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Favre Watch Gets Weird

Favre Watch has had a lot of weird moments over the last five years or so. Each time he does anything at all, the media clamors all over themselves to “decipher” the meaning behind the event and search for clues as to whether he will retire or play football. I hope they have a lot […]

Erin Henderson Tackles A Tough Issue

When Erin Henderson was suspended for the NFL’s Substance Policy, he refused to admit any guilt, and I believed him.  Some of you may even remember that I went out of my way to defend him. I was still disappointed to see numerous commenters (on other publications with less classy readers, of course) rip into […]

OFFSEASON PREVIEW: Outside Linebacker

[For more previews of this nature, click on the “2010 Offseason Tracker” tab at the top of this screen.] 2009 Season Besides the occasional lapse in pass coverage, the Vikings saw great production out of their starting outside linebackers in 2009. Chad Greenway led the Vikings with 80 tackles.  He also had a forced fumble […]

A Mistake

Yesterday, I was under the impression that Erin Henderson was eligible to return from his suspension. Indeed, this was inaccurate.  Henderson will rejoin the Vikings today, and be eligible for the Saints game. I apologize for the misinformation.

Henderson To Return

We previously reported and opined about the fact that Erin Henderson had been handed down a four week suspension for violating the NFL’s substance policies. The suspension came shortly after he had one of his best special teams performances of the year against the Bengals.  While serving his suspension, the Vikings special teams coverage units have been […]

Henderson Doesn’t Own Up

“Your name is all you have,” Erin Henderson told the Pioneer Press on Wednesday in the wake of being dealt a four game suspension by the NFL. “Because of that, I’ve always tried to hold myself to a higher standard.” Henderson was suspended by the league for violating their performance-enhancing substance policies.  Henderson is not […]

Minnesota Vikings New Stadium

Winning is everything. The Minnesota Vikings are 11-2 going into this Sunday night’s football game. Winning is everything.  I remember reading some articles about the possibilities of Brett Favre coming to Minnesota and how either it wasn’t going to make a difference in the final outcome of the season or how his presence was actually […]

Henderson Suspended

Vikings backup linebacker Erin Henderson was dealt a four game suspension by the NFL today for violating their policies on enhancement substances. No further details on the nature of his transgression are available.  Henderson would be available to rejoin his team starting the day after their first playoff game… if he’s still a member of […]

The Injury Updates For Today

Brett Favre recently got the Jets into a bit of trouble regarding them not putting him on the injury report at the end of last year. The team was fined $75,000 for the “error” and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and former Head Coach Eric Mangini were both fined $25,000 as a result of Favre blabbing about […]