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Slight Mock Update

I don’t want to annoy you all by updating my Mock Draft (click the tab at the top of the screen) every day between now and the draft, but big moves like the Brandon Marshall trade require me to pay some attention to my mock. Perhaps there will be enough movement over the next week […]

Friday Full Of Quarterbacks

According to multiple outlets, including this one, Brad Childress will be heading to Florida tomorrow. He is scheduled to be a guest speaker (those poor bastards) at a coaches clinic in Gainesville.  Many Florida players will be drafted and many will be drafted early this year.  However, no name will garner more attention than that […]

Two Mock Updates In As Many Days

I know, I know… “but Adam, you just updated it yesterday!  What on Earth could possibly have changed!?!” Well, nothing has really changed, but I did have a chance to delve a little deeper into things this time and thus  there is a little more thought put into this one.  Also, I added a third […]

Stacking The Quarterback Class

I’ve seen a significant number of questions/comments/opinions/rants about the 2010 quarterback class in recent posts and have decided to finally jump off the ship into the deep black ocean that is evaluating quarterbacks. Admittedly, I have been able to watch less prospect film this year than I normally try to, mainly as a result of […]

More Questions Answered!

Thanks for keeping those questions coming, it helps to give me some inspiration for writing something on yet another day when absolutely nothing has happened worth calling news. Bigjohnny84 asks:  Adam, what are the odds that Freds will owe us a steak and Colt 45s?: Johnny is referring to a bet that he and I […]

First Attempt: 2010 Big Board

The Vikings have the 30th selection in this year’s draft and thus I thought it may be fitting to give a list of who I think are the top 30 prospects in the draft, in order of who I think the Vikings should pick.  In theory, if my board looked anything like the Vikings real […]

Should The Vikings Sell The Farm?

The Vikings are in the midst of one of their best seasons ever and still have serious Super Bowl potential, but they are also about to hit a major crossroads when it comes to the most important position on their team. Brett Favre has been having an amazing year after essentially falling into the lap […]

Mock 7.0

Mock 7.0 I have long said that I wouldn’t move the Vikings out of the 32 spot in my mock until I had a reason to believe they would be drafting anywhere else.  I almost put them down at the 30 spot. I elected to keep the faith, however.  Here is my latest mock: Rams […]

Mock Draft v6.0

Here is my updated mock draft.  Some interesting changes occurred in the draft order, particularly when you consider that the Browns beat the Steelers. Without much ado, here we go: Bucs:  Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska – Right now, Suh is considered the obvious pick to help the Bucs get their defense back on track. Rams:  […]

Mock Draft v5.0

So there were some interesting changes to some of my college prospect rankings this week after a barage of great games.  Also, I added a second round to the mock, just to try and keep things from being too redundant.  I’ll cut right to it: ROUND ONE Bucs –  Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska Rams –  […]