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Quote Of The Week: Ooops Edition

When Roger Goodell was asked about his decision to “fine” Bryant McKinnie for not showing up to Pro Bowl events he responded by saying it wasn’t his decision and that it may be hard to believe but he doesn’t deal with everything NFL related. Then he went on to say: But obviously when we have […]

Wilf Says “No” To A McKinnie Trade

Judd Zulgad caught up with Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf today and asked him if the team might attempt to trade left tackle Bryant McKinnie. “No,” was the answer given by Wilf. So there you have it, the Vikings will not be trading Bryant McKinnie… unless Zygi Wilf was lying… which owners have been known to […]

Talking Tackles

Well, the “Final Four Plan” is making for a sllllllow start to free agency for Vikings fans.  To date, the Vikings have tendered all but one of their restricted players, re-signed a backup wide out, allowed Chester Taylor to leave for Chicago, and have been rumored to be interested in a cornerback with ACL issues. […]

RFA’s Available At Decent Value

Now that free agency is under way, and all the restricted free agents have been given their respective tenders, it is time for me to participate in some pointless speculation… and have fun doing it! So, let’s pretend that the Vikings go crazy and decide to give up essentially their entire 2010 draft.  Here is […]

Bryant McKinnie Might Have Work Cut Out For Him

Bryant McKinnie might actually want to consider a career that is exclusively in the rap music arena. Why? Well, the latest rumors indicate that the Bears will sign Julius Peppers and the Lions will sign Kyle Vanden Bosch. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

McKinnie Unveils Possibly Legitimate Excuse

In a move that reeks of Drew Rosenhaus, Bryant McKinnie has taken to Twitter (go figure) to try and do some too-little-too-late damage control. When McKinnie was booted from the NFC’s Pro Bowl roster this year, much controversy revolved around his dunderheadedness.  Now, however, McKinnie is telling people that he saw a foot specialist and […]

Peppers Rumors To Increase McKinnie Speculation?

One rumor that spread like wildfire on Tuesday was that the Vikings divisional rival Chicago Bears have defensive end Julius Peppers on top of their wish list for the 2010 offseason. The Bears were struck by tragedy when defensive end Gaines Adams passed away at the end of the 2009 season.  This left a pressing […]

How I Would Roll (If I Was Zygi)

Humor me for a second and imagine that I magically became Zygi Wilf when I woke up tomorrow morning. The first thing I would do is, well, shave and get a haircut. Second, I would probably use double sided tape to make a suit made completely of one hundred dollar bills and then wear that […]

McKinnie To Pay Up

The NFL handed down their punishment to Bryant McKinnie for his recent behavior that got him booted from the NFC’s Pro Bowl team. McKinnie is being forced to forfeit his $22,500 game check that Pro Bowl players receive and also has to pay back $4,285.13 for reimbursed costs.  So, essentially McKinnie will be out about […]

McKinnie’s Behavior Is A Head Scratcher

It is really a pity that left tackles are such an irreplaceable commodity and that stupid is such a hard malady to correct. Bryant McKinnie proved once again that intelligence isn’t always a key to financial success, particularly in the NFL. I mean, really?  The guy FINALLY makes the Pro Bowl, an award he had […]