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Berrian Has To Pay Up

Remember that mid-season distraction that involved Bernard Berrian and Adrian Peterson getting speeding tickets, within a week of each other, for drive over 100 miles per hour? Well, Berrian has been punished. It is being reported that Berrian was required to pay $300. Now, mind you that 300 bucks is no small amount to pay […]

Vikings Re-Sign Greg Lewis

I just wanted to say “thanks” to all of the great readers of VG for allowing me to take a three-day break without feeling too guilty.  I read all of the comments and thanks for the kind words, yes we had a great time, Fran I need to ask you a question, Freds needs a […]


Well, I recently finished my position-by-position breakdown of the Vikings roster and how I felt they would proceed with this year’s offseason.  They are pretty in depth (I actually even did some research!) and then I made predictions for each position. I thought it might be fun to kind of compile all of my predictions […]

Moss Rumors Make Semi-Annual Re-Emergence

I like Mike Florio at PFT more than a lot of people around the net, including readers of this site, and some of that probably has to do with the fact that he managed to find a way to pay the bills via a football blog… something I, and many other bloggers, envy and admire […]


[Check out my other previews:  Quarterback, Running back, Full back, Tight end] It took quite some time for Vikings fans to come to terms with the absence of Randy Moss, but that time may have finally arrived. Second round pick Sidney Rice finally had a breakout season and Rookie of the Year Percy Harvin has […]


Some people thought that I was being too harsh when I said Adrian Peterson needed to be benched for a length of time.  The point was to get it through to him, and any other Vikings player, that they need to be conscious of their off-field actions. Now I say an example needs to be […]

Future At Risk: Bernard Berrian

Vikes Geek is quickly becoming one of my favorite Vikings blogs on the internet.  The writer over there doesn’t provide constant updates, but when he decides to delve into a topic he does so with unabated fervor.  Last week, he wrote an article on Bernard Berrian that really weighed on my mind for most of […]

Winfield Will Not Play Sunday

Antoine Winfield will not play Sunday against the Lions.  This is good news for the Lions, who need to rely on Megatron and Kevin Smith in order to come close to victory. Winfield has this to say, “It’s funny how my injury didn’t happen with me hitting someone. I was at the line. I planted […]

Links Of The Week

I wanted to take a break from my incredibly premature musings about the 2010 offseason and give some love to our friends around the Blogosphere.  Make sure to check out some of these great stories and then check back here and let me know what you thought. Also, while I gave up on doing a […]

REPORT: Berrian Out

Just saw a report that Bernard Berrian will sit out this game against the Packers. Berrian pulled up mid-route last week against the Steelers, appearing to hurt his hamstring.  It looks like Percy Harvin, listed as questionable with an illness, is good to go.