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Favre Sends A Message, Doesn’t Acknowledge Allegations Of Sending Messages

Brett Favre held his weekly press conference on Thursday this week because the Vikings will play on Monday instead of Sunday. Kevin Seifert of ESPN wrote an interesting piece about how Favre’s arm was “conspicuously” iced during the presser. As Seifert explains, Favre hardly ever ices down his arm and it seemed that Favre was […]

Childress Thinks Quarterback Situation Is Humorous

If there is one thing that upsets me more than any other single thing about the Vikings draft strategy this weekend it is that they neglected to solidify the quarterback position in a long-term sense.  Even when the solution was staring them right in the face… twice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Chris […]

Big Mac Still Doesn’t Have A Clue

First, I want to be clear that this interview comes to us via Kevin Seifert at ESPN’s NFC North Blog.  Why so clear about that?  Well, let’s just say I have seen numerous websites giving the Star Tribune credit for this interview, and that just isn’t true. Now onto the good stuff… Bryant McKinnie is […]

Week 12 Slide Now A Concern

  I was perhaps more critical of the Brett Favre acquisition of any Vikings blogger on the net before the season began.  Then, just as I was staring at that glass of Kool-Aid contemplating whether or not I should take my first sip, Brett Favre laid an egg… right on schedule. What I mean by […]

Interesting Note On Berrian’s Hammy

Bernard Berrian left the game with an injured hamstring injury on Sunday. When I first saw the injury, I assumed Berrian had reinjured his hamstring that sidelined him during the entire preseason.  Upon taking a closer look, Berrian appears to have injured his left hamstring this time around, not the right one which was the […]

Shotgun Success

Kevin Seifert over at ESPN pointed out an interesting nugget.  Brett Favre has been a beast when throwing from the shotgun. Favre is the second best quarterback in the league out of the shotgun formation, with a 117.2 rating.  He has completed 75.4 percent of his passes out of the shotgun for 545 yards and […]

Video: Vikings 2008 Preview