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Links of the Week: Time To Go Camping

Well, after weeks of very little news to get excited about, we all of the sudden have a flood of news to pass along.  And, per usual, what better way than to link to a bunch of great stories written by our friends around the web?  Have at it: Has Deanna Favre inadvertently confirmed what […]

Contrary To Popular Belief, WilliamsWall Possibly Still In Danger

Earlier today, fellow Gabber Mike pointed out that most of the media considers the most recent ruling in the StarCaps saga as another victory for Pat and Kevin Williams. Say what you will about PFT’s Mike Florio, but I can assure you he understands the legal ramifications of this case far better than I do […]

Williams Wall Will Stand (Again)

Just a bit of (good) news for today: Via rotoworld: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune confirms that Vikings DTs Kevin and Pat Williams are likely to be available for “most if not all” of the 2010 season based on a Wednesday court ruling. We pretty much already knew the Williamses were likely to stay eligible, but Wednesday’s […]

WilliamsWall Shall Not Fall (for now)

Well, we got some fantastic Friday news for you all… Judge Gary Larson has decided to give Pat and Kevin Williams a victory on Friday when he granted them an injunction. The purpose of the motion is to prevent the NFL from imposing their suspensions until or unless the Williamses have exhausted the appeal process.  […]

Another (probably meaningless) Ruling Coming On Friday

At ten in the morning on Friday, Judge Gary Larson is expected to give his latest ruling in regards to the StarCaps case. Pat and Kevin Williams are attempting to get the court to extend a ruling that temporarily prohibited the NFL from imposing their four game suspensions until proceedings were finished.  They are asking […]

StarCaps Lives On

Despite a half-hearted “win” in the most recent StarCaps ruling, the NFL has reportedly decided to keep pressing the issue. On Thursday, the NFL is going to try and appeal to the United States Supreme Court, appealing the ruling that allowed the State court case to take place in the first place. Here is what […]

Next StarCaps New Coming Thursday

The Vikings were satisfied enough with their depth at defensive tackle that they decided not to draft any additional tackles this year.  Depending on what Judge Gary Larson decides tomorrow, that depth could be put to the test. On Thursday, we will all receive the latest big decision in relationship to the ongoing StarCaps lawsuit.  […]

Troup Set To Visit

According to Gil Brandt of, Central Florida defensive tackle Torrell Troup is among the players who wil visit the Vikings next week. Troup is 6 foot 3 inches and 315 lbs.  If selected, the Vikings would surely have hopes that he could adequately fill the shoes (and pants) of Pat Williams.  At the Combine […]

Quote Of The Week: Ooops Edition

When Roger Goodell was asked about his decision to “fine” Bryant McKinnie for not showing up to Pro Bowl events he responded by saying it wasn’t his decision and that it may be hard to believe but he doesn’t deal with everything NFL related. Then he went on to say: But obviously when we have […]

Kennedy Signing Is Huge

Excuse me for getting a little bit excited, but the re-signing of Jimmy Kennedy is a huge plus for the Vikings. Not only is Kennedy a more then capable backup, but he can fill in nicely as an occasional starter if necessary. For the most part, Kennedy has been an NFL journeyman. But when he […]

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