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Thoughts About Tebow And The Vikings

Vikings execs were in Florida yesterday for Tim-Tebow-Fest  Forida’s pro day.  While I think that there are a number of guys that worked out yesterday (i.e. Spikes, Hernandez) that are more likely to have Minnesota as a landing spot… people want to know about Tim Tebow. I loathe writing this article because of the unrest […]

How I Would Roll (If I Was Zygi)

Humor me for a second and imagine that I magically became Zygi Wilf when I woke up tomorrow morning. The first thing I would do is, well, shave and get a haircut. Second, I would probably use double sided tape to make a suit made completely of one hundred dollar bills and then wear that […]

As The Fans Said… Too Soon, Zygi

Many wondered why Zygi Wilf was content to extend Brad Childress’ contract in the middle of this season, which seemed incredibly premature. Now, as we see our team on the wrong end of yet another instant classic game, there are many questions about how the coaching staff handled this game and I can’t help but […]

Stadium Issue Is Hotter Than Ever

Last week, the NFL has opted to scrap their revenue sharing program which will hit the Vikings in the pocketbook worse than any other NFL team besides the franchise.  In fact, the Vikings will lose anywhere between $15 million to $20 million per year. The program was designed to help teams having trouble generating revenue […]

Legislators Stroll Around The Dome

The most recent development on the stadium front comes from Access Vikings.  They report that a group of legislators roamed around the Metrodome (and Mall of America Field) on Monday in an effort to lay their eyes on the thing itself, see the issues first hand, and ask questions. Also present on the tour were […]

Wilf Says Childress Not on the Hot Seat; Won’t Talk More About Favre

Many think that this is a make or break year for Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Owner Zygi Wilf says that he has not made fact clear to his coach, and least not yet. “We never make any preconditions on how the season should turn out or what conditions would be necessary,” Wilf said. “We’re […]

Wilf Is Not Interested In Vick… Unless He Is

A rumor has been floating around league media types today that the Vikings have begun their due dilligence process of looking into Michael Vick.  The suggestion that the Vikings have interest was brought up to Zygi Wilf today.  Here is the story from PFT: So I get an e-mail a little bit ago telling me […]

Forbes Says Zygi Will Sell Vikings writer Michael Ozanian recently mused that Viking’s owner Zygi Wilf wants to land Brett Favre to increase the value of his team, in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Here’s what he says: The Minneapolis television station report that Brett Favre has just signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings tells […]

Wilf Says Vikings Not Interested in Favre

Now that he’s actually available, you can forget about the Vikings wanting a piece of QB Brett Favre. Owner Zygi Wilf commented on Favre today in the Star Tribune: Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said he would not have any interest in Brett Favre if he was released by the Jets and available. “I would have […]

Wilf Avoids Speculation In Favre Drama

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is carefully avoiding any speculation on Packers quarterback Brett Favre.  Favre yesterday told that he wanted to be released from the Packers because they are at a stalemate.  He reportedly is interested in joining the Vikings or Chicago Bears, but Green Bay officials are so far unwilling to trade the future […]