find a secondary who wants to play 412 yards that is non forgiving even for a secondary depleted trade or buy a secondary and let all these guys go except mento winfield

  11. Vikings Dude says:

    Please get ridd of WHOEVER is coaching and game planning… My Geeezes, its at a college level

  12. krugjr says:

    thanks cc and bp…always appreciate your feedback…..

    all I want for Christmas is a new stadium (in MN) and a new (real) GM
    come on, Santa, I’ve been a really good boy!

    lights out!

  13. c.carterhof says:

    Amen krugs. You should come visit the old gang sometime.

  14. meswant says:

    The Vikings have to keep AP – he is the main contributor to the team. I say the Vikings use this draft & fa to get o-line & 1-2 wr who is able to help Harvin. Our secondary is in bad need as well.
    Also too, yes, they need to come up with some type of playbook – it is beyond obvious what play is going to be run – they need to mix things up to bring off some of the pressure off Ponder – lets face it, he is a rookie & needs to be put in manageable situations. The Viking o-line need to earn their paycheques & protect Ponder & get some push to open running lanes. I like Gerhart on 3rd downs – he is very good out of the back field & he seems to be faster as he is already running when he gets the ball.

  15. wtfvikesfan says:

    Suck for Luck back on!!! Indy plays 2 rookie qbs the next 2 weeks!!!

  16. Joe Webb says:

    I’m sick of hearing this “quarterback for several years” B.S. People just hand this twirp the job! Get real, people! I have one name for you: Brady Quinn. Ponder hasn’t proven ANYTHING. Why the F does everyone keep handing him this lifetime contract! That’s what killed the Rams in LA. They stuck with LOSER Jim Everette and they would not give up until finally you couldn’t give those tickets away. I’m all for giving the 1st grader a chance, but enough with this QB of the next 10-15 years crap! We’ve had plenty of 1st round busts and he could be another. Wake up! Leave open the possibilty that he might NOT be the one.

  17. Lost Viking says:

    With talent on this team we certainly should have expected more than two wins. However, not even most faithful fan was under illusion that 2011 was going to be playoff year. As expected this was Packer/Bear/Lion fight while Cutler was healthy.

    Viking goals for team were met in 2011:
    . Salary cap control
    . Coaching staff established
    . New QB
    . Keep core nucleus in place

    No team is going to stay competitive when you turn over your defensive backfield twice. Restructuring defensive backfield should be simple and won’t cost much. A few other key positions is going to lead to .500 team. Viking will be in position to win division once Packer/Bear/Lion fades…2012 or 13

    • Skol12 says:

      Problem is…. Our salary cap isnt that great(still in the bottom half), our coaches suck(I almost miss chilly) and our new qb is turning into a turnover machine. The core nucleus hasn’t really stayed in place we didn’t keep sidney(who could have helped a LOT) and cutting McKinnie was a MAJOR mistake when we made charlie johnson his replacement. Plus who the F brings in Donnovan McNabb the guy is a piece of shit as a person and couldn’t even start for USC.

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