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Free Agency Has A Few More Opportunities Than Originally Thought

The NFL and the Player’s Union have four days to come to a new agreement or else the uncapped year will become a reality. For a while now, we have been assuming the uncapped year is inevitable, and until there is reason to believe otherwise we will continue to do so. Much has been made […]


Over the last couple of weeks I have previewed the offense in a position by position manner.  These seem to be pretty popular posts judging from the comments. In the post I discuss 2009 production of each position, contract statuses, draft scenarios, trade possibilities, and free agency prospect. I also try to take a guess […]

All Free Agent Team v2.0

Quite some amount of weeks ago I started my “All Free Agent Team.”  Basically, I created an entire starting roster (plus a backup usually) of players that are set to become free agents in 2010.  Since a lot has changed since I did the last list, I decided to re-visit it tonight and make some […]