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Three Secondary Starters Out Against The Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings

Clearly the Vikings have problems that go far beyond the issue of which QB will start on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

The team will be without three starters in their secondary against Tony Romo according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

Cornerback Chris Cook has been ruled out with a hip injury and strong safety Jamarca Sanford will miss the game with a groin injury.

The team was already without starting free safety Harrison Smith, who is on the injured reserve/designated to return list with severe turf toe.

Cook, who is the Vikings’ best cornerback, expects to return for their scheduled tilt with the Washington Redskins in Week 10.

Considering that Minnesota was pretty brutal defending against the pass even before they lost three quarters of their starting secondary, fantasy owners with Tony Romo in their lineup should have a field day on Sunday.

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6 Responses to “Three Secondary Starters Out Against The Cowboys”

  1. Fisher says:

    So Josh Robinson is the senior starting member of the Vikings’ defensive secondary? The Cowboys are going to win this one by 40 points, and that’s after the Vikings put up 20 of their own.

  2. Chris says:

    cook is the best cb we have? idk about that

  3. purplereign57 says:

    Well, Fisher, you were a little off with your margin of victory for the Cowboys, but their win could’a been called by a monkey!!! LOL!!! Let me say this for the record. While the NFL was still in the preseason, I predicted that at the halfway point, the Vikings’ record would be 2-6. Sooo, real close, huh? Look, ALSO, for the record, I don’t know why, but I’m still a Viking fan. Been that way since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I first saw “The Purple People Eaters”, said to myself, now THAT’S a killer defense, and have been a die-hard, win or lose fan ever since, even though my above comments may sound like I’m just laughing at them. NOT SO. I am merely stating facts.
    Memories are very fond when I remember that defense. Alan Page getting repeatedly called offsides, when he actually wasn’t, because he was so damn fast off the snap. A scrambling Tarkenton hitting Gene Washington, IN STRIDE, 50 yards downfield. As seasons passed,and even though Minnesota lost a couple Super Bowls, I KNEW they’d be back. Ahmad Rashad, Chuck Foreman, the INCOMPARABLE Cris “all he does is catch touchdowns” Carter, Robert Smith (one of my all-time favorites…what a stride!) I sure missed him after he retired early, but he was smart, just like Barry Sanders, and quit while he still had 2 good legs to walk on.
    I’m rambling…let me just make this point. FACTS ARE FACTS, plain and simple. The 2012 Vikings, finishing at 10-6, weren’t that good…witness the mauling they got from the Packers in the first round. I KNOW…PONDER WAS HURT, THEY PLAYED JOE WEBB, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Everybody knows by now, Ponder ain’t that good either. Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, and ESPECIALLY Aaron Rodgers, pick Minnesota’s secondary apart pretty much every time they play. AGAINST ANYBODY, I wouldn’t be scared to say that 70-80% of the passes thrown into their secondary get caught. It sure as hell seems like it anyway. Well, now, just take another look at the 2013 Viking team. Their defense is a sieve. They can’t stop ANYTHING…FROM ANYBODY. The offense sputters along with an O-line that would seem to just be laying down, and lettin’ EVERYBODY come. It’s just not that Christian Ponder has happy feet…HE HAS TO HAVE. He’s just continually preparing to run for his life…again. To be honest, now that I give that time to soak in, that may be one of the reasons I think Ponder isn’t any good. With a better line, HE’D probably be better, too. Well, they say you learn some’n new every day. Guess that’s true. Still, Ponder has a long way to go before he’s worth what they’re paying him. I’ll stick by that. The ONLY bright spot Minnesota has is #28, and 6 or 7 times out 10, he makes his OWN HOLE. I’d think it nothing short of sacrilegious for Purple Jesus to wear any other colors, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he started looking
    for some other colors TO WEAR.
    I guess it boils down to the fact that the 2013 Vikings aren’t worth a crap. The football season is over again as far as I’m concerned, but let me conclude with what I think would be a most logical thought. Musgrave, Williams, Frasier, AND SPIELMAN, ALL need to be fired. If I were Zygi, I’d follow somebody like, say, Jon Gruden around like a dog in heat, and make him an offer that he ABSOLUTELY couldn’t refuse. The Vikings DESPERATELY need a great football mind like his in that head coach’s chair, then HE needs to proceed to bring in some of the BEST coordinators that he knows, and are willing to give it a shot. Hell, ask Bud Grant who he knows. He’d probably put ’em on to some good people! And finally, as far as drafting goes…well, they haven’t had a QB worth keeping since, MAYBE Daunte Culpepper, and you gotta go WAY BACK before him to find another one worth a crap, and that’s Tarkenton. Minnesota’s been through so many quarterbacks over the years, it ain’t even funny …or maybe it is. Like I said, Spielman needs to go, and somebody else needs to draft ANOTHER QB. So, if they continue this downward spiraling debacle for the rest of 2013, they should get a really high, if not a #1 overall pick, AND THEY NEED TO FREAKING NOT WASTE IT…AGAIN, AND GET A SIGNAL CALLER THAT HALF ASS KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE POSITION…A GAME CHANGER, WITH POCKET PRESENCE, WHO KNOWS HOW TO READ A DEFENSE WITHOUT STARING HIS PRIMARY TARGETS DOWN, THAT CAN TAKE COMMAND OF A HUDDLE!!!!! Is THAT too much to ask of a by-God NFL quarterback??????

  4. Fisher says:

    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Cowher

    Seriously, though:
    Bill Cowher

    • purplereign57 says:

      Yeah, he had slipped my mind, F, but it could very well be a blessing to get him in there too. Cowher AND Gruden are BOTH excellent coaches and motivators. The reason I said something about acquiring Gruden is that EVERY TIME YOU SEE HIM, he is just oozing fanaticism about the game. He loves it like it’s a good woman, and recalling his demeanor on and off the field while he was coaching, I just have this very distinct feeling that he could take the Vikings further than they have been in a looonnng time. But don’t get me wrong by any stretch. If I were the Viking hierarchy, I wouldn’t push Cowher out of my bed either. He definitely has the passion and the motivational capacity for the game, just like Gruden. And lest we forget, although I cannot recall exactly just because, but I know he has at least ONE ring, and for our purposes, that’s good enough for me. The Wilf’s, dare I say, need to get their heads out of their butts,and get a Cowher or a Gruden in there, and give them free rein to pick their own coordinators and staff. Then, they all need to knock heads, TOGETHER, and REPLACE Spielman. OK, sure, he drafted Harrison Smith and Cordarrell Patterson, but he also drafted Christian Ponder. Yeah, believe me, I KNOW he did a decent job yesterday, but you could still see the happy feet, the inability to look off a receiver, and the INT, which he has at least one of in every game he plays. Ponder just doesn’t have the capabilities to reel off, say, a 14 for 16, 250 yard, 2 or 3 touchdown performance to start off a game like an Aaron Rodgers, for example. FOR GOD’S SAKE, PEOPLE, I KNOW PONDER ISN’T RODGERS BY ANY STRETCH, but you need a QB reasonably similar to that IF YOU’RE GOING TO COMPETE WITH A TEAM IN YOU OWN DIVISION, THAT HAS A QB LIKE RODGERS…or Cutler, or Stafford. Or Manning, or Brees, or Brady, or Luck, or RGIII, or Russell Wilson, or Kaepernick, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. IN THIS LEAGUE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A QUARTERBACK THAT AT LEAST KNOWS S#!T FROM APPLE BUTTER.
      Point is, they need a real deep breath of fresh air on draft day, especially considering their long, mostly pitiful history of acquiring quarterbacks. And as we were discussing in the beginning, they need a coach like a Cowher or a Gruden to FINALLY light a fire under the players’ asses, and more or less create a sense of urgency before EVERY SINGLE GAME, AS IF THEIR VERY SOULS DEPENDS ON IT!!!!
      Oh, well, anyway (and I’ll probably get called everything in the book for saying this, but…SKOL VIKINGS!!

  5. Fisher says:

    To my knowledge, Spielman also served as the impetus behind acquiring Freeman. The picks at cornerback have been busting too much as well. Cook’s not playing as well as he was drafted to, and he might sign elsewhere. Robinson is blowing his assignments left and right, and Spielman was playing negotiation hardball in cutting and subsequently losing Winfield, a presence deeply missed in the backfield.

    Harrison Smith is rad. Rhodes could be great some day. The kicker-picks have long-term benefit and were well handled.

    No matter who is making the call, the first round of the 2014 draft is the keystone for the future. I want Bill Cowher as head coach so bad, gnashing and cracking the whip outdoors in Minnesota winter at TCF Stadium, I can barely stand it. Whomsoever they draft as the next attempt to acquire and groom into the franchise QB, they better give him the keys week one of next season and let him grow through experience.


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