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Pawlenty: New Stadium Is Likely

Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty will not be seeking reelection this year, but before he parts, he offered up some encouraging words in regards to the Vikings stadium situation. “I think it’s highly likely, highly likely to get done because it has to,” Pawlenty said of his successor’s chances of getting a stadium plan in place […]

Stadium Efforts See Ups And Downs

I have some friends and family informing me that all the “buzz” in Minnesota right now revolves around the Vikings most recent legislative efforts to secure a plan to build a new stadium. Two days ago, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the State of Minnesota.  While the bill was successful enough to withstand one […]

Quote Of The Week

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave his most comprehensive interview to date in regards to the Vikings stadium situation.  The full interview can be seen here, but the key quote that sums up the whole darn thing is exactly this:   Minnesota loves the Vikings and we’re very proud of the Vikings.  You just saw this last […]

Stadium Not In The Budget

Mike Kasuba of the Star Tribune reports that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will not include funding for a new Vikings stadium in his 2010 budget proposal. Charged with trying to solve what is expected to be a $1.2 billion shortfall, the Governor said of the stadium, “That won’t be in the budget.  We don’t have […]

Four Options Unveiled For New Stadium

On Thursday, a consultant firm named Convention Sports and Leisure International was asked to present solutions to the Vikings stadium woes to the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission who are the current landlords of the Minnesota Vikings. Mortenson Construction claims that costs have dropped by 9% since the analysis was last conducted two years ago.  This […]

Wilf Meets With Pawlenty; New Stadium Design In The Works

On Tuesday, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was a guest at the Governor’s Residence, where he and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty discussed the Vikings need for a new stadium. The Vikings camp says the conversation was “very positive” while the Governor’s camp said very little specifics were discussed.  The State of Minnesota is bracing for what […]

Stadium Issue Is Hotter Than Ever

Last week, the NFL has opted to scrap their revenue sharing program which will hit the Vikings in the pocketbook worse than any other NFL team besides the franchise.  In fact, the Vikings will lose anywhere between $15 million to $20 million per year. The program was designed to help teams having trouble generating revenue […]

The Sports World Blows Up

Holy Tractor Tires, the sports world is bracing itself for Favre to make a decision on whether or not to become a Viking.  There’s been about a zillion opinions, analysis, reports, polls, interviews, tweets, text messages, and who knows what else being thrown around today.  Let’s try and go through it all here, big breath, […]