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OPINION: Vikes Should Roll With Jackson

Look, I’ll be upfront in saying (and most of you know this by now) I am not, and never have been, Brett Favre’s biggest fan.  So, if you are someone that thinks Brett Favre is incapable of throwing a bad pass, and that his receivers simply need to do a better job of always being […]

No Wrap For Favre

Overshadowed by the pending scandal surrounding Brett Favre is the fact that he is dealing with tendinitis and has had to wear a sleeve on his throwing arm during practice this week. During warm-ups, however, Favre is not wearing a sleeve or wrap at all.  This could be a good sign as Favre prepares to […]

Favre’s Woes Worsen

This has been a rough week for Brett Favre.  With the way things are progressing, though, next week might be even worse. First, Favre reportedly had an MRI conducted on his throwing arm which revealed some inflammation. “It was not an issue before we went on the bye and we worked pretty good on Monday […]


One of the byproducts, for better or worse, of the Brett Favre signing prior to the 2009 season was that running back Adrian Peterson would cease to be such a focal point in the eyes of the fans and the media. Favre-A-Palooza was a term coined by tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and pretty much sums […]

Will Cook Be Competition For Sullivan?

I am not a big fan of starting center John Sullivan’s level of play, but I have to admit I was wishing for him to re-enter the lineup after injuring his leg early in Sunday’s game.  I was wishing for his return, because the very next play featured his replacement, Ryan Cook, getting beat bad […]

The Vikings Will Take Time Off

Last night I heard the trio of talking heads on NFL Network talking about how the Viking’s bye week couldn’t come at a better time because the team can treat it as a belated training camp to get Brett Favre on the same page as his offensive line and pass catchers. Apparently, that won’t be […]

Vikings Enter Bye Week With Victory

If the Vikings had lost to the Lions today, then the week four bye would have doubtless been filled with fans calling for Brad Childress to be fired and speculation of a mid-season retirement party for Brett Favre. If they had one in blow-out fashion, then fans would have had a good dose of optimism […]

Vikings Sabotage Themselves In Home Opener

Earlier this week, I trash talked with my good friend Dawson (A Dolphins Fan) about the upcoming matchup.  Much to his dismay, he awoke this morning to find his Dolphins jerseys replaced with Vikings jersey’s in his closet, not to mention a Vikings flag attached to his car. It turns out that Mrs. Warwas and […]

Childress Goes On The Defensive

Question:  How many games did it take for Brad Childress to be criticized nationally? Answer:  One. A number of things contributed to the Vikings loss in their season opener to the Saints, but postgame talk revolved around certain coaching decisions.  Here is Brad Childress talking about a number of those issues. Running The Ball After […]

Who’s in, who’s out ?

As I struggle to make sense of it all, I am reminded of my younger days when I was fortunate enough to attend the Temple of the Maharajah Ali Bali Abdalli-Mali. Ali was a wise and venerated sage whose mental gifts were the topic of intellectual lore throughout the vast expanses of the Asian Hindu […]

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