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Berrian Agrees To Restructured Contract

It was all too curious, the Vikings decision to not jettison the recently underwhelming Bernard Berrian and his $3.9 million base salary. Berrian’s contract was going to count $6.3 million against the salary cap. Thus, it is good to know that Berrian agreed to restructure his contract which will now expire after the 2012 season. […]

The Night Before

The Vikings got all of their rookies under contract on by Sunday and no players were absent for the 4:00 p.m. roll call that marks the official beginning of training camp.  That is an important note because it means nobody on the roster, including running back Adrian Peterson, appear to be hold outs. A number […]

And Away They Go

The Vikings were rumored to have interest in Braylon Edwards as a replacement for Sidney Rice, but all of the reports coming out over the last 24 hours indicate that if they ever had an interest in him, they no longer do. James Jones was thought to be the Vikings top target at the receiver […]

Five Ways To Make The Vikings Better And Younger

Fans are frustrated that the Vikings, despite the acquisition of Donovan McNabb, are taking a relatively low key approach to free agency so far. I read somewhere in an article that an agent was trying all day on Friday get in touch with Rob Brzezinski and couldn’t, suggesting the Vikings front office is quite busy […]

Frazier Vouches For Berrian

So much for Bernard Berrian’s release being a no-brainer this offseason. Berrian seemingly was not a favorite of Brett Favre and hit rock bottom in 2010 when he only netted 28 catches, 252 yards, and no touchdowns.  Head coach Leslie Frazier, however, seems willing to shrug off the down year and make Berrian earn his […]

Vikes Rumored To Want Jones, Not Edwards

A Twitter rumor (A Twoomer?) has been floating around today that the Vikings had made an offer to wide receiver Braylon Edwards, but Edwards was talking with the Dolphins, too. According to Shawn Zobel, who has been reliable during this frenzy, that is not the case. “Vikings have taken Braylon off their radar,” tweeted Zobel.  […]

Two Other Telling Flirtations

Other than the trade to acquire Donovan McNabb, some of the biggest name players the Vikings have gone after have been ones they ended up not landing. We now have two more names to add to that list. According to Jeremy Fowler, the Vikings showed interest in defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth prior to his being […]

Internal Moves Expected On Friday

Some teams have started to begin the process of signing their own draft picks, but the Vikings have not even opened negotiations yet, according to 1500 ESPN. That is expected to change on Friday, and with the new wage scale in place, they could all be under contract before the weekend starts. Defensive tackle Nick […]

DAY THREE: Recap & Analysis

The offseason is only three days old and it has been ridiculously difficult to follow all of the action thus far.  The Vikings have been somewhat active but, other than the McNabb trade, it has been pretty low key moves they have been making. Let’s get caught up on today’s action. McNot Yet The Vikings […]

DAY TWO: McNabb And McMore

Day two of the ultra-chaotic free agency transition period is in the books and, like yesterday, I wanted to recap and comment on the days’ proceedings. McNabb Is Coming To Town Well, by all appearances, Donovan McNabb will be the veteran quarterback that leads the 2011 Vikings to battle, tutors Christian Ponder and Joe Webb, […]