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Video: Vikings Fire Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Leslie Frazier out in Minnesota after three plus seasons. Mike Garafolo on what went wrong for Frazier.

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2 Responses to “Video: Vikings Fire Head Coach Leslie Frazier”

  1. Fisher says:

    Spielman should have been fired before Frazier, and that’s considering the fact that I think it was time to move on from Frazier as well. Spielman brought us Josh Freeman. Spielman was the impetus behind drafting Ponder when the Vikings could have snagged Andy Dalton or Colin Kaepernick. Spielman stripped apart the defensive secondary heading into this season by playing hardball and cutting the best cornerback on the team in an effort to strong-arm Winfield into playing for less money… the savings from which were ultimately entirely wasted by Spielman himself with the Freeman acquisition. Speilman has made moves that have been to detriment of the team just to cover his own ass or play politics for his own benefit. Zygi should have pulled the trigger on both entities, Frazier AND Spielman.

    (See that, purplereign? I capitalized a word in homage to your style)

  2. purplereign57 says:

    I’d like to thank each and every one of you, (ESPECIALLY YOU, FISHER), for recognizing me for having a one of a kind style, and I’d also like to thank the Academy for this prestigious award! LMAO!
    Back to the business at hand…
    Fisher, I’m really not so sure that calling for Spielman’s head is EXACTLY what the next move should be…or should have been. I’m thinking that there are several assistants directly below him that may or may not have had a part to play in this Viking version of a classic Greek tragedy, although I guess, being in his position, Spielman DOES HAVE the final say where these acquisitions and departures are concerned.
    Your logic AND thought processes here seem to me to be completely valid. If, indeed, the GM was more of less solely responsible for the Freeman acquisition, and the Winfield departure, SOMETHING definitely has to be done to wrap a tourniquet around this gushing wound before it bleeds out.
    While it may be true that Spielman and company are the culprit(s) behind boneheaded moves such as these, obviously, there have been OTHER GM’s that have pulled similar stunts during the 50+ years of the Vikings’ tenure in the NFL. WHO WAS the GM during the Herschel Walker debacle? THAT has to go down in Viking lore as one of the worst moves EVER MADE in the purple and gold’s history! I remember that I had bought a brand new logo version of a Viking hat that year, but a few months after that trade was completed, I took that hat out in the back yard, sprayed it with lighter fluid, and burned it in effigy.
    Agreed…we NEVER SHOULD HAVE gotten rid of Winfield, AND hindsight being 20/20, Freeman should have never been signed. For that matter, Ponder should have NEVER BEEN DRAFTED!! I mean really…what did they see in that guy that I(we) never saw? All of the rap on him before the draft, (that I heard) was bad. Giddy in the pocket, noodle arm, staring down his primary receiver, etc. C’mon man, WHAT WERE THEY SMOKING? Jeeeezz, could’a had Luck, could’a had Keaepernick…oh, well, no use dwelling on the could’a, should’a, would’as.
    Truth in a nutshell, is that this organization needs to basically clean house, and maybe not necessarily start completely from scratch, (I think THAT might take the team too long to become a legitimate contender), and while OTHER FOLKS may have that kind of patience, I DON’T! I’ve obviously been waiting, hoping, praying, biting my nails until they bled, cursing, kicking and screaming for a championship team in Minnesota since THE VERY BEGINNING, as I am more than sure thousands of other Viking fans have done the same.Hell, man, I’m 56…that means I’ve been cheering the Vikings on since I was 5 or so years old!! And I’m sure that there are others out there that can easily beat that record.
    I know this: Frazier’s gone…and he should be. As far as I know RIGHT NOW, Musgrave and Williams aren’t, BUT SHOULD BE!! It’s like this, fans. I saw Musgrave’s play sheet in his hand along the sidelines a couple weeks ago. While others like, say, Rob Ryan have play sheets that’ll cover their entire heads, Musgrave’s was about the size of an index card. WTF?? No wonder nothing works. There’s nothing there TO WORK!! Musgrave AND Williams need to go for starters, and there are probably assistants under the both of them that NEED TO be looked at long and hard also. As far as Spielman goes,if he tries to make any more moves like the aforementioned busts, there’s not a doubt in my mind that he NEEDS TO BE REPLACED, PRONTO!! I can’t help but give the guy credit, though. After all, if my assumptions are correct, HE DID bring in Harrison Smith, Xavier Rhodes, Matt Kalil, Sharif Floyd (still a project), and of course, CflashP, (best draft pick since Randy Moss). I don’t know if his employment with the team had him play ANY KIND of role in acquiring Purple Jesus, but if it did, then I SALUTE HIM for that GREAT MOVE also. It would seem to me that there are point/counterpoint scenarios that go both ways here, and sometimes, I don’t like being a stick in the mud…but, sometimes, I DO. Let’s put it this way: I KNOW quite a bit more about the upcoming draft class than I did last year, and have my eyes on SEVERAL players,(on both sides of the ball) that the Vikings organization should be watching closely,and be giving SERIOUS consideration. I KNOW where their holes are…(everywhere)!! And I plan to look at as much footage, (whether on you tube, or elsewhere),that I can find on some of these players,so come draft day, I’ll have a really good idea which direction the team needs to go. IF IT GOES UNLIKE ANYTHING THAT I WOULD BE EXPECTING, AND THEIR DRAFT, FOR THE MOST PART, GOES BELLY UP, THEN I WOULD JOIN FORCES WITH THOSE THAT ARE YELLING FOR SPIELMAN’S HEAD ON A STICK RIGHT NOW!!
    Finally, YES, FINALLY, I’d just like to make this point: The Viking organization, (at least in my eyes), is legendary. Even though they’ve broken our hearts plenty of times, (most notably, 4 times in particular), we ALL STILL bleed purple…and always will. Ownership, management,local governments, AND TAXPAYERS, are beginning to erect a brand new, 1 BILLION DOLLAR HOME for their team, the purple and gold. I just believe that the organization, (those who make the important decisions…those who are responsible for BUILDING a championship caliber football team), can and will FINALLY GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER, ASSES IN GEAR, AND DO SOME JUSTICE TO NOT ONLY THE DECADES-LONG VIKING FAITHFUL, but do SOME JUSTICE to their brand new, mighty and shining new home.
    Once again, Fisher, I thank you for your bestowment upon me. I,too, hold the UTMOST RESPECT for your knowledge and insights provided here.

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