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Harvin & Greenway Return

It’s funny how the emergence of Twitter has made it so that I can take information from a beat writer’s Twitter posts and get it onto my site before they can even get it onto their site.  That’s just weird… and kind of wrong. Regardless, today’s injury updates come from the Twitter account of Tom […]

Camp Breakdown: Day Five (Afternoon)

[Editor’s Note:  While I am not going to include every source link, please note that all the sources consist of the sites (and Twitter accounts of their writers) that are featured in our blogroll on the right hand side of this page.] In Tuesday’s afternoon practice Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Benny Sapp, E.J. […]

Ten Training Camp Predictions

They do it every morning.  Very early in the morning.  Long before my dogs sit at my bedside and whine at me to let them out.  Long before Mrs. Warwas presses “start” on our coffee maker.  Long, long before I want to wake up, the Minnesota Vikings hold training camp on my roof. Okay, actually […]

What Is Brock Lesnar Worth Now? About $30

Long gone are the days that I gave two hoots about a pack of trading cards, regardless of the sport. However, I recently tripped across this article detailing Brock Lesnar’s brief stint in purple (and Jared Allen’s number). A trip down memory lane is never really a bad thing.  Okay, as Viking fans, a trip […]

Quote Of The Week: Allen’s Golf Tourney

Last week I brought back the “Links of the Week” as a weekly feature, and now I want to bring back the “Quote of the Week.”  By the way, I am all ears if you all have suggestions for weekly features that should be done on this site. After the break, our quote of the […]

Good Stuff Going On

Not too long ago I dedicated a post to highlighting the off-field efforts of every member of the Vikings and how much good stuff was happening as a result of having a community-committed franchise, from the owner on down. This time of year those types of events are in full swing and there are numerous […]

EA Sports Likes The Vikings

A minor stir was created amongst the gamer/baller hybrid community when somebody swiped a video of the Madden ’11 rankings of players at the top of their respective positions.  As I was glancing over the latest ratings that have been bootlegged (and are probably subject to change) I did notice that the newest version of […]

Talking Defensive Ends

I know I have been somewhat harsh when it comes to defensive end Ray Edwards on this blog, which often results in protests from multiple readers. I have my doubts as to whether or not the young defensive end has a future beyond 2010 with the Minnesota Vikings, but a recent article from our friends […]

Jared Talks About Favre, Haynesworth, & Himself

Apparently Brett Favre politely declined to attend Jared Allen’s recent wedding (the wedding is better known as a funeral for his mullet) and Allen apparently doesn’t mind.  He also apparently doesn’t mind that Favre forgot to RSVP when it comes to attending offseason events. He is still assuming Favre will be back for another season, […]

Links Of The Week: Mullet Edition

This week’s look around the web: Not everyone was willing to poke fun at Jared Allen’s new haircut like I was.  Probably a smart move. The race issue following Toby Gerhart is sure not to go away, especially if he keeps getting upset and talking about it. An interesting question that will test your purple […]