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Vikings Fall In Final Seconds To Bills in Buffalo 17-16

The Vikings seemed to have it all going their way, but then as good as they played on defense in the first three and a half quarters, their defense fell flat in the final seconds as the Bills topped the Vikings 17-16 in Buffalo. Kyle Orton broke the Vikings hearts, as he completed a 2-yard […]

It’s Cassel

Per’s Twitter feed, Frazier has unsurprisingly confirmed that Matt Cassel will start Sunday’s game. He didn’t offer anything more substantive.  

And the Starter is…

If only I had the final answer. Confusion has reigned, with Coach Frazier suggesting Christian Ponder is the starter, then proceeding to waffle in press conference after press conference. Reports have suggested that Matt Cassel has been taking the most reps in this week’s practices and will likely start. Last we’ve heard, Frazier indicated he […]

It’s Official

Just about an hour ago, the Vikings officially confirmed that Matt Cassel will start at quarterback this Sunday. Check here for more. I cannot say I am surprised. Coach Frazier could not stop talking about Ponder’s hurt ribs, so it seemed inevitable. I don’t think there is any monkey business here. I don’t think this […]

Christian Ponder reportedly on short leash for Vikings

According to Gregg Rosenthal from “Around the league” in a recently released article, Chritian Ponder may not be as comfortable as most people think in terms of grasping a solid stake at the QB position. Read the origional article below: Christian Ponder turned the ball over four times in a Week 1 loss to the Detroit Lions. […]

Chewing the Cud Week 1.5

Instead of explaining the purpose and name of this column myself, I shall provide a somewhat graphic link that will be useful for those of you not too familiar with the bovine digestive system. So let’s begin.   Not Overreacting, Just Fan-ing it up The numbers people over at call Week 1 National Overreaction Sunday. […]

Webb Wobbles As Ponder Sits In Vikings 24-10 Loss In Green Bay To End Season

No Ponder, no chance. Bet you never thought you would read that, but that seemed to be the case Saturday night when the Vikings season ended with a 24-10 loss in Green Bay. Joe Webb filled in for Ponder, and was pretty much as one would expect for a player that didn’t throw a pass […]

Peterson Powers the Vikings to the Playoffs; Sets Up Rematch with the Packers

The Vikings are heading to the postseason – but will have to beat the team they beat Sunday in order to get to round two. Sunday in a crazy atmosphere in Minnesota, the Vikings and Packers played a classic, and with the game on the line the Vikings went on a winning drive to set […]

Vikings Get to 9-6; Upset Texans 23-6 in Houston

Adrian Peterson didn’t have the type of game he was use to having as of late, but it was his teammates that picked him up Sunday in an upset win over the Texans 23-6. Peterson rushed for 86 yards, falling far short of the 2,000-yard mark, but the Vikings improved to 9-6, and they keep […]

Trench Warfare

Anyone who thinks the Vikings have a chance this Sunday at Lambeau must be delusional. One hundred percent certifiable. We all saw how quality teams with quality quarterbacks respond to being whipped  in front of a national audience. Aaron Rodgers will throw for 400 and 4. End of story. Vikings fans who have been teased by early […]