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Dolphins LB Coach Edwards Aboard As Zimmer’s Defensive Coordinator

George Edwards

Dolphins linebackers coach George Edwards will leave Miami to join Mike Zimmer in Minnesota as defensive coordinator, Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Edwards, 47, coached together in Dallas with Zimmer. From 1998 to 1999, they were position coaches together. From 2000 to 2001, Zimmer was defensive coordinator while Edwards continued to coach the linebackers.

This would be Edwards’ third stint as an NFL defensive coordinator. He was the defensive coordinator for the Redskins in 2003 and the Bills from 2010 to 2011. Edwards was in his second season as the Dolphins’ linebackers coach.

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3 Responses to “Dolphins LB Coach Edwards Aboard As Zimmer’s Defensive Coordinator”

  1. purplereign57 says:

    Well, Viking fans, you’re in for sort of a treat with this post. I can particularly address this to Fisher, for he knows first hand. I am well known, (at least, by him), to be a rambler…a talkative S.O.B., but I am going to try my very best to make this post short and sweet.
    As far as I know, George Edwards hasn’t actually been hired on yet as the Vikings’ defensive coordinator, and if I’m not mistaken, Zimmer wants him on board.
    I was compelled to do some research on Edwards, just to see what Viking fans would be looking at with this guy as our new defensive coordinator. People, are you in for a shocker. Edwards was the defensive coordinator with the Redskins in 2003, and the Buffalo Bills in 2010 and 2011. I looked up team stats, particularly defensive stats, at, (all you have to do is type in 2003 Washington Redskins statistics,and the same thing for the Bills, into the Google search bar), and found that, simply put, the stats speak for themselves. They are sorry looking defensive statistics, to say the least, ALL being near the bottom tier of bad defensive teams, in ALL THREE INSTANCES where Edwards was a defensive coordinator. Most points allowed, biggest average yards per play, most touchdowns, most rushing yardage, etc.
    As I said, I was going to make this post short and sweet…(or sour, as the case may be), and what I have typed here is about as short as it gets from me, as anyone that recognizes purplereign57’s comments can attest. So, in a nutshell, WE DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT OR NEED EDWARDS AS OUR DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, but I’m afraid it is probably too late, (or in vain), for two reasons. (1), Zimmer wants him on board, although I cannot figure out why, except that they are friends, and (2) Spielman sees that he has another opportunity to pounce on another member of the Viking coaching staff, and make him ANOTHER PUPPET TO DANGLE.
    The opinions expressed herein DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of ANYONE except purplereign57.

  2. Fisher says:

    The opinions expressed above do, in fact, reflect to some extent my thoughts on the matter. Edwards is a bum choice. I like the idea of Zimmer as head coach, but I’m not at all in support of Edwards.

  3. purplereign57 says:

    You’d think that since, ALL OF A SUDDEN, Viking management had the wherewithal to (a)have, for the most part, an excellent draft in the 2013 class, (b) muster up enough sense to hire Zimmer, AND, if things keep going in the direction that they seem to be going right now, a bright, shiny new offensive coordinator that, it seems, most people consider just this side of an offensive genius, and (c)believe that, judging from the past few seasons, as far as the draft is concerned, Spielman and company MAY BE fortunate enough to snag us a QB that won’t be a bust, and can progress to the NFL level…and even solidify himself a franchise tag in a few seasons.
    I know that most of this is conjecture right now, and I know that Minnesota’s defense is FULL of holes that NEED TO BE PLUGGED, pronto. And as I have REPEATEDLY SCREAMED, those needs are the ones that Minnesota should address first. DEFENSE WINS BALL GAMES. Plenty of the great coaches, past and present, have said that. Something tells me that with Zimmer at the helm, the Viking defense will show plenty of improvement over the course of the next season or two. All of the above notwithstanding, I STILL BELIEVE that acquiring a new quarterback should be the teams’ most pressing priority. IMO, the QB is the most important cog in the wheel that is a football team. Without a good field general, you just ain’t gonna score enough points to win many ball games, and even the best opportunistic defense can only do so much to GET POINTS for the team. Soooo, logic dictates that it’s going to take more than one season…or two…to get the Vikings to the point of being anywhere close to a legitimate contender, and the defense DOES have to be shored up just about everywhere you look, ESPECIALLY IN THE SECONDARY, where, IMHO, Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes are THE ONLY TWO back there worth keeping. So, DON’T EVEN TRY to change my mind about any other personnel that plays back there, ’cause it ain’t gonna fly. The rest of that secondary is CRAP, plain and simple. Why do ya think we lost so many games this season in the last couple minutes of the game? It’s because the D-line were put on their heels, (and asses), with things like a no-huddle offense, etc., so they could apply NO PRESSURE, meaning the opposing QB had plenty of time to survey the field, find the open man, (and there was ALWAYS at least one (or two) out there)…because the Viking secondary IS CRAP…and there you have it. ANOTHER GAME WINNING DRIVE by the opponents, with NO TIME LEFT for the Vikings to try and retaliate, as if it would do any good. Are you kidding? With noodle arm Ponder at QB? Nope! Game over! And the Vikings lose 24-23, 31-30, or another very similar crappy ass score. Well, JUST MAYBE, with this breath of fresh air they’re calling Zimmer, those kinds of game days will gradually come to an end. I know that this purple bleeder is going to try very hard to be more optimistic about the Vikings’ future. I guess it’s just going to be await and see thing, though I am convinced that, even though much improvement is needed in all phases of defense, getting somebody under center that can get this Viking ship sailing in the right direction is the key to the success of the team that EVERY VIKING FAN wants to see. Personally, (and I KNOW some will disagree), I would try to make a deal to trade up,(a trade NOT INVOLVING H.Smith, Rhodes, Kalil, CflashP, Walsh, a few others, AND ESPECIALLY PURPLE JESUS!!!!), being VERY, VERY CAUTIOUS with the draft picks we have, crawl up to the #2 overall, and snag Bortles (NOT MANZIEL). Anyway, there it is…my 20 dollars and 2 cents worth.I’ve said most of what I came here at this time to say, though I know many of you won’t have the patience to read THIS BOOK, but that’s OK…I’ve gotten the chance to say it anyway. Sooo, best of luck to Coach Zimmer, his staff, and all of the Viking players. Here’s hoping that the coming seasons at least brings more victories than losses, no serious injuries, a new found respect from this team, that the Head Coach earns and deserves, and most of all, a fear instilled into all other teams that have to play the purple and gold, no matter if the game is in Minnesota OR ANYWHERE ELSE.
    One last thing…I don’t know how many of you heard about this, but news came out a week or so ago that during the last game Seattle played at CenturyLink field, the fans actually created a small earthquake at the site!! As much as I hate to say it, I’ve never heard the Vikings’ fans get THAT LOUD. EVER. I hate that I don’t live anywhere near enough to come to Viking home games, because if I did, there would be fans ALL OVER THE STADIUM that would be able to hear me!! That ain’t no lie!! I’d be so hoarse after every game that I would not have a voice at all. I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs EVERY PLAY! EVERY PLAY!! I do it at home if I get to see the game, and I’d most definitely be doing it in the stadium. ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE DOING IT TOO!! Please understand, there’s no disrespect of any kind intended here. It’s just that, at least from what I can tell watching on television, you guys could be a lot louder. So, c’mon people…don’t hate the player…hate the game. Your team is going to be playing outdoors for at least the next two seasons…just like the old days, when, for most of the season, you could see your own breath, bundled up in the freezing cold,cheering on your Vikings, while watching the crazies down in the front row, yelling and screaming, with the Viking logo painted on their SHIRTLESS BODIES, in 10 below zero weather. Most of you younguns probably can’t remember the old Metropolitan Stadium, where, no matter how cold, Coach Grant NEVER ALLOWED heaters on the Vikings’ sideline!! Well, if you go to the games anytime during the next couple of seasons, and it’s REALLY FRIGID OUTSIDE, you’ll get a taste of how it used to be. Ha-ha-ha-ha!! You all will HAVE TO CHEER YOUR HEARTS OUT TO KEEP FROM FREEZING TO DEATH!!! SO, LET’S GET IT DONE!!!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!!

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