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Kennedy To Return

NFL Network has reported that free agent defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy has opted to return to the Vikings after visiting the Buffalo Bills. Kennedy has reportedly signed a two year contract worth $6 million, which is a solid move for the Vikings on a few levels. First, Pat and Kevin Williams could still face four […]

Vikes Still Making Offers To Kennedy

Vikings free agent defensive tackle is visiting the Buffalo Bills today and he spoke with reporters about his situation. The compelte Q&A can be read here, but the most interesting quote to Vikings fans is the one that reveals that he is not a former-Viking quite yet:   Definitely. Those guys are making offers and […]

StarCaps Trial Is Getting Ugly

Every time I talk about the StarCaps case, I feel like I should apologize to you all for two reasons.  First, I’m fairly ignorant to the judicial process and all the little details that go along with it.  Second, all I really care about is knowing whether or not Kevin and Pat Williams will be […]

StarCaps Trial Is Underway

I’ll openly admit to you all that I do not like writing about the StarCaps case that pits the NFL versus Pat and Kevin Williams.  One big reason for that is because it is not the bright and shiny type of news that is fun to cover, such as the NFL Draft.  Mostly, however, it […]

The Never Ending Story IV: StarCaps

Did you know there are actually two sequals to “The Never Ending Story?”  Now they’re working on a re-make of the original.  I have to admit, I’m kind of excited. Okay, back to the Vikings… I half-joked yesterday that a ruling on Thursday morning would probably not end the StarCaps case because the case never […]

Williams To Return

With every day that passed, I grew more and more confident that Pat Williams would return to the Vikings in 2010.  Today, Williams’ agent confirmed that he plans to play in 2010 via a report from the Pioneer Press. This is great news for the Vikings, as they will have one less pressing need to […]


I am going to keep plugging away at these position-by-position breakdowns.  I did want to give everyone a quick warning though.  The offseason is about to heat up, so these may become outdated rather quickly.  I write these in advance and then schedule them to be unveiled one day at a time, so sometimes they […]

Big Pat Thought To Be Coming Back

Defensive Tackle is thought to be one of the Vikings top offseason priorities because of the likelihood that Pat Williams will retire soon, and because Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennedy are both at the end of their contracts. However, just as I was starting to say to myself that Pat Williams would have announced his […]

The Watch Begins

There are a few offseason moves that could happen very quickly.  Here are some things we will be watching for over the following weeks: BRETT FAVRE Obviously, the 2010 Vikings will be greatly defined by the decision that Brett Favre has ahead of him.  Favre is under contract through 2010, with $13 million awaiting him […]

ESPN Reports Vikes Have Healthy D-Line

One major question approaching the NFC Championship game is how healthy their defensive line is.  Kevin Williams (knee), Pat Williams (foot), and Ray Edwards (knee) were all listed as questionable. I just saw an ESPN report that all three of them, and Percy Harvin too, will be available and active for the Vikings. I am […]