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Berrian To Help Ocho Find Love

Last year I got a little nervous when Vikings wide out Bernard Berrian was spotted multiple times hanging out with Bengals wide out Chad Ochocinco throughout the offseason. This year, Berrian will not only be hanging out with Ocho, but will be featured on his new TV show:  Ochocinco:  The Ultimate Catch. In the show, […]

Harvin Has Bulging Disks; Other Notes

Hello everyone.  Sorry for the troubles in the comments section, not sure what happened and not sure how I fixed it.  Hopefully that is the last time such a thing happens… but if not, thanks for the heads up that something was wrong.  I get all comments sent to my email, and had it not […]

Ocho Has Big Plans

I have to admit, ever since the Bengals game ended on Sunday I’ve been checking Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter account on a fairly regular basis.  Why?  Well, I was waiting for him to say something like this: Adam this Sunday when I score I’m taking that loud horn from the Viking mascot and using it<–is that […]