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Favre Is Still Alive

Every year around the Fourth of July, Brett Favre talks to hometown reporter Al Jones of The Sun Herald.  This year is no different and what Favre here is what Favre had to say as transcribed by Access Vikings: By Al Jones The Sun Herald BILOXI, Miss. — Whether Brett Favre plays a 20th season […]

Welcome To The Big Show: Chris Cook

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Over the next few weeks, we will be unveiling some in-depth articles that allow you to better know the newest Vikings draft class and undrafted free agents.  These articles are not intended to be “fluff pieces” like you will find elsewhere, but rather a comprehensive look at each of them as a person […]

Childress Thinks Quarterback Situation Is Humorous

If there is one thing that upsets me more than any other single thing about the Vikings draft strategy this weekend it is that they neglected to solidify the quarterback position in a long-term sense.  Even when the solution was staring them right in the face… twice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Chris […]

Favre Update Takes Backseat to Draft

It is either a sign that fans are sick and tired of having to hear about the Favre Watch, or fans are extremely confident that he’ll be back. Either way, I was surprised that the latest update on Favre managed to be overshadowed by the NFL Draft.  One year ago, an update about Brett Favre […]

After A First Day Absence, Vikes Disappoint Fans On Day Two

Prior to this draft I know I was laughed at for thinking Jimmy Clausen would go first overall. If I had told you all that the Vikings would use their first three picks to obtain two players, Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart, I know I would have been laughed at even more.  When the latter […]

DAY TWO: Second & Third Round Live Chat

Okay, everybody, thanks for sticking with me as our draft coverage has been slightly more scarce than what we would prefer in this neck of the woods.  I’m as dedicated to my day job as I am this one, and every now and again they conflict with each other. BUT… Now I’m here and am […]

Vikings Swindle Lions… Or Perhaps Other Way Around

After a long evening, the Vikings were on the clock with the thirtieth pick of the 2010 draft.  Quarterback Jimmy Clausen is still on the board.  Then the phones start ringing. The Vikings fielded a few offers, but in the end it was divisional enemies the Detroit Lions that offered the best package and the […]

First Round Does Not Disappoint

Wow. After a long night of meetings for yours truly, I had the exciting task of getting back to my hotel room and finding out how things went down. It isn’t quite the same as having been able to watch it live, but it appears like the first round was quite exciting.  Let’s take a […]

COACH CHRIS: If I Had My Way On Draft Day

If all was right with the world, and the draft fell the way Coach B wanted…… The Vikings would select at # 30…. 1.       ROLANDO McCLAIN – Alas, the team would have to move up significantly to get him. But he’s the best MLB prospect in at least 5 years. He reminds me of Brian […]

Draft Week Questions

In a week in which we’ve exhausted almost all of our speculative brain cells, your questions were much appreciated as a conversation starter.   Bigjohnny84 Asks:  Adam, was there any interest at all from any team in aquiring Tjack or Ray Ray? I didnt see or hear anything at all. That to me is very […]

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