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Big Ant Is At 90%

The Vikings offensive line has its fair share of critics these days and nobody, including veteran guards Steve Hutchinson and Anthony Herrera, have been immune to the criticisms. Herrera has had trouble staying healthy the past two seasons, but he says he is nearly ready to go after tearing his ACL in November. “I’m about […]

The Metrodome Roof Can Be Yours

When the Metrodome roof collapsed hours before a game was scheduled to be played, entrepreneur Guy Nelson had a unique plan in his mind and he immediately picked up the phones and got to work. After six months of correspondence, Nelson has finally seen his plan come to fruition, and he has secured a large […]

Cunningham To Speak At Drowning Prevention Event

Over a decade ago, quarterback Randall Cunningham led the Vikings to one of the most exciting seasons in their 50 year history. This year, the impact he will be making is one of deeper meaning and with a more sobering message. Cunningham has agreed to be the key note speaker at a “respect the water […]

Sidney Rice Is Everywhere These Days

Sidney Rice’s blog has been stagnant since February when he last created a post with the headline “Flying to China.” The lack of activity on his official site doesn’t mean there is a lack of activity if you look elsewhere for information on the young, talented wide out.  In fact, it seems that every site […]

Peterson Apologizes, Refunds To Be Given

Okay, this story should be dead after this article… I think (and hope). Adrian Peterson issued an apology for the misunderstanding as to why he wasn’t going to be able to attend the youth football camp that has his name attached to it. “I want to apologize to all the fans about the confusion regarding […]

Peterson’s Youth Camp Fiasco Reportedly Blown Out Of Proportion

As Matt mentioned yesterday, the guys over at Access Vikings were taking advantage of the slowest of news periods by digging up some dirt on the team’s biggest superstar, Adrian Peterson. According to ProCampsWorldwide, the organizers of the youth camp with Peterson’s name attached, updated their website in an effort to take all the blame […]

Harvin: Still Migraine Free

Percy Harvin spoke to press at a charity event this week and talked about a number of topics such as the lockout, his desire to see Plaxico Burress in purple, and Christian Ponder. The thing I found most interesting and encouraging, however, is that Harvin said he has not suffered one of his rehabilitating migraines […]

Vikings Stars Are Back To Getting Good Press

There aren’t a lot of Vikings stories right now at all.  So, when a couple of stories come do surface I thought it best to at least mention them here, especially since they place two of our superstars in a positive light. First off, thanks to one of our readers named Bill for pointing out […]

#28 Fights Real ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Interestingly enough, no reporter has found the stones to track down Adrian Peterson and press him about his “modern day slavery” comments that caused such a stir a while back.  For those of you that missed it, he was essentially saying that NFL players are treated like slaves, despite the fact that he is going […]

Vikings Gab Charity Effort Strikes Gold Thanks In Large Part To Anonymous Donor

Last year the readers of Vikings Gab banded together to help fund a flag football program for a poverty stricken group of students in Kansas. This year, I drew all your attentions to a new project, one that helped buy equipment and storage shed for an inner-city football team with a number of homeless student […]

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