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Pawlenty: New Stadium Is Likely

Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty will not be seeking reelection this year, but before he parts, he offered up some encouraging words in regards to the Vikings stadium situation. “I think it’s highly likely, highly likely to get done because it has to,” Pawlenty said of his successor’s chances of getting a stadium plan in place […]

Favre Has Vikes By The (Foot)Balls

This is an age in which a majority of American’s consider the term “large corporation” to be synonymous with the term “evil.”  If you are on that side of the political spectrum, then perhaps the NFL’s ultimate Everyman, Brett Favre, should be regarded as a hero to the commoners for the manner in which he has […]

Vikings Deliver An Ultimatum

The Minnesota Legislature were dismissed at the beginning of the week, and they left the session without having approved any plan to build the Vikings a new stadium.  A special session to address the issue is highly unlikely, meaning that the issue is essentially dead until the 2011 session. And 2011 is the year in […]

Stadium Efforts See Ups And Downs

I have some friends and family informing me that all the “buzz” in Minnesota right now revolves around the Vikings most recent legislative efforts to secure a plan to build a new stadium. Two days ago, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the State of Minnesota.  While the bill was successful enough to withstand one […]

Bagley Live Chat Bolsters Hope

As the Draft hype dies down, there are a few storylines revolving around the Vikings that will endure.  Brett Favre, StarCaps, and the Stadium proposal are issues that will not be dying anytime soon. The Stadium issue is one that is getting the most recent spotlight, mainly because of the Vikings efforts to put it […]

Jared Allen Helps With Stadium Effort

The Vikings have made Jared Allen a very rich man, but even he isn’t rich enough to keep him from begging for more money. More specifically, the Vikings have enlisted Allen to help in the push to get a new stadium for the Vikings.  He has appeared to the legislature on two occassions, which included […]

Links Of The Week

Here we go, a great look around the web: The Viking Ship provides another music video to help pass the offseason time. A look at the Vikings holes on offense and on defense. A letter to Brett Favre. Does the latest spinning of the quarterback carousel provide the Vikings with any opportunity? Moving Reynaud to […]

I’m Here For Ya

So, I don’t really know what it is about this week but there is freaking nothing going on.  All the big publications are trying to pretend that no news is somehow news when it comes to issues like Favre, the stadium, pro day visits, and the StarCaps trial so that they can fill up some […]

Lobbyists Hired To Help

Here is an interesting note from City Pages about the Vikings recently resurgent stadium efforts:   The Minnesota Vikings’ lobbying team is showing a seven-man blitz. Determined to get an already cash-strapped citizenry to help pay for a new stadium, Vikings brass have deployed seven high-powered lobbyists into the Capitol halls to put pressure on […]

Quote Of The Week

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave his most comprehensive interview to date in regards to the Vikings stadium situation.  The full interview can be seen here, but the key quote that sums up the whole darn thing is exactly this:   Minnesota loves the Vikings and we’re very proud of the Vikings.  You just saw this last […]