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Looks Like The Super Dome

Okay, so the Cardinals vs. Saints game isn’t over in the true sense of the word… but it is over. That means that the winner of the Vikings vs. Cowboys game (i.e. The Vikings!) will travel to New Orleans for the NFC Championship game. Go Vikings!

When The Goin’ Gets Tough…

Those pesky Packers just won’t die, will they? The Packers just finished winning their fourth straight game.  They are now 8-4, only two games behind the Vikings in the NFC North, with the Vikings holding the advantage should they tie.  The Vikings remaining schedule consists of hosting Cincinnati (9-3), going to Carolina (5-7), going to […]

Game Day Updates

I thought I’d open a thread where I can post updates throughout the day.  I thought about just starting the live blog way early, but I’ll be in and out too much throughout the day.  So here’s the first batch of updates, and do not forget to hit refresh for more updates throughout the afternoon. […]

Vikings Hold Tie Breaker Over Saints

You make one small mistake on tie-breakers and playoff scenarios and now everyone feels the need to triple check everything I post on the subject!?!  Okay… I suppose that’s fair.  Ha ha. At least I am not the only one who feels stupid. Here is an interesting point raised by Kevin Seifert at ESPN’s NFC […]

Climbing In The Rankings

The Vikings recent blowouts have resulted in better overall rankings in many different places. While power rankings have consistently had the Vikings behind only the Saints and the Colts for the past five weeks, I have noticed that the Vikings have crept into the number two spot on a few power rankings.  In these rankings, […]

How We Stand, Clinch Scenarios

Here is how the standings shake out after this week’s action: THE NORTH The Vikings knocked Chicago out of the playoff picture on Sunday, as they now lay 6 games behind them with only 5 weeks left to play.  The Lions have been out for a while. The biggest enemy (as always) is the Packers, […]

They Are Who We Thought They Were

Well, that wasn’t fun.  Vikings fans nationwide were doubtless hoping for the Patriots to knock off the Saints.  This would have placed the Vikings and the Saints in a tie atop the NFC. The Saints stepped up, however, and completely dominated the Patriots on both sides of the football. There isn’t much more to say […]

Time To Step On The Gas

Consider this scenario.  The Vikings beat the Bears on Sunday.  The Saints lose to the Patriots on Monday.  This is not a farfetched scenario and would put both teams at 10-1.  Then, since they’re the hottest teams in the NFC, they both manage to win out and end up 15-1.  Again, this is not too […]

Looking At The Standings

Pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating the Vikings clinching of the NFC North.  For now, though, let’s take a look at where they stand and how they can get to where they want to be.  Each team has six games left to position themselves into a playoff spot. NFC NORTH The Packers (6-4) have again become […]

Standing Out In The Standings

Here is a look at how the standings shake out after an exciting Sunday. NFC NORTH The Vikings maintain a four game lead over the Bears, whom they must play twice between now and the end of the season.   They also have a three game lead over the Packers, which is technically a four game […]

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