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Live Blog Coming

The last time the Vikings played the Pack, I did a live blog here at Vikings Gab.  So why change something if it is working? That’s right, this Sunday starting at about one hour before kickoff, feel free to stop by and join in. We’ll have the live blog up and running, the beer on […]

Live Blog Coming… Or Is It?

A couple of times I have done live blogs here at Vikings Gab and they have gone pretty well.  I have to admit that I prefer just watching the game as opposed to being glued to my laptop, but also enjoy to comradery that comes with spending game times with you the readers. Also, Sunday’s […]

Lets Get It Started!

Favre meeting his old team. Packers new Defense. League’s top rusher. Aaron Rodgers tearing up the league. Jared Allen and the Vikings hard hitting D. What else could you ask for? It is the Vikes versus the Pack, on Monday Night Football! Lets do this thing! Vikes Vs. Pack

Live Blog Coming On Sunday

Some sites out there are now punishing their readers by charging money for “premium content.”  Considering that many of the people they are charging for the content are making their money by reading those blogs while at work, maybe it’s a fair trade, I don’t know.  Some of those sites consider Live Blogs as premium […]

The Lions Don’t Stand A Chance

Hello all!  I know I’m not posting as much as normal, but with work being busy, hunting season here, my truck acting like the old beater it is… I’m just having trouble keeping up.  However, I hear rumor that a prestigious group called OAVBR may soon be making the move from Access Vikings comment boards […]