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Week 10: Jean-Paul Bergeaux’s List of Things

By Columnist Jean-Paul Bergeaux Making rules about concussions doesn’t change the game of football. Does anyone actually think that Hines Ward had a neck injury on Sunday night?  Of course not, he suffered a concussion of some sort.  He got knocked out.  However, throughout the game he was listed as questionable with a neck injury […]

Vick Denials Make Sense

The post below this one chronicles adamant denial after adamant denial from the Vikings Brass as to their alleged interest in quarterback (and felon) Michael Vick.  The denials are not a shocker for two reasons. First, they probably don’t have any interest in Michael Vick.  Training Camp starts in like 20 seconds or something, so […]

Wilf Is Not Interested In Vick… Unless He Is

A rumor has been floating around league media types today that the Vikings have begun their due dilligence process of looking into Michael Vick.  The suggestion that the Vikings have interest was brought up to Zygi Wilf today.  Here is the story from PFT: So I get an e-mail a little bit ago telling me […]

Vick Is A Tough Call

A lot of Vikings fans will come out of this whole Favre saga with the knee-jerk reaction of expecting the Vikings to pursue recently reinstated quarterback (and felon) Michael Vick.  While I think the Vikings front office will not be so eager to move on to another circus, which Vick would surely cause, it is […]